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A Matchbox Matchup
03.01.2015 , Gay Daily Hot

A-pjp-billy-derek-RSSPairing dark haired and hairy musclemen Derek Atlas (above) with Billy Santoro (below right), it turns out, is a pretty nifty Matchbox set.B-pjp-billy-derek-RSSIn Scene 2 of Raging Stallion’s Auto Erotic 2, these two insatiable hotties come together for a perfect balance of glamour and hardcore fucking in the dry desert heat of Las Vegas.C-pjp-billy-derek-RSSNo where has Director Steve Cruz used his Vegas shooting location better than in this series, as he demonstrates right at the start when Derek roars past in his silver Mustang to a waiting Billy, who eventually ends up with a mouthful that he shares back with Derek.

Check this shit out.



JD Ryder and CT Hunter for Lucas Entertainment
03.01.2015 , THE MAN CRUSH BLOG

In this exclusive web scene from Lucas Entertainment, sexy Latin JD Ryder and hairy former Marine CT Hunter flip fuck. CT takes advantage of the opportunity to try out JD’s hard Latin cock and in return, JD doesn’t hold back and sees how CT’s dick feels as well in him. For more from this scene join and follow on Twitter @LucasEnt. You can follow JD on Twitter @JDRyderXXX and CT @cthunterxxx. The images in today’s gallery are NSFW and intended for those 19 years or older.

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CT Hunter | Lucas Entertainment JD Ryder | Lucas Entertainment

CT Hunter | Lucas EntertainmentJD Ryder, CT Hunter | Lucas EntertainmentJD Ryder, CT Hunter | Lucas EntertainmentJD Ryder | Lucas Entertainment
The Hairy Beast
03.01.2015 , Gods Amongst MenAlex Corsi, also known as Alex Baresi, appeared in porn for the second half of the last decade and then retired. That's a shame, because as you can see he's magnificent. That ripped body, furry pelt, and fat uncut cock make for a winning combination.

According to one porn reference page, he is from Italy, stands 6'1, and is primarily a bottom. Most of his filmed scenes had him playing the submissive bottom and riding the bologna pony.

The photos below are much larger than they appear, so the originals are archived here for your inspection and saving (backup here).

RagingStallion: Derek Atlas fucks Billy Santoro in “Auto Erotic, Part 1”
03.01.2015 ,
Raging Stallion: Derek Atlas pounds Billy Santoro in
$1 Trial at RagingStallion writes:

“Derek Atlas gets his heart pounding, speeding out on the deserted highway; now he has a need for some hole-pounding action!

Back at the Auto Erotic Shop, beefy Billy Santoro has the hole Derek wants to fill.”

Raging Stallion: Derek Atlas pounds Billy Santoro in
Raging Stallion: Derek Atlas pounds Billy Santoro in

“Billy drops to his knees to swallow Derek’s hefty, thick cock and inhales the pungent smell coming from the bulging pouch of Derek’s jock strap. Jumping on top of a dusty storage bin, Derek bends over and offers his hole to Billy, who tongues, fingers, and licks.

They switch places and Derek eats Billy’s hairy, pulsing hole. With Billy’s tailpipe begging to be filled, Derek goes in for an unrelenting pounding. First Billy takes Derek’s cock doggy style, then flips over and raises his black-booted feet to the ceiling. Sweat covers their bodies and Derek’s huge balls slap against Billy’s ass with every powerful thrust.

Billy swallows Derek’s load, then shoots his cum across his hairy abs.”

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Raging Stallion
Big cocks in speedos
03.01.2015 , One Step at a Time
A few random thoughts:

1.  Every now and then, I like to do a little experiment by using a sexy post title which usually doubles my pageviews for the day.  The most popular search words for my blog are cock,  nudist erection and naked men. 

Of the thousands of pageviews my blog gets each day, I frequently wonder how many are actually following my story, reading the drivel that I write?  I'll probably never know!

2.   We are finally having some cold weather here (-30 C) after months of drizzly, mild weather.  To counteract that, today's pics are of hunky men in Speedos on some warm beaches.  I wish!

3.  My break has been going well, although I think Christmas will always be bittersweet for any divorced parent.  It is light years' away from the family Christmases when the kids were little and we were all together. 

My two younger kids have been fairly good about dividing time between their parents' houses although they spend most of their time with friends, as they should be doing.  But this means that I'm spending a fair bit time alone.  I am used to being alone, of course, but it just feels different when my kids are in town.

3. My biggest problem is that I never know when the kids are going to show up so I've had to say "no" too all hookup opportunities which require hosting.  So many hot guys! 

But the kids will be gone in less than a week and I'm quite confident the men I turned down will still want to have some sweet sexytime with me in January. 

4.  I've received sweet holiday greetings (on Grindr and from various of my young men:   Brazilian Boy #3, Big Red and especially the  Hunky Pre-med Student, who messaged me on Christmas morning from his family home over 1000 miles away.  :-)

5.  Just to leave you with a teaser, I had one interesting date with a nice guy, 46, who messaged me on squirt.  Finally, a man who is "age appropriate", as my middle daughter would say.  lol   

I will tell you more about him later as it's an involved story but suffice to say, we were comfortable enough with each other that our "date" lasted for nine hours.  It including us walking my dog, making pizzas together, drinking red wine, watching a movie and yes, doing the nasty in bed and falling asleep together.  

Our time together certainly has given me much to think about; details to follow.

Happy New Year!
03.01.2015 , One Step at a Time
Today's pictures from the Tumblr site, Boners4Beards, are a nod to all the sexy, beefy hunks in my town, manyof whom have beautiful facial hair.  I'd consider any of these guys to be my "ideal man."

I promised in yesterday's post that I would talk about my nine-hour date, but I'm too tired to write such a detailed, reflective post.  I have been busy with my middle daughter, cooking or prepping a wide range of dishes for my family "Christmas Dinner" tomorrow.

My daughter's a vegetarian so we've been cooking five or six recipes from the Vegetarian Student Cookbook which I bought her for Christmas.  So far, so good!

So how about some New Years' Resolutions?   So much of my life is going perfectly well, thank you.  My kids are all well-balanced, confident, hard working and pursuing independent careers.

I am still wallowing in enjoying the never-ending Gay Candy Store:  hooking up with sexy men of all sizes, ages, types, skill levels and degrees of passion. I could NOT imagine, at this point, being tied down to one regular boyfriend, let alone husband.

But here are a few points which I would like to pursue:

RESOLUTION #1:  Enjoy my improved skills as a top.   Over the past several years, I have been pressured into being a top on many, many occasions and it's sometimes gone fairly well.   But until recently, I could never quite shake the "ick" factor of sticking my cock up some guy's poop chute. 

As well, I could never quite discern if the bottom's grunting and moaning was in pleasure or pain;  he was probably on the threshold of both.  At the slightest idea that I was hurting the bottom, I'd go soft. I'm just too tender-hearted!

I have gotten over both of these issues and now top frequently:  
(A)  I've spent countless hours rimming guys' sexy asses and have developed a new appreciation for ass play which nearly equals my obsession with sucking cock.
 (B)  My new prescription of Viagra has increased my topping confidence immeasurably.  But I don't use it all the time.  When I'm with a hunky and passionate bottom who I've topped before, Viagra is most definitely not required.

But if I anticipate topping a bottom virgin, a stranger or a less attractive guy (ie:  bordering on obese)  I take 1/4 of a tablet one hour before doing the nasty.  Its been fantastic!

RESOLUTION #2:  Continue my quest to be a passionate bottom.    My inability to get any pleasure out of bottoming is deeply troubling to me.  I'm envious of the enormous pleasure that my men seem to get when I pound their ass and I want to join the club! I've only bottomed about 10 times with four different guys, so I need much more practice.

After a couple of painful episodes, I'm a little afraid to try to bottom.  What I need is a regular fuck buddy, a skilled and empathetic top to help me out of my bottoming slump.

RESOLUTION #3:  International Travel.    I am under severe financial pressure with my spousal support obligations, my son's diving school tuition, my mortgage and general day-to-day expenses.   I have no money to spare!  Having said all that, I am determined to travel to some exotic location (Costa Rica?  Peru?) on a regular basis while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

To that end, I am hoping to lead a tour group for gay men only because as tour leader, I would get to travel at a reduced rate.  I have already had a meeting with the corporate Tour Manager for leading tour company who was quite keen on the idea and proposed several trip options.

I wonder if there would be any interest in this idea?  All I need is to go for it and see what happens!  "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow!"  is my motto.

RESOLUTION #4:  Take a Body Electric Workshop.  Having experienced tantric massage with my friend Rick of Torn Jeans, I want to very badly to learn more about men's sexual / erotic responses and to gain skills in pleasuring my men.  >;-)

December 1975
02.01.2015 , Vintage Gay Media History

Jeremiah Shastid

The year was 1975 and Playgirl magazine had selected Jeramiah as their December centerfold to close out the year.     Back then, this very hairy chested (and hairy almost everywhere else as well) gent was described as being a "male go-go dancer."   Unfortunately, this was also a period in the magazine's history when their photography wasn't always as stellar and crisp. 


This holiday issue was jam-packed with useful stuff, like an article titled "Vibrators: Everything you must know" and Hollywood's Newest Sex Star--Roger Daltrey.  But it was the side burned and very furry physique of Jeramiah that most buyers thumbed to look at first.  According to the story that went along with the pictures, a friend of Jeramiah and himself began traveling around the country at the end of 1974. He added "What you have to do is put on a show that touches on sex and includes comedy-a whole theatrical routine."