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Brothers – Part 5
30.06.2014 , Gay Bondage Fiction

Joe Fischer has another run-in with his dad and gets his mouth washed out with soap and a hard ass spanking that makes him cum.
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Brothers – Part 5
by Graham
Series: Brothers by Graham

After Joe spent 2 of the 17 weeks his big brother, Josh, and their father, were home, living and working, grounded, a pattern of living developed during that time. To begin with, Joe began becoming more accommodating, and more compliant to the rules and conditions their father had set down.

It still irked him that since his father was back home, he was required to live on such a short leash – like having a bedtime, and having to be in bed at 10:30, Sunday through Thursday nights. It really burned him to have to be home by midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, when his friends were still out.

Most of the time, though, Joe did his best to try to conform to the rules. When he didn’t, he found himself upside down, over his Dad’s knees, getting another, bare-bottomed whipping with the hairbrush. Being on a short leash anyway, it didn’t take much – one wrong look, not even words, just rolling his eyes, or making face, or showing a disrespectful look was enough! – and he found himself getting spanked again. Their parents – and especially their Dad – were really big on respect!

Josh, on the other hand, invariably met the conditions of their father, and rarely voiced any opposition. The truth was that, over the weeks that he and their Dad were back at home, living and working, the extra disciplinary attention administered by their father to his brother, because of Joe’s deviations from the rules, gave Josh a bit of a reprieve from the parental discipline their father ordinarily focused on him. While he was always upset every time Joe was punished by their Dad, Josh did experience a breath of slackening from close supervision and quick punishment by their Dad.

He even overheard their Dad telling their Mom after one of Joe’s spankings, how Josh was such a comparatively easy kid compared to Joe’s impulsiveness hard-headedness. While it upset Josh to hear their Dad’s denigrating comparison of Joe to himself, Josh knew better than to speak up again, at the risk of getting another stern spanking himself. Their Mom quickly reminded Ron Fischer that Joe was a good kid, basically trustworthy, kept out of trouble, and had stepped in to be a help to her while their father and Josh were gone so much. Yes, he was impulsive – and hard-headed – but he was young, and he also appeared to take a lot after his father.

On the other hand, from receiving almost weekly, corrective spankings, Joe was becoming acquainted with the regimen that his big brother lived under when away from home working with their Dad. This tightly controlled, disciplinary environment unnerved the younger son, producing a looming apprehension and anxiety over when, and for what, the next session across his Dad’s knees might take place; and it was a rare week that it did not happen. At the same time, their father’s system also produced observably changed behaviour and speech from Joe.

One thing that occurred early on was when Joe, who had been used to just getting in his Bronco after dinner, and going out for a while, was stopped by their Dad the first time he acted in that fashion. “Whoaaa, there, Joe! Where do you think you’re going?” Ron Fischer asked.

Joe turned around, an astonished look on his face, staring at their Dad.

“I asked you a question, Joseph,” Mr. Fischer prompted his seemingly dazed son.

“Ah, just out . . .”

“Oh, no. Responsible people don’t just go out. They tell each other where they’re going. Try again, young man.”

Joe felt the heat of anger rising in his neck and face. “Just out, Daaad. Sometimes I go over to friends’ houses, sometimes we go out to hit baseballs or play putt-putt golf. It just depends.”

“Well, this is the rule, Joe, as your big brother fully knows. Mom or I have to know where you’re going, with whom, to do what, and when you plan to be home – and it better be by your curfews – understand?”

“But Daaaad. Sometimes we don’t know. We just get together and do something . . .”

“Well, you’ll just have to plan better, son. Where? With whom? Doing what? and For how long? Those are the questions, the criteria, your plans have to meet. Your brother understands, and he already explained before he left this evening he was taking a girl out to a movie and then a snack afterward.”

“Oh, damn it, Dad! . . . ah, . . . ah, I mean, gee whiz, Dad, I can’t always do that.”

“Then you can stay at home until you can,. And for that disrespectful cursing, you’re gonna get your mouth scrubbed, your butt blistered, and sent to bed tonight.” Mr. Fischer remonstrated his unruly son, precipitating an enraged flare-up from Joe.”

“Damn it, Dad! I’m sick of this crap! You have to know everything, approve everything! Nobody else my age has to do this! I didn’t have to live this way before you came back home! I wish you’d stayed away!” Joe bellowed at his Dad, glaring with narrowed, angry, burning eyes.

“That’s it, young man. Upstairs to your bedroom! Get yourself ready, and we’re going to start out in the bathroom. It’s clear to me I was gone far too long, and one young man has gotten way too big for his britches, which need some obvious taming.”

Realizing what was unfolding, Joe was instantly horrified and terrified.

“Ooooo, Daaaad, why can’t you understand? We’re young – Josh and me – and we just want to have some fun with friends. We don’t get in trouble. We’re good kids. Why do you keep treating us like this?”

“I’m your Dad, Joseph, and I can – and will – treat you in the way I see to be needed, and right. Now, get yourself upstairs pronto, before we add some more spankings and grounding for your mouthy outbursts.”

“Oooooo, damn, Daaaad! Why do we always have to get spanked? There must be something else. Can’t you think of something else? Plus we’re adults, too, and you can’t keep spanking us and treating us like we’re little kids.”

“That’s enough, Joseph! By now, you should know all-too-well what I can, and will, do – only now you’re getting another one tomorrow night, too, that you’ve brought on yourself, besides being grounded til the weekend.”

“Nooooo, Daaaad! That’s so unfaaaair! You’re soooo unfaaaaaair!” Joe’s face was deep red, as he shouted his uninhibited objection. He was seething with anger and resentment, even though at the same time his eyes were welling up with tears and his chin began quivering. Turning around quickly, he stomped up the stairs to his bedroom.

Sitting on Josh’s bunk, Joe hung his head in his hands, suddenly letting loose with shaking, silent, spasms of sobs. He sat that way for several minutes until he could regain some composure, then stood up, and began the methodical ritual of undressing before getting spanked by his Dad.

He had his shoes and socks off, and his polo shirt, when Ron Fischer walked into the bedroom. “What? Still not undressed? Your brother can’t insert himself to take the blame for you this time. You look like you’re trying to push the limits, young man – to defy and see how much you can test.” As he spoke at his son, he grabbed the thin young man’s t-shirt, pulling it roughly and quickly up over his head and arms. Now the youth was bare except for his jeans.

Grabbing the waist of Joe’s jeans, his father pulled him up close, unbuttoned and unzipped them, grabbing the sides and pulling them down over Joes’ hips and buttocks, down his lanky legs, to fall at his bare feet. Without hesitating, Mr. Fischer next grabbed the waistband of the orange and green boxers, yanking them down to join Joe’s jeans at his feet. Instantly, Joe’s penis jumped to attention, extending stiff and straight out. He tried to think of things that would make it go down.

“Step out of those, Joseph,” Mr. Fischer commanded, and his son did as he was told. Grasping the young man’s left arm, he bent the boy downward, while turning his left side towards him. His hard hand popped the youngster’s bare bottom, and Joe jumped forward like he had felt an electrical shock.

Again he peppered the boy’s behind, while maneuvering him out of the bedroom, across the hall, into the bathroom, and before the sink. As he was escorted in his father’s custody, Joe’s dick seemed to gather mutinous force and determination, as it surged upward, thick and stiff, bobbing and hungering. All at once, Joe found a bar of soap pushed against his clenched mouth, while his father smacked his bare behind some more.

“Owwwaughaaaghaaaaa!” The bar of soap was inserted deep into the young man’s shouting, then gagging, mouth. He felt it being slid all around, coating his teeth, tongue, throat, and the roof of his mouth. He began gagging and wretching as the disgusting soap suds leaked down his throat. “Haaaugh-guh-augh-ghaaaa-aughaaa!” Joe was choking, and weeping in heaving sobs.

He was jumping and bouncing up and down and around as his stinging fanny was swatted repeatedly, and he gagged and sqalled through muffled cries. This installment of his punishment definitely sent his throbbing penis into flaccid withdrawal.

Finally, this part of his punishment was finished. Once again secured by his father’s grip on his arm, he was allowed to spit out the considerably smaller bar of soap. Rapidly and frantically he began trying to rinse out his mouth and throat, and the nasty, rancid taste of the soap. Before he could complete the rinsing, however, with red, draining eyes and wet face, he was marched out of the bathroom, down the hall, and back into his bedroom.

“You remember this the next time you’re about let loose with a mouthy, foul outburst, young man,” Ron Fischer scolded, as he pulled out the same desk chair, and tugged his young son down across his lap. Falling virtually helplessly face downward, stretched across his father’s knees, Joe was already vanquished by the soaping of his mouth, and the pronouncement of the rest of his punishment – another spanking tomorrow, and grounded for the rest of the week. Yet, his rod had revived to stiff, pulsating engorgement.

When the hair brush began pommeling Joe’s bare buttocks and thighs, he squealed his protest at the familiar pain and shame of getting another of these spankings. Besides that, he was once again aware firsthand of a worse punishment – mouth soaped, and then spanked, and trying to scream and cry through a mouth that was disgusting and rancid tasting. Involuntarily, he reached back with his right arm and hand, try to cover and protect the rearend that was aflame on his father’s knees.

Ron Fischer released the waist of his son encircled with his left arm, seizing and securing the young man’s right arm and hand helplessly up into his bare back. Joe was restrained and controlled, effectively confined, across his father’s lap, as the hair brush incinerated his fanny. The wall of flooding tears and sobs collapsed instantly, and he was bawling in gagging, incoherent pleas, bargaining, promises, shouts and cries that it was enough, that he’d learned his lesson, and frantic screams for stoppage as his inflamed penis grew ever closer to release.

His father, on the other hand, stoically and relentlessly administered a searing, scorching spanking all over his younger son’s bottom and upper legs, including the extra-sensitive inner thighs, inner buttocks, and sit-spots. Joe’s shrieks and wailing sounded like a young, boy soprano, until hoarse from his cries and calls, he surrendered and collapsed hanging resigned and submissive to the spanking. No longer was he even thinking about the possibility of any of the rest of the family in the house hearing him: all of his attention was now riveted and focused on his burning bottom cheeks and thighs, and the fiery brush that rose and fell in a constant, unrelenting application of burning punishment.

In the throes of passive, sliding acquiescence to the blistering whipping he was getting, Joe lost all control and erupted, ejaculating all over his Dad’s lap and the bedroom floor. Then the stinging smacks of the brush seemed to intensify like burning firebrands against his rump, and his sobbing became more forlorn and inconsolable.

When he was finally released from his father’s hold and lifted off the lap over which he had been dangling, Joe was wet and sticky from the semen he had blasted during his spanking. Mr. Fischer picked up Joe’s orange and green boxers, and wiped off his son’s penis, abdomen, scrotum, and legs, as well as his own pant leg. “Joseph, what is going on with you, son? Clean up the rest of this mess, and then get yourself washed off in a quick shower. After that, you’re in bed until morning. Tomorrow night will be a repeat.”


“Get moving, Joseph, or do you want to repeat this every night this week?”


Hooooo-uh-aaaughaaa-uh-ow-ow-ow!” another series of spanks to his bottom sent Joe jumping into action, racing naked to the bathroom, turning on the shower, hopping in and washing down, hopping out, and drying with a towel as he fled back to his room. In 7 minutes, he was lying face down on the top bunk, his damp hear moistening his pillow, weeping muffled, soft sobs. The room was dark, and he did not know when the cover of sleep fell over him.

When Josh came home, it was 10:10 p.m., and he found his brother sound asleep on the top bunk. He undressed quietly, showered quickly, and slid himself into bed in just his boxers, to fall swiftly asleep himself.

The next evening, after supper, Josh told his parents he was going to visit some friends at a different girl’s house, and left. Almost immediately after that, Ron Fischer ordered his young son to go up to his bedroom and wait for him. When he came upstairs and into the room a few minutes later, Joe was standing nude, staring at the floor with a sad, depressed mood reflected on his face.

The spanking that followed, though painful and humbling to Joe, and heard throughout the house, was almost anti-climactic after the previous night’s. Joe once again found himself upended and suspended over his father’s lap, who began the battery of smacks against Joe’s emaciated rearend. Whipped by the vicious hairbrush, he kicked and bucked at once, instantly screaming and crying, almost immediately breaking down into gulping sobs and whining shrieks of pain and humiliation. At this moment, he had no more illusions of grown-up, mature bravado, or resolute stoicism left to muster or hold onto. He had re-learned – now once again – that he wasn’t too old to be spanked, and that it hurt more than he could take.

Mr. Fischer hastened through the discipline, but with no less force and intensity. Though erect and aroused during the session, Joe was not punished long enough for his sexual stimulation to reach its apogee. Afterward, the spanking was immediately followed by Joe being sent to bed, hopping up into his bunk, and being left to cry himself to sleep – after he had wanked himself some calming relief.


Officers Matthews and Carter Part 1 – Roadside Discipline
30.06.2014 , Gay Bondage Fiction

Two homophobic cops learn a humiliating spanking lesson when they pull over and harrass two young men with a gay pride sticker on their truck.
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Officers Matthews and Carter  Part 1 – Roadside Discipline
by Anonymous
Series: Officers Matthews and Carter

police officer spankedIf Officers Jim Matthews and Chad Carter had know what was in store for them they probably would never have pulled over the old rusty pick up with the Gay Pride sticker plainly placed in the back window of the cap on back. However not having the ability to see into the future they did pull it over and both men learned a lesson they would not soon forget.

Officers Matthews & Carter had been partners for two years. The Sergeant had teamed them up when Chad, a 22-year-old rookie had joined the department. Sergeant Andrews felt that Jim would be the perfect mentor for the young rookie Trooper. Although Jim was twice Chad’s age both men had similar backgrounds and interests. Both had lost his father at a young age and been raised by a single mother working her tail off to make ends meet. Both had played college football. Both were avid sport fans and would watch anything as long it involved two teams of men chasing one another around a sporting arena.

Hell, they even had similar builds Jim stood 5’8′ and Chad 5’9′. Both had dark brown hair and deep dark eyes set into classically chiseled faces. Jim’s hair was graying slightly at the temples and he had the very slight beginnings of crow’s feet around his eyes. But, at 44 he still looked damn good and could give the hot new rookie a run for his money. Both men worked out 5 days a week religiously and had maintained those hard stocky football player builds they had acquired on the high school football field. Broad chests strained across their tight tan uniform shirts with massive guns popping out the sleeves. Those big chests tapering into smaller waist (both men were a 32′ waist) that traveled down into thick tree trunk like thighs.

Then of course there were their asses. Officer Matthews had been a State Trooper for over 20 years and his large ass had been the subject of many a joke over the years. It was a simple fact his butt was enormous. Not fat by any means, it had a wonderfully full round bubble shape to it. It was perfectly round and stuck out so far in back that the other officers would joke that it could be used as a shelf. Even though the rest of Jim Matthews was big and muscular his ass was even larger than the rest of him and somehow looked out of proportion even on his muscular frame. Jim didn’t mind his large backside though. In fact he was proud of it and did what he could to draw attention to it. And it did get him lots of attention with the ladies. It even got him some attention from some guys. Now Jim is in way gay. In fact he is horribly homophobic, going out of his way to make trouble for gay motorists whenever he gets the chance, but his attitude was, ‘If a fag wants to look at my ass let him. But if it touches me I’ll kill him.’

Then there was Officer Carter. One of the first things that you notice is that this new young rookie has an ass every bit as big and full and round as the older officer. And like the older officer he gets just as much attention because of it. And he too enjoys every bit of it and goes out of his way to accentuate it whenever he can. He even has the same philosophy when it comes to gay men, ‘If a fag wants to look at my ass let him. But if it touches me I’ll kill him.’

If truth be told when both men were dressed in their tan uniforms with their mirrored sunglasses and motorcycle helmets on you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. And from behind it is almost impossible. All these things combined plus the fact that both men shared similar outlooks on life made Sergeant Andrews feel that both men would work well together and for this reason he teamed them up. This was two years ago and both men had become the best of friends. They were inseparable. Where ever one went the other wasn’t far behind. The other officers started jokingly referring to the duo as ‘The Bubble Butt Twins’. Both men just laughed it off, what else could they do, after all it was true they both had wildly large asses and they were alike in every way. Even down to the kind of underwear they wore. This was discovered one day quite by accident.

It was shortly after Officer Carter came on board. He and Officer Matthews had pulled over a motorist for speeding. When the officers stopped him and asked him to step from the car he jumped out and took off running into the woods. The area that the officers worked in was a very small rural red neck area and the woods went on forever. Both men sensed that there had to be something big going on for the man to run the way he did so they took off after him into the woods with Jim in the lead and Chad very close behind, calling for back up on his walkie-talkie as he ran.

The seat of both officers uniform pants was under a lot of strain to begin with due to that fact their asses were so large and meaty, then the extra burden of having to support their over sized ass melons in a chase was just way too much. Their big cheeks jiggled and bounced as the two officers ran after their prisoner. As they did the stitching down the back seam of their skintight breeches began to give way. Jim felt something give way and heard a loud tearing sound as his beefy mounds came pouring out the back of his uniform. The entire seam had ripped out and his brief clad ass was on display for the rookie officer to see as they ran. He wore red bikini briefs that barely covered his fleshy mountains. They crept seductively up his ass crack exposing lots of his cheeks out the bottom of the leg bands. Over the years Jim had tried many different styles of underwear but with his thick thighs and over-stuffed butt cushions he found that something smaller with a lot of spandex in it that hugged his monster cheeks was much more comfortable. Plus he was proud of his ass and the ladies seemed to like to see him in the scat under wear.

Chad not far behind was shocked as he saw his partner’s ass come bursting free from the confines of his uniform. Chad had dealt with this his whole life, having such a large butt he always ripped out his pants but he had never known anyone else who had shared this problem. As he ran Chad could feel his own pants giving way but he could do nothing to stop it. So as he ran his seam split right down the back and his own ass muffins came spilling out. He was wearing the same style of bikini briefs, as Officer Matthews was only his were a dark purple. However they rode just as far up his ass as the older officer’s did. And he wore them for the same reason, the small stretchy material felt the most comfortable to him and they drove the ladies wild to see him in them.

Officer Matthews reached the man first and took a huge leap landing on him and knocking him to the leave covered ground of the woods. Officer Carter jumped on top of the two and a struggle ensued. Both beefy officers were rolling around on the ground with the suspected criminal theirs asses coming further and further out of their uniforms their pants continued to rip as they struggled with the man.

When back up arrived it was discovered that the prisoner was a cocaine dealer with over $40,000 worth of cocaine in his car. That was why he ran. By the time back up arrived there wasn’t much left to the officers’ pants. They had ripped the whole way down the back and there was no trying to cover their huge butt globes. The bikinis they wore were way too small to cover them and the pants were too torn to cover them either so both officers were forced to walk the prisoner back to the cruiser with their massive butts on display for their fellow officers and any passing motorists to see. They got quite a few honks and one of the officers commented that they had on the same kind of underwear.

After this incident Jim & Chad decided it would be a good idea to have their pants specially tailored, since they didn’t make regulation uniform pants that would fit over their asses and not split out. They found a tailor who was able to duplicate the pant style perfectly. He used a Lycra/spandex combo in the seat that gave the men some extra needed room. That’s not to say that their pants never split again because they did but this helped matters some.

Now here they were two years later driving along side by side on their motorcycles on their daily run when they spotted an old rusty pick with a Gay Pride stick in the back window of the cap on back. As previously stated both men were very homophobic. They took great delight in pulling over ‘fags’ and giving them tickets on trumped up charges as they harassed them. Jim began flashing his lights and turned on his siren to signal the old red pick up to pull over. Both men laughed. They knew that they were gonna have some fun humiliating the two ‘fags’ in the truck. Or so they thought.

The motorcycles pulled to a stop behind the pickup truck. Officers Matthews and Carter stepped off their bikes, the bright June sun shining off the black polished leather of their thigh high boots and mirrored sunglasses as they approached the driver’s side of the truck. Officer Matthews tapped on the window and the driver rolled it down.
‘License and registration!’ he barked.

‘Have we done something wrong, officers?’ asked the bleached blond twink driver.

‘We’ll ask the questions. Now license and registration.’

The driver pulled his license from his front pocket and the passenger pulled the registration from the glove box. The driver handed both pieces of information to Officer Matthews. From looking at the license he could see that the boy was 21 years old and named Mark Taylor.

Jim looked down at the driver and asked, ‘Who’s your friend?’

‘My brother, Clem.’ responded Mark.

The officers looked at one another and Jim ordered the brothers from the vehicle. Both young men got out and stood next to the door on the driver’s side of the pickup. The Troopers looked the brothers up and down. Mark’s hair was bleached almost to the point of being white. He was short and very thin giving him the appearance of a 17 year old all though his license stated that he was 21. He wore a white wife beater and black boots with cut off jeans so short that the bottom of his small round perky ass peaked out the bottom even as he stood upright.

His brother who was about 23 had light brown hair and was thin but not at all a twink like his brother Mark. Clem wore old jeans with white sneakers and a faded black t-shirt that bore a Rock & Roll logo. Nervously the two motorists stood there under the watchful eyes of the hateful Troopers.

Finally Jim spoke, ‘You boys fags?’

The brothers looked at one another puzzled.

‘You heard the question!’ snapped Chad. ‘Answer him. Are you boys cocksuckers? Fudge packers? Pole smokers?’

Mark was speechless so Clem spoke up, ‘If you are asking if we’re gay what difference does that make?’

Jim backhanded Clem across the mouth, ‘I said we’ll ask the questions!’ Now are you two a couple of homos?’

Clem moved back a step and rubbed his cheek. ‘My brother is gay but I am not.’ Hatred for the officers blazed in his eyes.

The beefy Troopers were menacing in their tan uniforms and thigh high black leather boots. Neither man removed his motorcycle helmet or mirrored sunglasses as they looked the two brothers up and down like they were trash. Chad circled the brothers. He tugged on the back of Mark’s cutoff’s creeping up his ass and laughed, ‘Is this regulation fag wear!?’ he asked. Mark just blushed.

Jim spoke, ‘This is a nice town boys. We don’t go for fags around here. We are decent people. ‘

‘Well, if you let us go we will leave your town,’ said Clem.

‘In due time.’ said Jim. ‘Do you know why Officer Carter and I pulled you over?’

‘To harass us,’ snapped Clem.

Officer Matthews shoot him a hard mean look as he said, ‘No it’s because you have a broken tail light.’

‘I don’t have a broken tail light,’ said Mark finally finding his voice.

‘Yes, you do boy’, said Jim. ‘Show ‘em Chad.’

Chad motioned for the brothers to follow him to the back of the pickup and Jim followed, his big meaty mounds bouncing in his pants as he did. Chad pulled out his nightstick and brought it down hard on the driver’s side tail light causing it to shatter.

‘See?’ said Chad. ‘Busted.’

‘Hey!’ Mark exclaimed.

At just that moment the door to the truck bed and the window to the cap burst open and out popped a third man. He was short and portly and much older than the two brothers. His hair was snow white. He wore overalls and a red flannel shirt. Perched on his shoulder was a shotgun aimed directly at Chad. ‘There a problem with my nephews Officers?’ he asked

‘Uncle Fred!’ exclaimed Mark.

Fred moved closer to Officer Carter and looked over at Officer Matthews saying, ‘You get over here next to your partner. And both of you–hands in the air!’

Jim moved next to Chad. Both men had their arms in their air. He ordered the officers over to their motorcycles as he and is nephews followed with the shotgun aimed at them. Mark took special note of the big round massive butts of the officers. Watching their big buns dance in their tight pants as they walked. Normally the officers liked this stretch of road because it wasn’t well traveled and they could harass the fags in private with no distractions. Today they wished a car would pass so they could be rescued.

Uncle Fred ordered the officers to stop next to their motorcycles, which were parked side by side. He began to speak. ‘Now the way I see things you Officers were trying to stir up trouble for my nephews.’

Officer Carter tried to interject but Fred shut him up with the wave of the shotgun. ‘No officers it’s our turn to talk now and yours to listen. You tried to screw with my nephews and now it’s our turn to screw with you. Now when I was a kid and I started trouble my Daddy used to send me to the wood shed and tan my hide. Now it’s our turn to teach you men a lesson.’ Then to Mark, ‘Go get my hunting knife.’ Mark headed for the truck for the knife.

‘Hunting knife! What are you gonna do with that?’ asked Chad full of fear.

‘Don’t worry we ain’t gonna hurt you men,’ said Fred ‘If you don’t fight us,’ he added with a sneer.

Mark returned with the knife as Fred ordered Chad to lie across the seat of his motorcycle. Chad tried to protest but Fred waved the gun and he did as instructed. Chad draped himself over the seat of his motorcycle. His big ass was pushed high up in the air causing his tight uniform pants to stretch tighter across the girth of his posterior revealing the underwear line of his skimpy bikini briefs. It was obvious that the small garment was riding way up his ass crack. Mark licked his lips at this sight.

‘Okay,’ said Fred to Mark. ‘I want you to cut off the Troopers’ pants.’

‘No!’ yelled out Chad as he turned his head toward the old man his sunglass-covered eyes meeting the elder man’s gaze.

‘Yes!’ Fred. ‘Now don’t fight us and you men won’t be hurt.’

‘Do it,’ advised the older Trooper. Chad just hung his head and awaited his fate.

Mark slipped the blade of the knife under the waistband of Officer Carters Breeches and began to pull the knife down the officer’s leg cutting his pants but not his flesh. His left buttock popped out of the pants as if it had been spring-loaded. Mark then ran the knife down the right side of the officer’s pants cutting them off completely. Now Chad stood there in the hot June sun wearing nothing from the waist down but his thigh his boots and a very small very well stretched pair of red and white vertical stripped bikini briefs. The bikini rode more than half way up the meaty behind of the muscular trooper.

With the gun still aimed at Officers Matthews and Carter the white haired old man ordered Officer Matthews to get behind his partner and begin to spank his ass. Jim began to protest. After all he was no fag. He didn’t want his hands all over his partner’s big fleshy ass cheeks. Again Fred waved the gun as a reminder that he was in charge now. Jim had no choice. He apologized to Chad as he got behind him and raised his hand high and took aim.

‘Thwack!!!’ Jim’s leather gloved hand came down on his partner’s massive butt. As it did Chad’s ass jiggled slightly and he let out a yelp.

‘More.’ ordered Fred Taylor. ‘Don’t stop spanking him until I say to stop’

Jim continued his assault on his partners bikini clad ass. Mark, Clem and Fred watched and laughed at the homophobic officers shame.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Officer Carter’s ass was stinging as his partner continued to spank his fat ass cheeks. The bottoms of his massive globes were bright red as against the white of his bikini. In fact the red of his cheeks matched the red stripes in his underwear. And though it was odd and though he would never admit it out loud a part of Chad was starting to enjoy the stinging in his over sized buns. This really confused him. Fred ordered Jim to stop spanking. He then told Chad to stand and Jim to take his place over the motorcycle. Jim and Chad switched places and Mark brought the knife to the waistband of the older Troopers breeches.

‘Please, no.’, pleaded Officer Matthews. ‘I’m not wearing any underwear’ he stated as he blushed.

‘Tough!’ replied Fred laughing.

Mark licked his lips at the thought of this big beefy officer without any under pants. He began to cut down the left leg of Jim’s breeches. The left side of Jim’s backside bounced out as the pants were cut from his body. Then Mark went down the right side and now Officer Matthews was naked from the waist down except for his patrolman’s boots. Jim felt the hot summer breeze on his bare meaty man muffins. His low hanging shaved balls swung freely between his muscular thighs.

Fred laughed. ‘Never knew a straight guy who shaved his balls.’

‘My wife likes ‘em smooth’, snapped Fred as he shot the old gentleman a mean look through his sunglasses.

Now it was Chad’s turn to spank Jim. Fred instructed the younger Trooper to show his mentor no mercy. Officer Carter stood behind his friend his bikini riding up his own ass and took aim. Crack! Officer Matthew’s ass bounced and he let out a yell of pain.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The older Officer’s ass jiggled with each smack from the younger Officer. Jim was glad he was wearing sunglasses so the Taylor’s couldn’t see the pain in his eyes. He was also glad that Chad couldn’t see the pleasure in them. Though Jim hadn’t been spanked since he was 8 years old and hadn’t thought about having it done in all of his adult life there was something happening here that he didn’t understand. At 46 years of age he was having his ass beat by his best friend, a man who was young enough to be his own son and he loved the feeling of being controlled and humiliated. And the stinging feeling in his ass was somehow erotic. He had to stop these thoughts. He was a married man and 100% straight. Yet, still he was enjoying the strong hand of a man on his ass. This however was something he’d never admit. His cheeks were burning and red as Chad continued to spank his monster gluts.

Soon Fred told Chad he could stop spanking. He then ordered the young Trooper to lay across the seat of the other motor cycle so that he and Jim were now facing one another. Chad didn’t want to do this but was afraid to argue with a shotgun aimed at him so he did as he was told. The skimpy bikini really didn’t leave much to the imagination. Chad’s balls bounced as he made his way to the other side of the motorcycles and draped himself over it. The officers were face to face–their reflections visible in one another sunglasses. Mark stepped behind Chad with the knife and gave a quick slice up through the waistband of the slim red and white-striped bikini. The right side fell free off the young man’s ass. Then Mark slit up the left side. The scant bikini feel to the ground and Chad’s well-spanked red ass became visible. Now he too was naked from the waist down except for his boots. The younger officer’s balls weren’t nearly as big as the older officers but they were very hair and swinging just like his partner’s.

Now Fred instructed Mark to get behind Officer Matthews and Clem to get behind Officer Carter and begin spanking. The two brothers began to do as they were told. They would alternate swats from cheek to cheek. The officers’ asses were burning and they began to get out squeals of pain.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Both Officers’ large asses jiggled and vibrated as the young brothers continued to spank. Jim and Chad lay across each other motorcycles looking at one another but unable to read anything in the other man’s eyes due to the sunglasses. But each man was secretly enjoying having his massive ass mounds spanked. Forbidden untapped desire burned inside both men. No, it wasn’t sexual. Both men were as straight as could be. However, there was something about submitting your will and having your ass spanked by another man that had stirred something in both men. There was a certain power behind the swat of a man that a woman could never deliver.

Mark stopped spanking and ran his hand up Officer Matthews’ uniform top and began to feel his chest. He then began to pinch his nipples. Jim tried to protest stating he was not gay. But Fred’s shoot gun left him no choice so the older man allowed this boy, young enough to be his son, feel him up like a piece of meat. Jim became enraged and spat obscenities at the horny 21 year old working his tits. Clem noticed what his brother was doing and followed suit. As Clem felt up the young officers muscular chest he felt that Chad’s nipples were hard.

‘No! fuckin’ way!!” yelled Chad. ‘We’re not faggots!’

‘Take it like a man,’ warned Fred, the gun still aimed at the officers.

The brothers continued to pull on the officers’ tits as the Troopers began to moan from the pain. Mark wasn’t going to pass up this chance, he ran his hand around to Jim’s back and ran his hand down to the older man’s ass and began to squeeze the sheer girth of the two round ass loaves. Again Clem follow suit on Chad feeling up his ample cheeks. Clem truly was straight but he did enjoy humiliating the two big assed officers. Clem slipped a finger in between Officer Carter’s meaty butt, probing around for his puckered asshole. He found it and began to work his finger in. Chad gasped at the invasion of his virgin ass. Both men officers were still spitting out obscenities and promises that the brothers would be sorry later.

Mark realized what his brother was doing and he began to finger the older officer’s ass just like his brother was doing to the younger officer. The humiliation was getting to be too much for the homophobic officers. They couldn’t believe what they were being forced to endure and found a new hatred for gays. The brothers continued to finger fuck the big meaty assess of the officers and the officers continued to protest but had no choice but to let it happen or be shot.

‘Kiss one another,’ ordered Fred.

Neither officer made a move to do this but Fred was not joking. He fired a warning shot into the air and screamed ‘I said kiss damn it! And I mean with tongue until I say to stop!’

‘You’ll pay for this old man.’, screamed Jim.

‘Sure I will. Now do!!!’

Neither man wanted to do it but they were frightened so each man leaned in. Their lips meet and they began to kiss softly as the Taylor brothers reached under both men and began stroking their cocks. Both officers’ cocks began to grow. Mark & Clem’s fingers continued to plunge deep into the dark abysses of Officers Carter & Matthew as they stroked. Jim’s tongue entered Chad’s mouth and their tongues entwined. They were breathing harder as they continued to make out on the side of the road with a couple of strangers playing with their large asses and now rock hard cocks.

Jim could hold back no longer. As much as he hated what was happening he knew he was going to cum. He felt his seed rising to the surface and explode all over is partners motorcycle. His asshole tightened around Mark’s finger as he let out a moan into Chad’s mouth. Chad followed his mentor and allowed himself to let go. Cum poured from his balls and splashed on Jim’s motorcycle. Clam’s finger came out with a pop.

Fred told both men they could stop kissing and they pulled apart. They were both disgusted that they had been forced to kiss and wiped their mouths and spit as if that could erase what had just taken place. But there was no way to wipe out the memory. Both officers found a new level of hatred that day as well as an odd new desire to be spanked. But neither man would confess this to the other.

Clem and Mark took the officers’ handcuffs and ordered them to each face a couple of trees that stood side by side. They were then ordered to wrap their arms around the tree. Both officers did as instructed and the brothers cuffed their arms around the tree leaving them helpless.

The Taylor’s hopped in the pick-up and speed off laughing all the way. Officers Matthews and Carter were left on the side of the road, their big red bare asses visible by anyone who drove by. They got several honks as they stood there on display. Both men were humiliated and yet titillated by the burning in their big butts. Each man told himself that this would not be the last spanking he got but again they did not share this new desire with one another.

Several hours passed and Sergeant Andrews showed up in a cruiser. He had gotten a call that two of his men were bare assed and cuffed to a tree. He let both officers free and then and there they swore that no fag would ever do this to them again. But no one knows what the future holds and if they did they wouldn’t have made such a statement. But that’s another story.

The End


Craigslist Straight Dude Tricked/Jackson – Part 2
30.06.2014 , Gay Bondage Fiction

Arrogant straight dude Ryan’s humiliation continues this time with the help of his arch rival in a story that includes bondage, spanking, forced shaving and straight boy ass fucking.
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Craigslist Straight Dude Tricked/Jackson – Part 2
by Richard
Series: Craigslist Straight Dude Tricked


straight dude tricked 2Over the next week, Ryan and Amber researched Jackson on the Internet (having easily obtained his full name and identity while he was blindfolded) and learned that he was, indeed, a bigshot executive/owner a major conglomerate. Even more interesting was the fact that they learned through the Internet that the CEO and head of Jackson’s biggest corporate rival was one Kurt Von Bruder, 35, an immensely powerful young corporate titan who was rumored to be maneuvering (apparently not too successfully to date) toward acquiring or overtaking Jackson’s conglomerate, always in competition with but often being out-savvied by the wily Jackson. They apparently were social rivals as well, mingling in the same circles of the ultra-rich and well-connected and competing in various sporting events, polo, golf and tennis among them. Both were listed as founding members of the Defense of Traditional Marriage League, the homophobic organization devoted to preventing same-sex marriage. (Amber and Ryan gave snorts of disgust at this revelation). Ryan and Amber further exchanged glances as they checked out a photo of Von Bruder at a polo match, the athletic, close-cropped blond stud resplendent in his tight white jodhpurs and polo gear astride a galloping stallion.

Ryan was amazed at how easy it was to contact Von Bruder himself when he provided selected screen shots of Jackson depicted in various kinky sex play/bondage situations, Von Bruder taking the bait immediately and expressing interest in buying all Ryan had at an astronomical price. When Von Bruder learned of the subterfuge that had been successfully used on Jackson and that Jackson had also unwittingly apparently been depicted receiving sexual services from another man, and especially when he learned what Ryan had planned for their second session, Von Bruder’s devious wheels began turning in his head how these “gay” and “kinky” pictures and videos could be used to blackmail Jackson and literally bring him to his knees to capitulate to whatever business advantage Von Bruder could dictate. It was a gold mine! And this gay dude Ryan could obviously be bought off cheap to obtain the tapes.

Von Bruder insisted not only on being present himself for the second session accompanied by his Lebanese bodyguard Ahmed Hakim to ensure that his own muscle could be used to help Ryan re-position Jackson without his getting free, but also helped purchase additional S & M items Ryan suggested to assist the session.

Prior to the session Von Bruder and his bodyguard were given a tour of the apartment to work out details. Von Bruder introduced his Lebanese bodyguard, Ahmed Hakim, 29, noting that Ahmed had been trained by an elite intelligence group and had been bodyguard to numerous members of the wealthy elite of many countries. Both Von Bruder and Ahmed appeared in finely tailored suits and ties, (though Von Bruder’s suit was clearly the more expensive), Ahmed darkly handsome behind designer sunglasses he wore even indoors. Nevertheless, Von Bruder treated his hunky young Lebanese bodyguard like a servant, evidently of the belief that Ahmed’s swarthy good looks made him of a lower scale than Von Bruder’s proud Teutonic roots. Von Bruder brusquely informed Ahmed what his expected tasks would be in manipulating Jackson into various humiliating positions, ordering him around like he was a schoolboy. Ryan noted Ahmed clearly loathed his boss, a fact apparently completely lost on Von Bruder.

While Von Bruder imperiously examined the area where Jackson would be receiving his “session” Ryan had a chance to converse with Ahmed privately in another room, drawing him out about the way Von Bruder treated him. Ryan took a huge risk in proposing that he and Ahmed strike a deal whereby Ahmed could share in Von Bruder’s largesse in obtaining the tapes and also secretly conspire to subject Von Bruder to some embarrassing treatment himself, all also caught on film, the better for both Ryan and Ahmed to blackmail the pompous Von Bruder himself. To Ryan’s relief, Ahmed cracked a sadistic smile at such a proposition, clearly calculating how it would mean a windfall for him and a chance to see Von Bruder get his comeuppance as well.


One week later, Jackson arrived at Amber’s apartment, Armani-suited from head to toe.

Amber complimented him on his natty good looks, Jackson eating up the praise.

“So has my big, bad, naughty boy been bad this week? Yelled at the secretaries? Fired people right and left? You know bad boys have to punished!”

“You bet your ass I’ve been a ‘bad boy’, bitch! Yelled my head off, secretaries in tears, the whole shebang- so what’cha gonna do about it, huh?” queried Jackson. “You gonna try to beat my ass?” smirking, turned on by the thought of more kinky sex play, which he had been anticipating all week, not allowing himself to cum all week so he could bang Amber over and over all night long.

Amber then led Jackson to her bedroom where Ryan and Amber had installed a ceiling bracket just the right height so that Jackson could be suspended by his wrists from it.

Amber sat in a chair while she instructed Jackson “ooo, babe, why don’t we start by your removing that form-fitting designer dress shirt and tie, so I can get a look at that handsome muscular chest again!”

Flattered, winking at Amber, Jackson slowly complied, unbuttoning his designer dress shirt button by button to slowly reveal his suntanned hairy chest, all the more buffed up due to his frequent gym visits during the week to tone his magnificent body for Amber’s appreciation, music to his egotistical ears. Jackson then heaved the shirt off of his broad, suntanned shoulders and tossed it on the ground along with his silk necktie.

“Ooo babe! Look at how buff you are, my big, strong man!” cooed Amber as she approached Jackson, scooping up his silk Armani necktie. “Ohhh, stud , now I’m gonna tie you with your necktie to that bracket up there, the better to view those manly, hairy armpits. Sound like fun?”

Jackson’s cock lurched in his Armani shorts with anticipation of more kinky delights, gamely raising his buffed-up, suntanned arms revealing his Bulgari and musk-scented hairy pits as he sexily winked again and smiled broadly as he allowed Amber to tie him with his own necktie to the ceiling bracket so that Jackson was on his “tippy-toes” barely touching the floor as he hung suspended from the ceiling, his arms pulled high above his handsome head, instantly throwing a boner in his pants at the familiar, sexy feel of being under restraint by a beautiful, “model-quality” woman., loving the kinky sex game, Jackson pulling in his bonds, the better to show off his rippling, suntanned musculature.

Amber then fitted Jackson carefully with the blindfold, leaving him in darkness, anticipating.

Ryan then approached the suspended Jackson, once again taking the bound man’s handsome head and French-kissing the blindfolded, hunky hetero who cluelessly but eagerly shared his hot tongue with him as Ryan tweaked and teased Jackson’s manly nips into full erection, causing Jackson to shamelessly moan with lust, whereupon Ryan lowered his sensuous taster over Jackson’s suntanned throat before plunging it into the divide of the hairy cleft of the hetero hunk’s chiseled chest inhaling and lapping up his eager captive’s Bulgari-scented sweat. Ryan then plunged headlong into Jackson’s totally exposed hairy armpits one by one, feasting away on their steamy, manly scent as Jackson shrieked in ticklish surprise as Ryan’s slick and sinuous tongue made contact with the depths of the stud’s manly pits, the unexpected stimulation adding an erotic charge to the already-aroused executive.

Ryan then licked his way down, down over each of Jackson’s erect nips before descending further to his innie navel as Jackson arched his body and squealed with whorish delight, whereupon Ryan descended even further to inhale the scent of Jackson’s steamy jungle of dark pubes before teasing and then going down on Jackson’s now rock-hard cock, as Jackson moaned with delight, Ryan devilishly tickling the stud’s hairy balls as he did so, driving Jackson up the wall with lust. “Ohh yeah, Amber-baby, do me you fuckin’ whore!” encouraged Jackson, totally unaware that it was Ryan, and not Amber, who was doing the honors.

Ryan then approached the suspended Jackson from behind, slapping “bad boy” Jackson on the ass as Jackson went “ohhh, yeahh, babe, spank my bad boy ass! Harder! Harder!” as Ryan obliged, raising his arm high and swatting Jackson’s hard on his vulnerable white assglobes in total contrast to the rest of his sun-bronzed muscular body, the deserving executive getting the punishment he deserved for his maltreatment of his employees. If only the “girls” in the office could see their Lord and Master now, thought Ryan (deciding they probably would, eventually, when the tapes got out on the Internet!)

Soon Jackson’s ass was hot pink to red with Ryan’s handprints as Jackson’s cock became all the harder, excited by this kinky play. Ryan then spread the cheeks of Jackson’s hunky ass apart revealing his hairy asscrack and his tiny virgin aperture which winked at the cameras.

Ryan then suddenly plunged his taster along Jackson’s exposed crack as he moaned with lust and went “Yeahhh toss my salad, you bitch! You like that hot ass, huh!?” Jackson rearing his ass back onto Ryan’s eager tongue as Jackson moaned with lust and egged “Amber” on to ever-more-degrading delights. Jackson mewled with lust as he felt Ryan finally reach his tight, butch hole, his tongue teasing and stimulating the bound executive’s hot virgin hole as Jackson yelped with desire.
Ryan then abruptly stopped, much to Jackson’s surprise.

“Now for some more fun!” announced Amber from nearby.

A compliant, blindfolded, Jackson was then temporarily released from his suspension bondage from the ceiling and led over to the bed where he lay on his back, submissively allowing “Amber” to bind his wrists and ankles to the bedposts, Jackson clearly excited by his inescapable bondage as he tested the limits of his bonds and found them inescapable, his manhood swelling all the more with excitement and anticipation.

“I have a little surprise for you, Jackson baby” announced Amber once he was secured.

“What, bitch? What kinky delights do you have in store for me this time?” queried Jackson, intrigued.

“Only THIS!” announced Amber as she suddenly removed Jackson’s blindfold whereupon a flabbergasted Jackson saw that there were now others in the room with Amber, all male. There was that gay roommate of Amber’s sneering and smiling knowingly, and what the fuck? Kurt Von Bruder and his fuckin’ Lebanese bodyguard- all leering at his bound, naked bod.


“Well, Jackson dear, I’m afraid that all of the contact with your body has always been by Ryan here, not l’il ol’ me, AND it’s all been caught on tape, imagine!? And now you get to have fun with Ryan with full knowledge of what’s going on. Hmmm wonder if your ‘little friend’ down there will mind?” pointing at Jackson’s still throbbing male member.

‘GET THESE FUCKERS THE HELL OUTTA HERE! AND LET ME GO!!! KEEP THAT FAG AWAY FROM ME!! ON TAPE!!? I’M FUCKIN GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU!!!” fumed Jackson, thrashing in his bonds futilely as his audience laughed uproariously at him, pointing at his predicament.

To Jackson’s horror, Ryan began stripping out of his tee shirt and jeans until the sexy gay twenty-something was completely naked as well, his hard cock popping out of his pants before the naked Ryan hopped up on the bed and pounced naked right on top of the fuming Jackson, frottaging Ryan’s own hard-on against Jackson’s own rampant boner. Jackson was horrified that his traitorous prick had not gone down at all and, worse, that the feel of another man’s hard-on against his own actually felt quite pleasant and arousing, even more so when Ryan began tonguing and teasing Jackson’s nips.

“Cut that out! Get offa me you fag! Stop fuckin’ touching me there! Nooooo!!! STOPPPPPP!!!” commanded Jackson, but Ryan only felt Jackson’s boner swell and drip against his own, imagining how embarrassing it was for the hetero stud to realize he was getting off on being done by another guy. Worse, Von Bruder and his bodyguard were audibly and visibly giggling at Jackson the entire time!

Ryan continued to tongue-bathe his bound captive straight stud’s hunky body as Jackson protested to no avail, Ryan tonguing his pits, nips, cock, balls and ass and repeatedly bringing Jackson to the peak of a climax only to back off and leave the stud begging and frustrated.

Ryan then shoved his own hard cock into Jackson’s horrified face, and as his movement was restricted by his bondage, and since his mouth had dropped open in surprise and outrage, had little choice but to suck it when it had been shoved into his open mouth, as Jackson comically gurgled and sucked, his eyes bugging open in horror.

Ryan soon forced Jackson to lick Ryan’s balls, asscrack and asshole as Von Bruder and his bodyguard clapped and hooted offstage.

Later, with the help of a ski-masked Von Bruder (who did not want to be recognized on the blackmail tape) and the help of his bodyguard, Ryan was able to free Jackson from the bed and drag him over and onto the leather-padded sawhorse that Von Bruder had purchased at an S & M store for the occasion, whereupon Jackson found himself bound on all fours over the sawhorse with his bare ass high in the air, as if begging to be fucked up the ass.

Ryan then forced Jackson to suck Ryan’s cock some more before going behind the bound Jackson and suddenly ramming his rampant dick up Jackson’s virgin ass as he howled in pain to be followed by moans of lust as Ryan hit the hetero stud’s prostate. Ryan fucked the stud’s virgin ass for several minutes using Jackson’s own silk necktie around Jackson’s neck to ride him like a bucking bronco until Ryan could hold back no longer and sprayed his load all over Jackson’s bound muscular ass and suntanned back, as Von Bruder and his bodyguard hooted and clapped.

For the finale, Jackson was placed bound on his back on the sawhorse with his legs pulled back in the air, and while Ryan dildoed his ass and jerked the dude’s cock Jackson soon blew his own load all over himself and into his own face, Ryan scooping it up and making him eat it.

Before Jackson was freed the assembled bunch made it clear that no amount of money would convince them to part with the blackmail tape and that Jackson, defeated, would have to accede to all their demands in the future. Dejected, the ruined Jackson skulked away in his now-rumpled Armani suit, to the derisive laughs of all.

“That was splendid, my friend- Jackson was ruined! Hahahah!” guffawed Von Bruder. “Now, as agreed, you must turn over the original tapes and all copies of the sessions to me immediately- as you can see I have prepared a generous check for you of course” went on Von Bruder, handing over a check for $100,000.00 to Ryan.

“Yeah the check is cool enough. But there is one last item to be taken care of before I will hand over the tapes.” replied Ryan, mysteriously.

“Er, exactly what last item of business? The sum is very generous!” stated Von Bruder, dubiously.

“Well, it occurred to me that you’re getting off kind of easily in this whole deal. You’re paying a pittance for a man of your means and you made sure your rival Jackson was totally humbled. You’re kind of a pompous ass yourself really, though very good looking…..” hinted Ryan.

“What are you getting at? What more do you want from me?” queried Von Bruder.

“What I’m getting at is this. You’re a good looking straight dude, rich and powerful. I’m a gay guy holding all the cards. Do the math! I think I’m entitled to a little fun with your hot bod before parting with the tapes.”

“What the fuck? Are you out of your fucking homo mind? There’s NO WAY that is ever gonna happen, dude!” laughed Von Bruder derisively.

“Well it’s up to you- if you really want the tapes you comply- if not, you don’t get them- simple as that!”

“But that’s blackmail!” protested Von Bruder, without irony.

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it? But you’re the blackmail master- now the tables are turning and it’s YOUR chance to be blackmailed into something for a change!” crowed Ryan.

“But- But this is impossible! I MUST have those tapes! I’ll destroy Jackson with them! I HAVE to have them!! They must be MINE, I tell you they MUST!!!!!”

“Well, don’t worry. It would just be one little blowjob, no big deal- and your bodyguard here can clear the room of any cameras so there is no danger of anyone ever knowing I got to blow the great Kurt Von Bruder!”

“Well, er just a quick blowjob is all then? I just unzip my fly, you haul it out, suck it, blow it, and we’re done? Then I get the tapes?” queried Von Bruder, reassured that his long-suffering bodyguard Ahmed would be nearby but out of the room, close enough to make sure the gay guy couldn’t do anything really weird to him.

“Yeah, something like that anyway” replied Ryan., vaguely. “And maybe your bodyguard should be part of my fun, too!”

“What?? This is all going too fuckin’ far!” protested Von Bruder, echoed by his bodyguard, Ahmed Hakim.

Ahmed was clearly shocked by this development since Ryan had never informed him that he intended Von Bruder’s hunky bodyguard to be a part of this.

Ryan therefore said “I will now accompany Ahmed and as a trained professional he will successfully disarm all the cameras so no one need fear that this will be taped as well. It will just be my own little private treat,” whereupon he and Ahmed left the room, purportedly to disarm the cameras.
n fact, Ryan used this opportunity to let Ahmed know that Ryan would “go easy” on Ahmed whereas his boss Von Bruder would get more than he thought he was bargaining for. No cameras were in fact disarmed but rather kept rolling as part of Ryan and Ahmed’s plot to blackmail Von Bruder, Ahmed intending to edit out any bits that included Ahmed. Ahmed even informed Ryan that he actually wouldn’t really mind getting a blowjob from the gay guy, letting Ryan know that once while he was in the Lebanese army he was serviced (unnecessarily at gunpoint) by a captured gay Israeli soldier who “gave head like crazy, the best ever, I know you gay guys know how to suck cock, that is if you can take it all!” guffawed Ahmed.

Ryan and Ahmed then returned to the bedroom, ostensibly having “disarmed” the cameras.

Ryan then had some fun, (after having previously let Ahmed in on the ruse) coyly throwing out the possibility that Von Bruder could escape further humiliation if he “sacrificed” the modesty of his bodyguard/servant in exchange for preserving more of his own, Ryan implying that he really preferred Ahmed to the somewhat older Von Bruder.

“Yes, go ahead, have your way with Ahmed, you sick fag! Ahmed this is an ORDER! You do whatever this faggot sicko says, understand?” dictated Von Bruder.

“Yeah, hear that, Ahmed? Are you gonna order your bodyguard to strip fuckin naked, then?” queried Ryan.

“Of course! This is an ORDER, Ahmed! Strip completely bareass naked, NOW!” Von Bruder actually enjoying this, anticipating his muscular, buff bodyguard left defenseless and naked.

Ahmed played along perfectly, looking shocked and outraged while secretly anticipating a great blowjob. Acting with feigned disgust, Ahmed reluctantly began to comply, removing his designer sunglasses to reveal his dark brown eyes under full, manly eyebrows, before slowly untying his silk necktie and unbuttoning his designer shirt button-by-button, each unbuttoned button revealing more and more of his olive-skinned very hairy chest until he split the shirt apart to reveal his massively muscular, hairy chest, crowned by his dark nips, his hairy armpits also revealed as he removed the shirt altogether and flung it at Ryan’s feet.

“The pants, too! Everything!” ordered Von Bruder, hoping that Ahmed’s embarrassment would lessen his own or let Ryan forget about it altogether.

Ahmed, glaring and seething with feigned rage, kicked off his designer loafers, undid his designer belt and slipped it off of his pants. He then unhitched his pants before unzipping them, then slowly lowering the fine wool suit pants to reveal his snowy white Calvin Klein boxer briefs and his massive, hairy thighs and muscular calves, before removing his suit pants altogether, leaving him clad only in his bulging Calvins and dark knee-high socks

“Everything!” order Von Bruder, anticipating his bodyguard’s imminent ultimate humiliation.

Sighing resignedly, Ahmed slowly lowered his Calvins to reveal a profusely-black-haired pubic bush, then his club-like uncut cock, unusually large and long, and huge, hairy balls. The Calvins and socks soon joined the rest of Ahmed’ s finery left scattered about the floor, leaving him totally stark naked.

Ryan went “Wow! Nice!” before approaching Ahmed and sinking to his knees to worship the muscular Lebanese bodyguard’s massive prick and hairy balls, burying his face eagerly into the dark hairy nest of the powerfully-built bodyguard’s pubes, inhaling their musky, manly scent. Ryan soon had the bodyguard’s dick rock hard, barely able to deep-throat its massive girth and length, while reaching up to tweak and tease the Lebanese muscleman’s hairy nips which hardened to the touch and caused Ahmed to sigh and moan with pleasure. Ryan also tongue-bathed the bodyguard’s hairy balls one by one before positioning himself behind his naked prey’s hunky, hairy ass, prying apart the cheeks to reveal Ahmed’ virgin hair-haloed rosebud which was duly worshipped in turn, again causing Ahmed to moan and groan with lust. Even the gay Israeli soldier captive had not done that, Ahmed amazed at how good it felt, Ahmed already on the verge of an orgasm from the feeling.

Ryan then returned to sucking Ahmed’s big prick and tickle his hairy balls while also slipping a finger down Ahmed’s now spit-slickened perineum and onto his virgin portal, teasing his butch hole with his finger which nearly penetrated his tightly clenched orifice, causing Ahmed to grunt with surprised pleasure as he felt the unmistakable feeling of an imminent orgasm building deep within his manly body as Ahmed grunted again and gasped loudly as he announced “OH MY GOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!” as bolt after bolt of steaming hot Lebanese semen sprayed down Ryan’s throat before Ryan withdrew it to watch it spurt bolt after bolt of hot cum fountaining out of the bodyguard’s quivering male member to splatter his chest and then the wood floor below, flying sperm bombs forcing Von Bruder to jump out of harm’s way lest he be coated in his bodyguard/servant’s hot spunk.

A few minutes later after Ryan and Ahmed recovered from Ahmed’s giant orgasm, Ryan re-asserted himself and suddenly ordered Von Bruder himself to “Now it’s your turn to strip naked, Von Bruder!”

“What!? I thought you said you’d go easy on me if I let you suck my servant!! The deal was that I would just unzip my pants, haul out my dick, you suck it and that’s it, right? Of course, I will order Ahmed out of the room to preserve my modesty in front of him!”

“Naw, no deal! You’re dropping trou, bro. That is, if you really want the Jackson tapes so you can ruin him.”

“Wait! Isn’t there some other way? I’m a rich man- Name your price!” begged Von Bruder, comically.

“Naw, my ‘price’ is having you strip your pompous ass naked, and you’re gonna do it right here with your bodyguard watching every step of the way- for, er, security purposes, of course.” replied Ryan.

“What! I certainly will NOT remove my clothing in front of Ahmed! He is a lowly servant! Only fit to fetch and carry and protect me from kidnappers for ransom. It is simply not proper!”

“Well, too bad, asshole. You don’t strip you don’t get the tapes. It’s up to you,” pointed out Ryan.

Seething with true rage, and with totally unaccustomed frustration at not getting his way, the imperious Von Bruder was left with no option but to begin disrobing in front of the gay guy and Von Bruder’s own leering bodyguard/servant (whose still naked muscular presence and massively hung manhood Von Bruder feared might make his own look less so in comparison).

Von Bruder angrily slowly removed his designer silk necktie and unbuttoned his designer shirt button-by-button, each unbuttoned button revealing more and more of his sun-bronzed smooth chest. At a command from Ryan, Von Bruder was then forced to split the shirt apart to reveal his muscular smooth chest, crowned by his pale pink nips, his dirty-blond-haired armpits also revealed as he removed the shirt altogether and flung it at Ryan’s feet.

“ Everything!” ordered Ryan.

“Really! This is an OUTRAGE! I shall strip to my shorts but NO FURTHER!” fumed Von Bruder, defiantly.

Von Bruder, glaring and seething with rage, kicked off his Ferragamo designer loafers, undid his designer belt and slipped it off of his pants. He then unhitched his pants before unzipping them, then slowly lowered the fine wool suit pants to reveal he was wearing Armani bikini briefs also revealing his lightly-blond-haired muscular thighs and calves, before removing his suit pants altogether, leaving him clad only in his black bikini briefs and dark knee-high socks.

“Haha! Pretty kinky underwear, eh?” laughed Ryan joined by Ahmed as Von Bruder ordered them to stop their “raucous schoolboy laughter.”

“I’ll have you know that Mrs. Von Bruder finds my bikini briefs ‘sexy’. Had I known I was going to be forced to reveal them I would have worn my usual crisply starched white boxer shorts,” sniffed Von Bruder, imperiously annoyed by the impertinence of these low-lifes and their amusement at his intimate undergarment.

“Now drop the shorts!” ordered Ryan.

“Listen. This has gone FAR ENOUGH!! I refuse to reveal my elite genitalia to the likes of you! You have gotten enough from me- I’m practically naked and there is a draft in here. Now give me those tapes and I shall leave.”

“NO WAY! crowed Ryan. “There’s a bit more to come but then that’ll be it. And rest assured that your bodyguard here will not let me go beyond what was agreed- you can see for yourself that your ‘loyal servant’ Ahmed has the brute strength to kick my ass if I get out of line” went on Ryan, reassuringly, Ahmed drawing himself up to his full proud height as if to emphasize his ability to do so.

Seething with rage, Von Bruder slowly tugged down his tiny black bikini shorts to surprisingly reveal a sparse patch of neatly trimmed dirty-blond haired pubes before revealing an amusingly way-below-average-sized cut penis, flopping flaccidly over an equally unimpressive set of shaved balls, the entire intimate area starkly white in contrast to the rest of the muscular stud’s sun-bronzed hunky body, clearly indicating that (for obvious reasons) the great Von Bruder never dared sun-bathe in the nude for fear of his secretly small endowment becoming known.

Ahmed and Ryan exchanged glances as if to say (“I’ll bet Mrs. Von Bruder fucks the pool boy to get off- that little thing could not possibly satisfy her!”) before bursting into raucous laughter and pointing at Von Bruder’s surprisingly small penis, Ahmed’s own gigantic cock bouncing in reaction to his uproarious laughter as if to emphasize the contrast between the two men’s manhood, Ryan going “HAHAHAHAHAHAAHH!!! LOOK AT THAT LITTLE PUNY DICK!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAAH! NO WONDER YOU DIDN’T WANT TO SHOW IT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!”


Blushing with rage and embarrassment, Von Bruder said ‘I’ll have you know that it is currently very fashionable for gentlemen of my elite stature to have their private parts carefully and discreetly trimmed, and besides Mrs. Von Bruder prefers it,” sniffed Von Bruder. “And I’ll have you know that my penis is what they call a ‘grower’- while smaller in its flaccid state it grows immensely when I am sexually stimulated.”

“Well, go ahead. Show us. See if you can get your little dick hard and strong! Show us what a bigshot elite executive does to himself behind closed doors” laughed Ryan joined again by Ahmed.

“What? You want me to er, masturbate like a schoolboy in front of you!? That is sick! No!” protested Von Bruder.

“You want those tapes, don’t you?” threatened Ryan

Seething with rage, Von Bruder found himself trying to masturbate his completely flaccid, tiny sex organ into something more impressive and fitting for an imperious executive to sport, grunting and groaning with frustration in front of them as his little prick slowly responded, but only growing slightly though hardening and sticking straight out like a very little thin fireplug, looking ridiculous and impotent for such an otherwise powerfully built and imperious man.

“C’mon, You can do better than that! It hardly grew at all! C’mon, let yourself go! Pretend we’re not watching- you can touch yourself in those special places you touch when you’re all alone to get you off!” encouraged Ryan.

Fuming, Von Bruder did allow himself to close his eyes and reach up with one hand to his right nip, tweaking the hardening nip as he sighed with masturbatory pleasure as Ahmed and Ryan exchanged amused looks, and also later slipped a finger down to tickle his little hairless balls, causing his little dick to throb with pleasure, but if it grew it was not noticeable. Surprisingly, the humiliated executive, who had broken a sweat like one of his prized polo horses (minus their horse-hung cocks!) increased his groaning and panting indicating that the horny billionaire was about to blow his (most likely puny) load, whereupon Ryan, sadistically wishing to postpone the imperious shit’s pleasure as long as possible ordered him to “STOPP! IF YOU CUM NOW YOU DON’T GET THE TAPES!!”

The humiliated and frustrated Von Bruder reluctantly let go of his quivering about-to-bust-a-nut cockette which stuck straight out, but pathetically, oozing a drop of pre-cum, the pompous Von Bruder clearly sexually frustrated by not having been allowed to relieve his pent-up sexual needs which he was used to having instantly gratified, his sexual need having been piqued all the more by his recent witnessing of Jackson’s total humiliation, which was more than enough fodder for many a masturbation session to come.

At a signal from Ryan, the equally naked Ahmed suddenly “jumped” his denuded, humiliated employer on the heels of his forced public masturbation session, and physically wrestled the protesting naked Von Bruder over onto the bed where he soon found himself cuffed to the very bed where his arch-rival Jackson had recently been abused, Von Bruder’s still-excited cockette accidentally grinding against the hairy musculature and immensely bigger cock of his bodyguard Ahmed as Von Bruder futilely struggled against the massive musculature of his amazingly strong, bull-like bodyguard, Ahmed’s vastly superior strength leaving the powerful billionaire like a rag doll in his capable servant’s strong hands.

“What is the meaning of this?? Are you out of your mind? I’m your employer for God’s sake! I sign your paychecks! Release me immediately you imbecile or I’ll FUCKIN’ FIRE you!!” fumed Von Bruder, struggling in his bonds powerlessly.



Ryan then approached the cowering Von Bruder, naked again himself and, while Ahmed held Von Bruder’s head and forced it down, Von Bruder was made to suck Ryan’s tumescent cock, choking on it being unaccustomed to such activity, Von Bruder then being forced to slavishly lick and suck Ryan’s balls and rim his ass as he threatened to puke only being held back by Ryan’s threat to make him eat his own puke if he did that.

Ryan then ordered Von Bruder to suck both his and Ahmed’s big cocks simultaneously, making Von Bruder’s patrician cheeks bulge like a chipmunk full of nuts as he was force-fed the 2 men’s huge cocks which rubbed together in ecstasy, Ahmed more intent on revenge while Ryan derived an extra thrill from the frottage against Ahmed’s powerful manly cock. Von Bruder was then forced to suck their hairy balls as well, as Von Bruder protested to no avail.

Ahmed then forced Von Bruder to lick and suck the sweat out of his hairy, Lebanese armpits, Ahmed glad that they now stunk with hairy Lebanese man-sweat, Von Bruder’s face slick with the salty funky moisture as he was forced to inhale the sauna-like stench of his bodyguard’s hairy pits, the imperious bastard reduced to licking the sweat of his “low-life” former employee. Ahmed then turned around and shoved his ass in Von Bruder’s outraged face and, after letting a loud fart right in his face, forced a disgusted Von Bruder to eat out his ass and tongue his butch hole as Ahmed snickered with laughter, reminding him it was on cam!

Ahmed and Ryan then released the shocked and disgusted Von Bruder from the bed and man-handled him over to the leather-padded sawhorse where Jackson had recently suffered, placing him on all fours on his stomach with his wrists and ankles bound, his naked ass high in the air, his defenseless virgin hole exposed.

‘NOOOOO!!! NOOOO !! NOT THAT!!!!!!! OH MY GOD MY ASS NOOOOO!!!”begged Von Bruder to the sadistic cackles of Ryan and Ahmed.

Ryan then brutally shoved his hard cock into Von Bruder’s tight hole, again using Von Bruder’s own necktie to ride him like one of his own polo ponies as Von Bruder howled in pain which soon amusingly changed to ooos and ahhhs as Ryan spanked the billionaire’s penetrated ass until it was red, while jerking Von Bruder’s tiny cockette which responded to the pressure of Ryan’s cock on his prostate, Von Bruder crying out in painful pleasure as Ryan milked a surprisingly big load from the industrialist’s tiny cockette which Ahmed caught in a dish. Ahmed then forced Von Bruder to lap up his own cum out of the dish before Ahmed jerked his load spraying right into Von Bruder’s shocked face and as Ryan withdrew and shot his load all over Von Bruder’s suntanned back.

Ryan and Ahmed then delighted in shaving Von Bruder bald, then shaving his pits and what chest hair he had, the remnants of his over-trimmed pubes, his asscrack and his legs leaving him totally hairless as he screamed with rage to their laughter.

After reminding Von Bruder that he was ruined and had to report to Ryan for further “duty” and that he had to give an excellent reference for Ahmed “or else” Von

Bruder left a broken man as well, cursing as he skulked away, ruined.



Barber Nick Mazzaro Gets Big Tip From Trojan Rock
30.06.2014 , Blog

WorldofMen invites you to explore your barbershop fantasy this week with Trojan Rock and Nick Mazzaro. You know how it is. You’re in that chair, draped by a cloth that covers you past your knees. And then there’s that hot man, breathing heavy behind you. His breathe is on your neck. He presses his crotch against your hand. Then he bends over and you can’t resist that hot, round ass! Neither can Trojan. Then again, we can’t blame him. Nick’s got a smooth, sweet ass no man can get enough of. And if watching Trojan devour Nick’s hole is any indication, this is one NOT to be missed! Certainly Trojan can’t get enough in this scene with plenty of close-up rimming and finger fucking as he gets loosened up, ready to take Trojan’s massive meat! Now it’s Nick who can’t get enough…cock, that is. He yells out for more and, grinding himself down onto Trojan with ass spanking and deep thrusting, you can see his hole stretch around Trojan’s cock and it’s enough to make you shoot thick loads all over yourself. Guaranteed you’ll be thinking dirty thoughts next time you hit the barber shop!

Bound whore gang fucked like an animal in a packed bar
30.06.2014 , Bound In Public Picture Gallery Update
It's friday night here in San Francisco and the bar is standing room only! The crowd makes way as Dakota Wolfe comes crawling in on his hands and knees, with a cowbell around his neck, and the ass hook tightly shoved up his ass. Dakota's lead around, shoving his face into everyone's crotch as he's made to moo like a cow at the top of his lungs. Everyone lines up for a spanking machine, beating his ass red as he crawls beneath their legs, screaming from the pain. With his hands bound, Dakota's bent over to swallow cock while he's rammed from behind. The horny crowd watches in anticipation as clover clamps with weights on them are attached to the poor boy's nips. After a relentless flog to the cheering of the crowd, Dakota's tied down and DP'd while receiving loads and loads of cum onto his face.
Two For the High Jump
28.06.2014 , Feel the Sting
 Mike Dean and Brandon Junior in Two for the High Jump

Team games are meant to be just that, one player supporting the other to finally win the game. Unfortunately for two boys this doesn’t seem to apply. Tired of their bad behaviour on the sports field the Headmaster asks one of his younger staff members to get directly to the bottom of the problem and lay on a reminder of exactly how proper sportsmen should act.

The first lad Boyd (Brandon Junior) is taken over the knee and a firm hard butt scorching spanking is administered. 
His friend Baker (Mike Dean) can only look on with horror as his buddies smooth blemish free backside turns a strong shade of red, this of course in the knowledge of what’s coming next to him. 

The first boy stands his bottom on fire and he is ordered to face the wall. Now over the knee Baker can really feel what he was observing earlier and there’s no doubt it stings like hell. His poor bare bottom has no defence for this younger Master’s powerful palm. 

As he finally stands his bottom too is clearly burnt and scolded, both lads surely know that this is just the precursor. This opening salvo will be followed up by the broad leather strap!

With both boys bending over in the traditional manner their already punished red raw backsides make the perfect target.

The old brown leather strap goes in to action propelled mercilessly across the whimpering lad’s sore bare bottoms. Each crack delivers a band of fire; their rounded bare cheeks carry the evidence of discipline well laid on, this is clear to see.

With the Masters arm in accurate attack behind them and the painful lash of the strap biting home both of these previously insolent boys could now easily clear any high jump. Probably now more than willingly!

Preview Trailer to follow tomorrow