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Broke Straight Boys: Kaden Alexander barebacks Dakota Ford’s virgin ass
18.02.2014 , fagalicious.com

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes: “The last time we saw Dakota, he was whining about Duncan Tyler’s tool popping that booty virginity. Well, Dakota has returned to be busted by Kaden. “This is the day you’ve been fearing,” the cameraman says. “It is the day I’ve been fearing,” the soon to be bottom replies. “I’ve been avoiding this […]

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Don't Tell My Girlfriend I'm Gay 4
18.02.2014 , Boy-Bg Video
Don't Tell My Girlfriend I'm Gay 4
Their girlfriends don`t know it but these are their first insertions, and I think we will all enjoy it!
Studio: Epic Male
The Alex Minsky Nude Pics have . . .um . . . Leaked. So Have We.
18.02.2014 , Gay Daily Hot


He was a marine, injured in duty.

He’s now one of the biggest underwear models in the world, and nobody seems to care that he’s been injured in battle. And why would you?

6And now, we have the nude pics that we’ve ALL wanted to see.


See the rest of them after the jump. Go here for John’s HOTT Man profile of Alex. Go here for my original article on him.








strangeremains:The skull of executed murderer and cannibal,...
18.02.2014 , scattered heart


The skull of executed murderer and cannibal, Alexander Pearce

Alexander Pearce (1790 – 1824) was a petty thief, murderer, and cannibal who was executed onVan Diemen’s Land, what is now Tasmania, for murdering and eating his fellow inmate.

Pearce was born and raised in Ireland and eventually became a thief.  In 1819 he was sentenced to penal transportation to Van Diemen’s Land where he was to serve seven years for stealing shoes.  In 1822 Pearce escaped from prison and when he was recaptured he was sent to a harsher penal settlement at Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbor.

That same year Pearce escaped Macquarie with five other inmates.  After more than 110 days on the loose he was recaptured alone and confessed that he and the other escapees had cannibalized each other, and he was the lone survivor.  But prison officials didn’t believe Pearce’s cannibalism story and returned him to Sarah Island.  They thought the other convicts were still living as bushrangers in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Within a year Pearce escaped Macquarie a second time with a young convict named Thomas Cox. But this time he was recaptured within ten days.  When his captors caught up with him they found Cox’s body parts in Pearce’s pockets.

Pearce confessed that he killed Cox in rage when they reached a river crossing and he realized Cox couldn’t swim.  After he murdered Cox he cannibalized his remains.  Apparently Pearce ate the other convict for fun because when he was captured he still had food left.

Pearce was tried and convicted of murdering and eating Thomas Cox, and was hanged at the Hobart Jail on Tasmania (at the time part of New South Wales) on July 19, 1824, then his body was taken to surgeons for dissection.

Dirty Dudes: Alex Minsky
17.02.2014 , Dudetubeam0217a.jpgIt hasn't taken long for Alex Minsky to make a huge splash in the modeling world. This Afghan war vet is the new face of the latest collection from Jack Adams. If you're a Alex fan like me be on the look out for a couple full-frontal selfies that are floating around out there.am0217b.jpg
Roman Gladiator Live Show - Part One
17.02.2014 , Bound Gods Picture Gallery Update
Alexander Wilde The Great and Connorligula gather to summon Genghis Van from the future. The two Roman gladiators presents him two slaves for his amusement. Joined at the wrist, slave 100 and 200 crawl on their hands and knees and present their holes before they're ordered to worship their roman master's cock. After they're challenged to get their cocks hard, 100 and 200 wrestle for everyone's entertainment. When it comes to judgement time, it's bad news for both slaves. They're ordered to swallow their master's cocks while receiving a flogging from behind. Tied down on the wheel, 200 endures hot wax poured all over his body as 100 struggles to balance on the impaler. Alexander Wilde The Great and Connorligula ram their cocks up 200's ass before they're taken to the altar. Both slaves offer up their holes for their master's cocks. After a vigorous fuck, Alexander Wilde The Great rewards one of them with a mouthful of cum.
Behind The Cloth: “Penance” @ Bulldog Pit
17.02.2014 , Chronicles of Pornia

Bulldog Pit takes us behind the cloth with Theo Reid, Kayden Gray, Alex Silvers, James Dixon, Mark Coxx & Justin Blake at Bulldog Pit.

Video footage © and courtesy Bulldog Pit

Body of a Man: Back and Front
17.02.2014 , Definition of a ManAnother edition of Front and Back sides of a man, featuring our Man of two Weeks: Sean Sanders (and his friends.)

Alexandre Carneiro.

Anthony Greenfield.

Arthur Kelley.

Benjamin Evans.

Don't know the name of this butler in the buff.

Kyle Wicks.

This is Pink's hunk from "Try!" Colt Prattes.

Bel Ami's Derek Raser.

Filip Gustavsson.

Thanks for the ID. This is Kaylan Falgoust.

Philip Fusco.

Bernardo Velasco.

All I know is his first name is Rob.

Sean Lerwill.