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apex35mm:Give a follow to that-cali-boy Dalton as hes a damn...
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Give a follow to that-cali-boy Dalton as hes a damn good model /// We shot some film down in Laguna the other week on 35mm.


as it gets darker & colder

I have less inclination to spring from bed in morning. during summer jumping up at 5:30 & starting my day is sublime. but on a morning like this it seems a challenge.

today I got up at 5:20. but I had a pee & went back to bed. it wasn't to sleep but to cogitate. I did close my eyes & soon I found myself on that sidewalk on Norton Ave in LA.

the pieces of Elizabeth Short were beside me. at first I didn't know what to make of it. so I allowd my body to rest on the sidewalk & my mind to be open. what I began to feel was the fear she must have felt in her final moments. it was overwhelming. then I began to wonder why Beth wd want me to share that. there was no clear answer but the fear began to subside.  I cd see her beside me but I wasn't afraid.

eventually I opend my eyes. I got out of bed & threw on some clothes. went outside to feed Kiddo.

I still don't understand this visitation of Elizabeth Short. but it was part of the realm of dreams. when I remember a dream I try not to dissect it. I'm not of the school which attempts to interpret dreams. I take them in the way I do visitations of the muse. to those of us meant to have such visitations that blessing is to be acceptd not understood.

& so this morning that faild to begin with a leap has already been rich. now I'll prepare bacon & eggs with Bolivian coffee.  when the sun comes out I'll finish the process of bringing in plants for the winter. abt a half dozen remain outdoors. there are plants which began as cuttings I brought back from LA & Fort Lauderdale & Palm Springs. inside they'll help me breathe thru the cold months.

repost courtesy~ alex gildzen~ santa fe/antebellum correspondent

Hot Fitness Guys with Sexy Training Workout Videos
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James Alexander-Ellis, Up Close Sexy Fitness Male Models Videos

The Perfect Body, seen tons of videos on youtube, tons of body builders, they have all great bodies, Theses guys are simply perfect. As we see here, even an experienced gym-goer like these top male fitness models can pick up new tips and techniques which will assist muscle growth. These guys definitely have the inspiration physique that you want, and James ....... HOLY PECS!!! Yo!? I hope these sexy workout videos can fires you up... and fellas look great inspiring.?

Fat-Burning German Body Comp Training

Fat-Burning German Body Comp Training

WBFF Pro James Alexander-Ellis, selected by this channel as 'The Body of 2012', uses a German Body Composition Training technique during the final stages of his competition prep. Although it's a resistance-based programme using weights, the workout is all about keeping the heart-rate high for maximum fat-burning. It's a full body workout, with controlled downward movements, and short rest periods. James will be competing in the WBFF World Championships at the end of August 2012.

Lazar Angelov Chest Workout Video 2013

Lazar Angelov Chest Workout Video 2013

At first set he is benching 140 kg?, Put up your transformation then. I know he's natural. It's amazing. Really, Lazar, you're cool ace. He is like a moving statue.?

Super-Drop Sets for Biceps and Triceps, Big Brandon Carter

Super-Drop Sets for Biceps and Triceps, Big Brandon Carter

Secret To Building Big Arms FAST! (Super Drop Sets) Big Brandon Carter, Learn how to Burn Fat, Build MuscIe and get ripped abs and a six pack FAST! with THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN. Brandon keeping on point with good form, Top man?.

765 lbs deadlift, NinjaTylerMUSCLEGOD

765 lbs deadlift, NinjaTylerMU5CLEGOD

It is my best Deadlift ever, for now, very Happy with This !!! 765 lbs deadlift @ 17 years old @ 248 lbs body weight.

Workout Wars - Justin vs Ash, Huge ArmsWorkout Wars - Justin vs Ash, Huge Arms

Workout Wars - Justin vs Ash, Huge Arms

Two young turks in the second part of a workout challenge. UKBFF Men's Physique champion, tall class, Ashley Nathan Grant (22) is give a brutal arms workout by 21 year old Miami Pro Fitness Model champion Justin St Paul - payback for the shoulder workout Ash gave Justin in Part One.