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The Laundromat Spitroast
17.10.2015 , Bound In Public Picture Gallery Update
With his music blasting too loud, Tyler Rush acts like an obnoxious little fuck in the laundromat, pulling people's clothes out the dryer like he owns the place. The other clientele decide to step in and teach the boy a lesson in proper etiquette. They capture Tyler and call in their buddies to help adjust his attitude. Soon, Tyler is stripped, bound and groped on his knees, made to gag on a long row of dicks. Onlookers snap photos of the cocksucker as the owner Rocco Steele busts in. He can't stand the little prick just as much the other guys and joins the torment, fingering and spanking Tyler's ass. The dudes take turns spitroasting and slapping Tyler as he's secured to a laundry cart. Tyler takes multiple hot loads on his face as Rocco pounds his ass with an impossibly large cock. Unfortunately for Tyler, the lesson doesn't end there...
Spanking Stories 35
16.10.2015 , Boy-Bg Video
Spanking Stories 35
Pangolin Holdings brings you only the hottest and best of British boys performing the raunchiest of British fetishes! These Spanking Stories feature the hottest male on male spanking!
Christopher Lee wrote: Is this how your son asks you for stuff?...
15.10.2015 , Christopher Lee The Writer

Christopher Lee wrote: Is this how your son asks you for stuff? Mine does. All the time. And, man, the boy knows my weaknesses too. I’m spoiling him something good even though for his lusty seductions I should bend him over my knee and give him a good hard spanking. I try to punish him like that, but then he starts to wiggle on my naked thighs and twitch that hole for me like a real slut just begging for it, you know? Anyway, I can’t spank the lust out of him long enough before it becomes contagious, and before you know it, I’m throwing him on the bed, arching his hole to aim my cock where I know it doesn’t belong, and pounding his cunt harder and with more passion than I do his mama. It’s like I’m possessed. And just when a little time has passed and I think well last time was the last time, there he is texting me things like this and making me think real dirty all over again about using and breeding him.

Bound In Public: Hot Art Thief With A Big Cock Beaten And Fucked Into Submission
12.10.2015 , Boy-Bg Video
Bound In Public: Hot Art Thief With A Big Cock Beaten And Fucked Into Submission
In downtown San Francisco an art thief, Eli Hunter, attempts to sneak a painting out of the gallery when no one's paying attention to him. As he makes for the door, the guys notice the piece of art and tackle him down to the ground for trying to steal from them. He kicks and screams, but his resistance is futile as the swarm of guys tear away his clothes and gag him. He's passed around as the crowd teaches him a lesson, spanking his ass and tormenting him with the electric zapper. They throw the klepto down to his knees and shove cocks down his throat before bending him over for an ass fucking. They fuck him like a spit roast before binding his hands and legs to the pillars and flogging him for everyone's amusement. Eli endures CBT as clover clamps are clipped all over his balls and even on his nipples. When the thief begs for mercy all the guys give him is cock instead. After getting plowed from behind, the guys take their turns blasting loads of cum onto his face.
Studio: KinkMen