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Sting Classic Special - Sticks and Stones (with Preview Trailer)
20.09.2014 , Feel the Sting
This week's Sting Classic Special is Sting's and Stones 
starring Aren (Anderson), Ginger and Dr Barton

Scroll down to view the preview trailer

When young Cameron and Blair decided to smash a few windows in a stone throwing contest the result was a swift visit to the Headmaster. Exasperated by the lad's actions he decides to crackdown on their behaviour once and for all.


Cameron is sent to the gym for a painful encounter with his housemaster, who dishes out some long overdue corrective treatment including a good spanking and taste of the India rubber gym slipper

Meanwhile young Blair has to face the wrath of the Headmaster himself. For his constant breaking of the rules let alone old classroom block windows Blair is given a real hard spanking.

 Barre Bottomed!

If this wasn't enough less than three weeks later he's back before the head again for being cheeky in class. Now with his patience completely exhausted the Headmaster decides on a good caning with a surprise twist at the end. Politics is certainly not a career these young miscreants should ever think of going in to.

The naughty lad's behaviour continues to have consequences  

View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)

Sticks and Stones will be a Sting Classic Special up till 
Sunday September 22nd


Need To Know: 'Tight Brother + Sequel Opportunity + Dropping The MIKE + Still-Great Scots + Joe Buddy + Fandemonium + Free, Clay & Happy + MORE!
19.09.2014 , boy culture

Bb4Hate to be a buttinsky...

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*widget boy cultureBen Affleck, like a dog returning to its own shit, returns to Details.

Details1Cleft chin & out

One Of CNN's Anchors Is A Real Lemon
18.09.2014 , boy culture


Don Lemon continues to say idiotic things on TV. I really wish I could like him, but his opinions are so often completely unsupported. Check out the video after the jump as anchor Chris Cuomo cites 30 years' worth of behavioral science in opining that spanking does not work, then Lemon steadfastly ignores the science and brings up training dogs and (incredibly) slave culture.

How is anything from slave culture something for which he should be arguing? (He's called on that and tries to say that's what he meaaans, he's evolviiing...)

Spanking is not a racial issue. I'm sick of hearing that it's a black thing, or a black southern thing. It's not. Or at least, it shouldn't be. Hitting your child is, across the board, ineffective, all about the parent and—too often, though not always—abusive. It also creates more aggressive human beings...

Spanking Stories 23
18.09.2014 , Boy-Bg Video
Spanking Stories 23
Pangolin Holdings brings you only the hottest and best of British twinks performing the raunchiest of British fetishes! These Spanking Stories feature the hottest male on male spanking!
i-want-spankings:I LOVE blooming flower time lapses!!! This...
18.09.2014 , #stevefenty


I LOVE blooming flower time lapses!!! This one blows my mind!

The Hairy Ass Showdown
17.09.2014 , Gay Daily HotRating:

I have been waiting for this one. And none too patiently.This brand, spanking new ...