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I thought I would get my “most tatted-up” guys together. Both guys have an appreciation of tatts, Shiloh was down to play with Braxton, with or without tattoos. Both Shiloh and I agree, Braxton is smoking hot!

Shiloh normally likes to Top, but Braxton was not quite ready to Bottom. I get Braxton over his reluctance to bottom during an upcoming Edge video,  so if you want to see him get fucked for the first time, then keep a look out for that video later this month.  Despite his Top Dog attitude, Shiloh didn’t hesitate when asked to bottom for Braxton. I think it is safe to say that Braxton is totally his ‘type’ of guy.

And with that, Shiloh hungrily and expertly sucks Braxton’s cock.  I might have mentioned it before, but his skill level makes me want to get him on cock-sucking duty.  He does struggle a bit to stay hard when Braxton sucked him. Not sure if it is because Braxton has zero cock sucking skills, (He has em! I know from first hand experience!) or if Shiloh was a bit nervous doing his first full-interactive video. I think it was the later.

So not a lot of cock-sucking in this video. It is mostly Shiloh riding Braxton’s dick, or getting rammed by it.

The best of course is the cumshot. We didn’t do the breeding thang, as I wanted to mix it up a bit.  Braxton expertly aims his cock, and totally floods Shiloh’s mouth with his load.  It is PERFECT!

Shiloh swallows his load, then Braxton spins around and makes him eat his ass, encouraging Shiloh to bust his own nut.

Shiloh cums, and then Braxton feeds him his own load! Click for more Braxton & Shiloh

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“You Do Realize This Suit of Yours is Going to Get Very Messy?”
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. . . says businessman Woody Fox (above right, looking spectacular in 3 piece suit) to Dario Beck (above left in a 2 piece, also looking spectacular) as Dario comes on to him right there in the office.

B-pjp--fox-beck-MAPBut our horny buddy Dario doesn’t care. In fact, that was the whole point of getting Woody to visit him!

But let’s skip the plot for the moment. Take a look at the incredible top photo, which nearly made me cum in my pants when I saw it. Gay porn models don’t get much hotter than this; together, these two give a whole new meaning to the term smoking’.  All courtesy of our friends at MenAtPlay.com.

Jump to the next page for more sartorial splendor and two of gay porn’s finest looking men and for the reveal at the end: Yes, their suits do get very messy.



CFNM photo story: Grinja Tale
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Stasy and Missy were having a good time at the restaurant talking about how well their day had gone. They were relaxing and having a few smokes when Grinja came along to clear off the table. He was just about done when he picked up the ashtray and mistakenly dumped it all over Stasy. Stasy was furious with Grinja`s carelessness, and decided that they should let him have it. They sat Grinja in between them so he couldn`t get away, and then started smoking right in his face. They smacked him around a bit and ordered him to take off his shirt before taping his mouth shut so no one can hear him. They then tied his hands behind his back and threw him on the table because it was time to give this bad boy a makeover! After they relieved him of his pants, Stasy whipped out some of her makeup, and they dolled him up with some foundation and eyeliner. Grinja was mortified, hoping that no one would come in and see him like this. After they finished making him look his very feminine best, they pulled down his underwear and spanked him, turning his ass a lovely hue of red. "Not here!" Grinja screamed as they tugged on his cock. But it didn`t matter: they began stroking his cock until it was stiff, moving their hands up and down his shaft. They freed his hands so they can watch him finish himself off, as they ridiculed him and poured drinks on him. When he finally came, they rubbed it all over his lipstick-covered lips, and then made him finish his cleaning duties naked. What shame!
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 In the beginning of each new year, many of us make resolutions. Some vow to quit smoking, others vow to spend more time with their family, and some even vow to smile more! In any event, the most common resolution of the year is to lose weight and maintain a permanent healthy lifestyle. To actually make the time to go to the gym when you’re mentally exhausted from work, or take that early power walk/run, let these guys be your motivation.