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alexhchung:docgold13:Graffiti, Wanda and Vision, and Joy...
27.05.2014 , DUDETUBE



Graffiti, Wanda and Vision, and Joy DivisionÖ †this saintly artist has managed to merge three of my favorite things into one. †


Wasnít sure which artist drew this panel. Anyone know?

Boyfriends In The Raw
27.05.2014 , Boy-Bg Video
Boyfriends In The Raw
It's not a sin and it ain't against the law, so fuck your eager boyfriend in the raw. Throw the condoms out the door and make your lover your bareback whore!
Studio: Bacchus
The Russian Penis Museum
27.05.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
Are you interested in seeing a live sex show about the use of erotic oils?

How about the 13-inch long penis of Grigor Rasputin, the mad monk of Imperial Russia, pickled in a jar?

Or a painting by Vera Donskaya-Khilko of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin dueling with erect penises?  Putin is better equipped, with two penises.

Then you should check out the Tochka-G Museum of Erotic Art in Moscow.

Yes, in Moscow.
It has more than 3,000 X-rated paintings, drawings, and sculptures dating from ancient times to the present, like this very well endowed Indian mystic who has discovered a new way of doing yoga.

Or a sex parody of the Flemish children's comic Suske and Wiske.

But it's not about porn, it's about liberation, about starting a conversation about sexuality and desire in puritanical Russian society.

It might not last long; objections are coming fast and furious, from the government, from the Russian Orthodox Church, and from passersby who duck their heads inside and yell "Think of the children!"

Curator Alexander Donskoi has accumulated mostly heterosexual art, though there's a lot of gay interest.

Like 2 six-foot tall penis sculptures.

I'm sorry, I can't find any way to censor the penis sculptures and Rasputin's pickled penis.  Better check the uncensored version on Tales of West Hollywood.

See also: The Russian Beefcake Museum.
flyman1up:Brandon Alexander by Tom Newton
26.05.2014 , tightskin


Brandon Alexander by Tom Newton

Smilo Starts The Party!
26.05.2014 , Dinosaur Prince's KingdomHey everyone! I just had the most amazing, jaw dropping, wild and fun birthday weekend in years. I have so much good stuff to share. I have decided to do things a bit differently this year. Instead of trying to shove all the images into one post, or post them over the coming days, I am gonna post each artists contribution separately and give a little feedback on the events of the day it was sent! ;D  I hope you guys enjoy this!!
I am gonna start off with Leon De Leons wonderful gift. I was shocked that Leon had time to anything this year. He has been an angel in real life to his boyfriend, who's life has been torn asunder after coming out of the closet.  Sigh...not everyone can be understanding. It's good to see his family is there for him and his love.  Amidst all the chaos, he created this, something I think he was itching to do for awhile. It's his own sexy take on Smilo.  Smilo was about the second, or third of my characters that Leon took on. (I can't say which it was as he appeared in our second project together that also stared Lil Deep!)  He infused Smilo with all his grace and charms.  He even adorned him with a massive uncut dick and booby grabbing stripes!!! NAUGHTINESS I LOVE!!! Thank you so very Much Leon!!! Leon sent me this earlier in the week, like on TUESDAY.  Do you know how hard it was to wait till Saturday to open this?  XD  The little zip file waiting in my inbox was help enough to give me courage to make it through a very brutal work week!

  Thank you so much Leon and Alex!  HUGE X's and O's right back at you my friends! ^O^

\"Slick-Dick\" vs \"The Axe\" - Two Hung Studs Fight for Redemption!
25.05.2014 , Naked Kombat Picture Gallery Update
Jay Rising
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: 185lbs
Season W/L Record (0-1)

Alex Adams
"The Axe"
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 185lbs
Season W/L Record (0-4)

Back for redemption we have hung stud's Jay "Slick-Dick" Rising going up against Alex "The Axe" Adams. Slick-Dick lost his first match against Mitch "The Machine" Vaughn and since then, has been focusing on his cardio to prepare for the match. After four devastating losses The Axe is back at his best form to date. The Axe has the superior muscle mass and he plans on taking Slick-Dick down in the sex round and making him squeal like a pig. Slick-Dick is a scrappy fighter and has the badass attitude to back it up. He thinks The Axe just likes to get fucked here on the mat with a record of 0-4, and he promises to show him what it really sounds like to squeal like a pig after taking Slick-Dick's fat cock up his ass. Redemption is on the line and only one can come out on top, while the loser gets fucked and squeals like a pig as promised.