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Hi Kev. My partner wants to try the master/slave thing.. So i am the master and he is the slave. It\'s nice. I\'m into it but i do not know what to do. I mean he is into anything.. but i am a bit shy at those things. When I\'m asking him what does he want he sais he doesn\'t know :D .. So please. can you tell me what can i do next time we meet.( he likes being subbmissive.. being calling names, tied up.. spanking.. and i \'m so in to the unknown right now and i do not know what to do. Please :D Help!
29.09.2014 , Gay Male Love

Hey!  Thanks for the question!

I think it’s great that you both have found something that you can both explore.  As far as what to do… that’s really up to you.  I know that sounds like a cop out but the truth is that you have to do what feels right for the two of you.

What does that mean… feels right for the two of you?  Master/slave relationships DO involve a lot of trust.  So with the trust that you share with your man, explore what it is that you and he both like.  

With you the master, he will follow your lead.  And what can you do?  As the master, you can really do anything you want.  

You may want to try looking up some master/slave sites on tumblr and checking them out.  Maybe they can give you some good ideas of the things that you can try together.

I also have followers who are masters and some that are slaves.  I have no doubt that they can give you more information about things that you can try.  Maybe one or two of them will “like” this post and you can look at their pages and talk it through.  

I wish I had more experience here to be able to help further.  I think it’s great that you are both exploring this together.  So come back sometime and share with us what you have learned.  I think it’s great to hear how different people connect with their partners!!  RAWR!

I hope that helps!


September 27
28.09.2014 , Male Tan Lines

The new poster boy for consumer electronics:

With a side of Self Portraits:

Meanwhile, back on campus:

Sting Classic Special "Approved Education" (Part 1) with Preview Video
26.09.2014 , Feel the Sting

 The first set of Pictures from this week's Sting Classic Special 

This short story is based on the British Approved School system dating from about 1935 to the late 60's.  Two lads, Paul Riley (Ginger) and Jamie Robertson (Harry) are determined to escape the confines of Court Cleve institute for delinquent youths.

Their escape plans do nothing other that get them caught and in to real trouble.

Paul is the fist to be punished, receiving a hard bare bottom spanking in the embarrassing and humiliating Wheelbarrow position.

After a hard spanking and slippering session Jamie decides it’s all worth another try. 

However this latest escapade ends with a visit to Dr Barton, Headmaster of Court Cleve, who administers his own antidote to Jamie's second attempt at freedom!

With authentic settings and costumes coupled with all the regular tensions of firm discipline, this download has everything you'd expect to find in a Sting short

View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)

Approved Education will be a Sting Classic Special until Sunday

Sting Pictures


diaperednerd shawn checked his diapered crotch
26.09.2014 , fotografias chicos bellos(pictures of beautiful bo
Shawn checked his diapered crotch, thinking it was all a dream, but it wasn’t.  In the last three months he’d gone from college drop out to seemingly permanent diaper boy.  
His new step-father had insisted that if he wasn’t mature enough to handle college he must want to go back to his “carefree youth”.  The cheap adult pull-up diapers he’d been forced into had been changed out for thicker more colorful ones that required a “grown-up” to put him in.  All of his clothes had been exchanged for large childish pajamas, overalls, and even custom made onesies with snaps in the crotch.  
He was wetting uncontrollably and his younger step brother, still a junior in high school, began spanking him for any reason he could think of.  Hard, bare bottom spankings that lasted for hours and reduced him to tears no matter who was in the room.  His place at the dinner table became a high chair where his new step father harshly force fed him cold gruel for every meal while he berated him as a failure the whole time.  
He now instinctively cried without a pacifier in his mouth and was even becoming accustomed to his former friends coming over to babysit him.  His middle aged neighbor had become and especially frequent visitor and often complained about how lonely he was since his son left for college and how he was looking for something to do with his son’s old room.  His eyes lit up when Shawn’s mother suggested Shawn could move