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Borstal Boys On Governor's Report (Scene 1)
27.10.2015 , Feel the Sting

The monthly reports are in at Rainsford Borstal and its not looking good for two young inmates. The governor prefers not to have black marks all over the lads long term report sheet so often settles the matter with corporal punishment. For the boys too is often a preferred method as no time will be added to their sentence for misbehaviour.

One particular entry that stands out on young Fishers report (Jerome Fisher) is fighting with other lads. 

This is enough to get him punished by his senior officer, Mr Volny. A cheeky boy like Fisher will find himself hauled up high over the muscular officers knee and soundly spanked on his bare bottom.

The punishment is usually carried out in the gym store. The boy later discovers that Mr Volny will be following up the spanking using his old brown leather strap.

Over an already spanked backside this is going to really sting! Bent right over the gym horse Fisher's smooth well rounded bare bottom juts out perfectly to receive the burning licks that the wicked strap can deliver! 

TO BE CONTINUED …...............

In scene two we meet new Sting Lad Mickey Rush

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Spanking 41
27.10.2015 , Boy-Bg Video
Spanking 41
Adam Potopa is shackled to the wooden post, and blindfolded, wearing only some see-through underwear. His tormentor appears and starts to whip Adam who moans as the whip lands on his body. The tormentor hits at Adam's cock too, making him flinch and try to avoid the hand that slaps his balls and pulls on his nipples.Jirka Syty is one very sexy guy. In this spanking scene he is chained, by a collar around his neck, as his tormentor slaps all over his chest. He has a gag in his mouth to stop too much moaning as he takes his punishment.
Director: William Higgins
The Laundromat Spitroast
24.10.2015 , Bound In Public Picture Gallery Update
With his music blasting too loud, Tyler Rush acts like an obnoxious little fuck in the laundromat, pulling people's clothes out the dryer like he owns the place. The other clientele decide to step in and teach the boy a lesson in proper etiquette. They capture Tyler and call in their buddies to help adjust his attitude. Soon, Tyler is stripped, bound and groped on his knees, made to gag on a long row of dicks. Onlookers snap photos of the cocksucker as the owner Rocco Steele busts in. He can't stand the little prick just as much the other guys and joins the torment, fingering and spanking Tyler's ass. The dudes take turns spitroasting and slapping Tyler as he's secured to a laundry cart. Tyler takes multiple hot loads on his face as Rocco pounds his ass with an impossibly large cock. Unfortunately for Tyler, the lesson doesn't end there...
Jed Athens vs Logan Stone
24.10.2015 , Naked Kombat Picture Gallery Update
Military man Jed Athens goes head-to-head with scrappy Logan Stone in today's Top Cock. Jed is confident that his smarts and experience will quickly find and exploit his opponent's weaknesses, while Logan banks on his will to dominate-- failure isn't an option for him. The contenders fly into brutal holds in this fast-paced match, taking each other to the limit and laying down serious smack talk along the way. The victor pulls ahead with a decent margin and brings his opponent to his knees for a punishing sex round. The champ makes the loser eat sweaty ass and take a vicious spanking. After gagging on triumphant winner dick, the loser gets handcuffed to the bench and smothered with a facesitting. The winner throws the loser to the floor and delivers a heavy piledriver fucking, pushing the loser's cock into a humiliating self-suck. For a victory lap, the winner torments the loser's nipples with clover clamps and has the loser taste his own pathetic cum. With the winner standing above him, the loser then graciously accepts the winner's hot load.
Breaking into Jason’s ass
24.10.2015 , Broke Straight Boys Blog
Zeno Kostas Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

Zeno Kostas Fucks Jason Sterling Bareback

Now that Jason has topped it’s time for him to experience the other side of gay sex…bottoming. He’s lucky as shit though as his scene partner is Zeno who I’m sure will do whatever he can to make sure he is nice a comfortable. We all remember Zeno’s first time bottoming so he wants to make sure his scene partner today doesn’t have as painful an experience.

Zeno suggests that they start off with some lip action and Jason doesn’t object. The boys practically collide while deeply kissing. Zeno crawls on top to Jason and forces him to lie down. Zeno grinds and dry humps on Jason as Jason tightly grasps his ass. These two already have me rock hard. Zeno kisses his way down to Jason’s groin. He quickly removes his shorts and begins sucking his dick right through his boxer shorts. He gets Jason nice and hard before removing his own shorts and allowing Jason to return the favor. Jason damn near deep throats Zeno’s cock, taking it almost all the way to the base! He moves on from the dick to lick and swallow Zeno’s juicy balls. Zeno then takes over, once again sucking Jason off. But he doesn’t leave the boy’s mouth empty too long because he soon gets into the 69 position by straddling his face.

Zeno lubes up Jason’s ass with some spit and fingers his tight hole, prepping it for what’s to come. Once he’s satisfied he has Jason get on all fours and after a little spanking and some fingering he lubes up and slowly pushes his cock inside. Jason moans “ok” as he’s entered and takes it like a champ. Zeno allows Jason’s ass to get used to the feeling of his dick but that doesn’t stop him from sticking every inch of his manhood inside. These two fuck in a few different positions and near the end Jason looks to not only be well adjusted but enjoying himself. He blows a huge load all over his stomach and chest right before Zeno pulls out and adds his own to the mix.

Zeno Kostas and Jason Sterling Raw