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hnbw:erik fallberg by alex wessely
21.09.2015 ,


erik fallberg by alex wessely

The Kinky Dream Of A Young Beauty
21.09.2015 , Boy-Bg Video
The Kinky Dream Of A Young Beauty
Follow these horny, young Euro guys as they hook-up for some scorching bareback sex. Their libido is in overdrive and their juicy dicks are always throbbing boners... This film gives us real cum hungry twinks who enjoy the feel of having their holes stretched open and pounded until the cum explodes from their balls. Twink action indoors and out!
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Alex Minsky

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Bionic Sexy!!!!

Your Nightly Briefing: Alex Cairns
21.09.2015 , boy culture
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Alex Cairns in PIADO Underwear by Armando Adajar.

Analingus a.k.a Rimming a.ka Eating Ass
20.09.2015 , Manhunt Daily

Fetishes are the best kind of fun. We all have them and my heart goes out to whatever psychologist thinks he can figure out where these fixations come from. Personally I’ve always had a thing for analingus (a.k.a. eating ass or rimming).

Funny side note apparently Microsoft Word does not recognize either spelling of analingus as a word. I always knew Bill Gates is a prude. I mean just look at the guy; doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal. Alas, I digress; for me there is something very erotic about plunging one’s tongue into a voluptuous ass and squirming that tongue around to fit inside.

To clarify I’m talking about someone who keeps themselves clean, because as much as I love anal, nothing turns me off more than scatophilia, which also is not a word according to Word. I mean if that’s your thing then hey shit all over the place, but here at Manhunt Daily I’d like to think we keep it clean in that regard. We like to showcase sex with mass appeal that means big cocks, chiseled features, and bubble butts.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts the other kind of things that I like but not in too much detail. Maybe some time later I’ll reveal more of my perversions, but right now all I’m thinking is I wish my wife loved anal as much as I do.

What are your thoughts on eating ass?