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01.10.2014 , oh yeaaah

01.10.2014 , oh yeaaah

01.10.2014 , oh yeaaah

Need To Know: Folsom Face-Sucking + Bake Off, Lady + Jockeying For Position + For Dismembers Only + Abs-Olutely Fabulous + MORE!
01.10.2014 , boy culture


*widget boy cultureABOVE: mr Pam hits Folsom Street Fair...and it hits back!

*widget boy cultureNothing makes me smile harder than a homophobe in tears. Kirsten-Dunst

*widget boy cultureReviewing sexual positions on Yelp!

*widget boy cultureKirsten Dunst short is best thing she's done in years.

*widget boy cultureKelly Rowland to play Donna Summer?

*widget boy cultureMore press for my new book—please pledge if you can.

*widget boy cultureObamas should move to a doorman building...

*widget boy cultureUNSAFE SEX: Gay porn actor murder trial under way.

*widget boy cultureMinneapolis gay couple shot by religious nutjob.

*widget boy cultureTyler Perry and his “girlfriend” (snort!) are expecting a son.

*widget boy cultureBruce Jenner is transitioning. Just accept it.

*widget boy culture2nd Obamacare enrollment period begins November 15!

Nick-the-Gardener-Billy-Reilich-Ellen-shirtlessDid I mention I'm an amateur proctologist?

*widget boy culture“Nick the Gardener”'s abs get their own spin-off show.

*widget boy cultureEbola hits the U.S. via Dallas.

*widget boy cultureInterview with out artist/illustrator Drew Green.

*widget boy cultureJessa Duggar links Darwin to the Holocaust to abortion because God.

*widget boy cultureKoch Brothers trying to buy Latinos' votes.

*widget boy cultureGetting intimate with Britney Spears.

*widget boy culturePolice chief's daughter screamed slurs and hit bashing victim in the face.

*widget boy cultureI LOLed at the fainting scene in Episode 3 of Raymond & Lane, after the jump...

Making A Good Impression
01.10.2014 , boy culture


I didn't take this one, but I'm surprised the videographer didn't indulge in some (morally wrong!) “frotteurism.” It's, like, right out there...

vetusdesoleil:Vivre Libre, Nu, Vêtu de Ciel et de Soleil … A...
01.10.2014 , natfreeblog


Vivre Libre, Nu, Vêtu de Ciel et de Soleil … A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu !!

01.10.2014 , natfreeblog

01.10.2014 , natfreeblog

freeh1ker:I’ve been to campgrounds like this. It seems very...
01.10.2014 , natfreeblog


I’ve been to campgrounds like this. It seems very normal.