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Luke Perry: From Teen Idol to Hot Gay Nerd
09.12.2013 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
Viewers of the prison drama Oz in the spring of 2001 were treated to the sight of disgraced evangelical preacher Jeremiah Cloutier (Luke Perry) having his towel stolen as he leaves the shower, forcing him to walk back to his cell naked and swinging.

Male frontal nudity was commonplace on Oz, but this was Dylan McKay!

His character was homophobic, but what do you expect from an evangelical preacher?

Luke Perry got some teen idol attention while he was playing troubled Dylan on Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000), but not a lot of beefcake shots, so even seeing his tight, hairy chest was a big deal.

The versatile actor has been in several other gay-subtext vehicles:

The Triangle (2001): Two buddies (Luke, Dan Cortese) and a third guy get trapped in the Bermuda Triangle.

 Jeremiah (2002-2005) about two buddies (Luke, Malcolm Jamal Warner) wandering around in a postapocalyptic world.

And he's played gay characters:

Family Guy (2000): When Peter "accuses" Luke Perry of being gay in Meg's school newspaper, he sues them for slander. But he turns out to be gay after all.

Will and Grace (2005): he plays a "hot gay nerd" who Jack dates.

He's a gay ally in real life.
The Crash of Flight 681
09.12.2013 , Gay Bondage Fiction

A prisoner and his husky guard are stranded on an island with the prisoner now in control.
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The Crash of Flight 681.

crash of flight 681Okuru Hoshino, dressed in a prison jump suit, his hands cuffed to a chain around his waist with his feet shackled. A heavy set guard walked behind him, holding a large black baton in his hands. The name tag on his uniform read “BALLARD”
He opened the large metal door and shoved Okuru inside.
“On your knees!”
The guard unlocked the shackles, then the cuffs and chain around his waist.

Okuru, 27 was already a top member in the Yakuza. He was apprehended for human trafficking. He lured women and men with the promise of great jobs and wealth, but instead they were sold into the sex slave trade. Officials in Japan had known about him for some time, capturing many of his business associates, but were always unable to capture him.

“You know the routine! STRIP!”
Okuru removed his jump suit and stood naked in front of Ballard and the other two men in the room. While Ballard checked the jump suit for any type of weapon, the other two guards bent Okuru over the steel table and cuffed his arms and legs in the steel restraints. The guards slipped on their examination gloves. One guard reached between Okuru’s legs and grabbed him by the testicles.

“You be a good little boy? Unless you want me to use these for a punching bag!”
Okuru remained silent as the guard shoved the rectal camera into his ass. Ballard stood in front of Okuru, rubbing the bulge in his pants.
“I’ll bet you’d like to have this big cock in your mouth, wouldn’t you?”
Okuru remained silent, just staring at Ballard.
“Looks like he’s clean. You can take’em to the holding cell.”

Ballard shoved Okuru into the cell, grabbing him by the crotch and pulling him close.
“We’re gonna have a long ride on that plane to Okinawa tomorrow. Maybe my big thick cock and your young virgin ass can get acquainted?”
Ballard tightened his grip on Okuru’s testicles.
“A little work on these and you’ll be begging for my cock!”

Okuru spit in Ballard’s face. Ballard answered by slapping Okuru twice across the face, and bringing his fist up between Okuru’s legs. Okuru doubled over, dropping to the floor on his knees.
“I see you need to be taught a few lessons, tough guy!”
Ballard placed his boot on Okuru’s head and shoved him over.
“I’m gonna enjoy this trip to Okinawa.”

It was 4:00 am in the morning when the truck pulled up at the air port. The door opened and there stood Ballard in his dark blue prison guard uniform. Ballard grabbed Okuru by the arms.
“Get your ass out here, boy!”
Ballard pulled Okuru into the plane and strapped him into the seat. There were two other prisoners across from Okuru and three other guards beside Ballard.

Within a few seconds, the plane disappeared into the night sky on its way to Okinawa. Okuru looked over at Ballard.
“It’s a three and half hour flight. Can’t you take these shackles off?”
Ballard smiled at him.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
“I have to go to toilet.”

Ballard stared at him for a moment.
“To piss or shit?”
“To piss.”
Ballard unbuckled Okuru’s seat belt and yanked him to his feet. He shoved Okuru into the small compartment.
“You need to take the cuffs off so I can go.”
Ballard unzipped the front of the jump suit and reached inside.

He pulled Okuru’s penis out and held it in front of the toilet.
“Take your piss! I’ll hold the little thing for you so you don’t piss on yourself.”
Even with the humiliation, Okuru managed urinated while Ballard held his dick. Okuru was on his way back to his seat when he heard what sounded like a shot. Suddenly the plane dove to the right, throwing Ballard into the seat bracket. The pilot was screaming something to the others.

The plane shifted again, throwing the unconscious Ballard back against Okuru. He saw the keys attached to Ballard’s belt clip. He yanked the keys free, trying to unlock his cuffs. If the plane was going into the ocean, Okuru was not going to drown with on his cuffs on. The plane shifted again, coming upward just before the sudden impact of hitting the ocean. The sides split and the water rushed in quickly. Okuru saw Ballard thrashing in the water as he made his way out of the plane and to the surface.

Okuru heard the sound of waves hitting the beach. He opened his eyes and rolled over in the sand. He stared at the surrounding for a long time, listening for any sound of life. The only thing he heard were the sounds of seagulls as they flew over the lush green trees. His first thought was to find a weapon, something to protect himself against whatever wild things lived on the island. Being a grade 5dan practitioner of Kendo, gave him an advantage. He looked around for anything he could use as a Shinai or Bokuto.

After several hours of combing the beach, he found a piece drift wood almost in the shape of a Katana. With a little shaping from some sharp rocks, Okuru would have his weapon. Okuru saw the large cone mountain in the distant. He knew this island was volcanic and probably uninhabited. His next big find along the beach would be some old fishing nets intertwined with seaweed and drift wood. Okuru spent the next several hours using pieces of coral to cut the rope nets free. He managed to retrieve nine pieces of rope that would come in hands later on.

Okuru realized he would have to go inland in order to have a better look at where he was. He also needed to find fresh water and food. He knew there was water somewhere just by the growth of vegetation and flowers that was on the island. Okuru perched himself upon a cliff, overlooking the ocean and beach, but saw nothing. He did find some bamboo shoots which would make excellent spears for fishing. Okuru knew could survive on raw fish. He also found a fresh water source that emptied into a small lagoon.

Okuru spent his first night on the beach of the lagoon. He felt he would be safe on the beach since he didn’t know what kind animals might inhabited the jungle. He slept very lightly that first night. The morning brought sunlight from behind the lagoon. Okuru determined he was on the west side of the island. It was then he heard the sound of something shuffling through the jungle behind him. He quickly grabbed his self styled Bokuto and followed the sound.

Okuru picked his path quietly, not wanting to alert anyone or anything of his presents. He peered out into the clearing and saw his old nemesis, Ballard!
He was bent over on his knees drinking water from the stream that led to the lagoon. He still wore his dark blue guard uniform, but with rips and tears in the shirt and pants. The black leather belt was still around his waist. There were no hand cuffs in the case, but there was a pistol in his holster.

Ballard had no idea Okuru had survived the crash. He assumed he was alone on the island. Okuru would have to pick his time to ambush Ballard. He stood up, glanced around and began walking in the direction of where Okuru was hiding in the bushes. At the precise moment, Okuru rolled out of the bushes, his Bokuto raised high. A quick strike to the groin and another to the back of the head.

Ballard woke up with a dull ache in his genitals and a bigger pain in his head. He was bound tightly with rope. Arms and hands folded behind his back. Rope across his hairy upper chest. He lay in the sand completely naked. Okuru was very proficient in the art of Kinbaku, a Japanese style of bondage often used to restrain prisoners. Okuru could see the fear in Ballard’s eyes as he looked up at him.

Okuru smiled, admiring his rope work and his naked captive. Ballard was a big husky man, but not lacking in muscles. They were bulging against the ropes Okuru had knotted around him.
“What….what are you gonna do?”
Okuru roughly grabbed Ballard by the testicles and yanked!
“You are gonna keep you filthy mouth shut! Yo don’t talk unless I order you to talk!”

Ballard gave out a yelp as Okuru squeezed Ballard’s testicles. Okuru slapped Ballard twice across his bearded face.
“If you wish to talk without permission. I’ll made a gag out of bamboo. Just like the bit used in a horses mouth. Would you like that?”
Ballard shook his head, no!
Okuru sat down in the sand next to Ballard, picking up the dark blue guard uniform.

He searched the pockets, removing everything he found. He removed the pistol from the holster. Okuru checked it for bullets, then placed it on a piece of driftwood next to him. He removed the black leather belt, placing it next to the pistol. In the front pocket were two packs of waterproof matches and a large pocket knife. Last he opened the black leather wallet, gently removing the still damp paper money. Okuru held the identification card.
“Let’s see what this says about you.”

“Full name. Anthony Ray Ballard. Hair black. Eyes Brown. Height 6′ 2”. Weight 207 pounds. Age 49.”
Okuru slapped Ballard across the face again.
“How does it feel to be captured? Bound tight and helpless.”
Ballard did not answer. Okuru grabbed hold of the ropes, pulling Ballard up to his knees.
“You liked to see me on my knees. Now its my turn!”

Okuru slapped him across the face again.
“Its my turn to have some fun with that big fat cock of yours!”
Okuru picked up the leather belt, smiling as he looked down on Ballard.
“Your two big hairy balls are just hanging down in the open. Hanging there unprotected. They could easily be struck with this belt.”
“NO, please. Please don’t, Okuru!”

Okuru sharply struck the hairy scrotum, Ballard yelped out loud, doubling over in the sand. Watching Ballard squirm around in the sand, Okuru laughed out loud.
“Get back on your knees! NOW!”
His testicles were aching, but Ballard managed to wrestled himself back on his knees.
“Good! I’ve just started to have fun with you, Ballard!”

Okuru shoved Ballard’s head forward.
“Bend over. Put your head in the sand!”
Okuru gently slid the belt across Ballard’s hairy ass cheeks.
“I had a male prostitute once that looked like you. Yeah, big man. Hairy lots of muscles. I would beat his ass then fuck him! Then thank me for it. He called me Masuta! That means master in Japanese.”

Okuru pulled the belt back, letting it hit Ballard hard across the ass. Ballard yelped and his body jumped.
“You’ll call Masuta!”
Okuru hit Ballard again with the belt. This time the slap could be heard all the way down the beach.
“Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Masuta!”

Okuru smiled at him.
“Get on your feet!”
Ballard stumbled to his feet. Okuru had a rope tied to a large piece of heavy driftwood.
“Spread your legs open!”
Okuru tied the other end of the rope around Ballard’s penis and testicles. He tied it so Ballard would have to bend his knees to release the weight of his cock and balls.

“Now I don’t have to worry about you running off while I spear some fish for dinner.”
Okuru took his bamboo spear and waded into the water at the far side of the lagoon. Ballard quickly looked around for his pistol but it was on the driftwood. Okuru had moved it someplace. Ballard realized it would do him no good if he couldn’t get free from the ropes. Ballard tried to move, but the weight on his testicles was not pleasant.

He bent his legs even more to rest the wood on the sand. Ballard couldn’t stop thinking about the male prostitute Okuru told him about. The rope was holding the blood in. Ballard’s looked down at his cock and it was swelling quickly. Okuru returned somewhat aroused by the sight of Ballard half way squatting with his cock swelled up. Okuru removed his jump suit. Standing naked behind Ballard, he slid his fingers down the crack of Ballard’s ass. When he found the tight pucker, he jabbed his fingers in.

“How does that cavity search feel now, Ballard? Does it feel good? Do you like it? I hope so because I’m gonna fuck you in that hole right NOW!”
Ballard gave out a loud yelp and a groan as Okuru’s cock made its way deep into his ass.
“Yes! You feel so tight and good! How does that weight feel around your cock and balls?”
Ballard was still trying to relieve the pressure from the rope.

Okuru reached around and grabbed Ballard’s hard cock. He slowly rubbed his hand over the huge head while thrusting his cock into Ballard’s ass.
“You were right. You do have a big fat cock. Does my cock up your ass feel good to you?”
There was a long silence as Okuru continued thrusting.
“You better answer me, WHORE! Does that feel GOOD?”
Shamefully, Ballard forced his head to nod.
“Yes, Masuta.”

Okuru orgasm came at that moment. He slammed his hips against Ballard’s hairy ass cheeks as he grunted and moaned loudly. Okuru stepped back, catching his breath. He grabbed Ballard by the hair and yanked his head back.
“You look just like a prostitute! Your pussy hole dripping my seed. You feel it dripping down onto your balls? DO YOU?”
“Yes, Masuta!”

Okuru slapped Ballard across the face.
“A prostitute belongs on his KNEES!”
Ballard quickly dropped to his knees. At least now the pressure would be off the rope tied to his genitals. Okuru untied the rope, his hands stopping to feel Ballard’s manhood.
“I see your cock is wet. You have been dripping haven’t you?”
Ballard nodded.
“Yes, Masuta.”

Okuru wrapped his fingers around Ballard’s testicles.
“You know what a good prostitute can do?”
Ballard shook his head. Okuru’s hand slowly stroked Ballard’s swollen cock.
“He will give up his seed whenever he is told. Can you do that, Ballard?”
Ballard swallowed hard, shaking his head.”

“Ohhhhhh, I bet you can. You’ll give it to me right now. Unless you want me to tie you upside down from that tree. Then we’ll see just how much whipping those big hairy balls can take!”
Ballard quickly realized his total humiliation was more arousing than anything he ever felt before. Okuru was yanking on his cock and it was beginning to bring him over the edge. Ballard yelped, his legs and hips shaking with the orgasm. Okuru’s hand pulled the last few drops from the thick cock.

Okuru cooked the fish over the fire, watching Ballard kneeling in the sand on the other side of the fire. Okuru placed the fish on a driftwood plank.
“Let’s see if you can eat like a dog. No hands! Just your mouth and tongue.”
Ballard was hungry. It was first meal he had since the crash. He didn’t even mind that there were some grains of sand it the fish. Okuru stood up and removed his jump suit again.
“Now it’s time for some desert.”

Okuru cock was standing up stiff, the tip was even wet.
“You’re going to suck my cock and drink every drop of juice!”
Okuru slapped him across the face again.
“If you have any ideas of biting my cock off, forget it! You’ll never get out of those ropes. You’ll die a slow death on this island without me. Are you ready to suck?”
Ballard raised his head, opened his mouth and waited for Okuru’s cock to enter.

Ballard had sucked a man’s cock before, but it was a long time ago between him and his best friend. Okuru’s cock slid in and out, in and out, suddenly hot sperm filled his mouth as Okuru began to quicken his thrust. He swallowed as quickly as he could, but some ran out from the corners of his mouth.
Okuru laid some large leaves out on the ground.
“You’ll sleep here, face down. Just in case I want to fuck you during the night. It’s easy to mount you.”
Okuru laid down beside him.

For the next two weeks, Okuru never let up on Ballard, always keeping him bound and naked. Every day, just like clock work, making Ballard service his cock and drink his sperm. Okuru made two nipple clamps out of bamboo, tying each end together. They would pinch down on Ballard’s large hairy nipples. Leaving them on for a long time always made Ballard erect. Just as slapping his cock back and forth would do the same thing.

The most humiliating for Ballard were the small things Okuru forced him to do. Degrading and humiliating because Okuru knew those were the most arousing to Ballard.
“Spread you legs! Now, shake your hairy ass. I want to see your cheeks wiggle and your cock dance! DO IT!”

Ballard stood and began to gyrate his hips, making his ass shake and his genitals bounce back and forth until Okuru tired of it.
“Enough! Now do your thrusting!”
Ballard stood in one place and thrust his hips forward as if he were fucking the air. His large testicles would swing wildly between his legs and this was always arousing for Okuru.

Okuru stripped off his clothes and rubbed his six inch erection.
“My cock is hard! Bend over!”
“Yes, Masuta.”
Okuru filled Ballard’s ass with another load his seed. Okuru slapped Ballard’s face again.
“Tell me what you love.”

Ballard took a deep breath.
“Yes, Masuta. I love your cock in my ass. I love your cock in my mouth. I love to eat your sperm. I love to be masturbated by you. I love being your prostitute.”
“Excellent, my big whore! Now come over here and lick my feet again.”
Ballard dropped to his knees, bent over and stuck out his tongue ready to lick Okuru’s feet.

The next day Okuru and Ballard set out in the jungle. Okuru had tied a rope around Ballard’s testicles and was using it as a leash. Okuru yanked the leash.
“Com’on! Keep moving.”
They came to a clearing with a small hill to the north. Okuru had a perfect view of the other beaches. His eyes concentrated, looking for any movement at all.
“I don’t see anything. Perhaps we are the only ones that survived the crash.”

Okuru turned back to Ballard, the rope tight around his testicles and his cock big and hard. Okuru released the knot around rope, massaging the two big testicles with his hand. The cool breeze from the ocean made Ballard’s nipples stand out from his hairy chest. Okuru flicked them with his fingers.
“Are you ready to give me your seed?”
“Yes, Masuta.”

Okuru forced Ballard to his knees, slowly edged him on and rubbing the thick head with his palm. Then the unexpected happened. Okuru grabbed Ballard by the hair and pulled his head back. Okuru bent over and kissed him on the mouth. He held him there, his tongue sliding into Ballard’s mouth. He felt Ballard’s cock twitch as he kissed him full on. His favorite thing was slapping Ballard’s stiff hairy cock and watching it dance. He slapped it back and forth and up and down.

A few seconds later, Ballard’s cock began to erupt. As Okuru slapped it, the semen squirted everywhere from the bouncing cock. As it began to shrink, Okuru grabbed it and continued to milk him to the end.
“My cock is now hard for your ass! Bend over.”
Ballard grunted as Okuru shoved his cock into him. Okuru always enjoyed pinching Ballard’s nipples while he fucked him.

There was a large tree with a low hanging branch just a few yards up from the beach. Each day, Okuru tied Ballard’s hands and arms above his head to that branch. He enjoyed watching Ballard balance himself on his tip toes. Every day Okuru would whip Ballard’s ass before fucking him and then ejaculating him. Okuru would plant a long hard kiss on Ballard’s lips, and grab his hard cock with his fist. Aggressively, Okuru would yank on the stiff cock.
“You fucking prostitute! Empty your fucking BALLS!”

By the forth week of captivity, Ballard had fallen into a totally submissive state. Okuru had beaten him down with pain and sexual desire. Humiliating him and forcing him to preform sexually. Ballard excepted his role as “Prostitute” to Okuru. Ballard knelt on the beach in front of Okuru, his cock fully erect and his mouth open.
“Please, Masuta! May I suck your beautiful cock?”



Tony Thorn And Fabio Lopez In Episode 4 Of Fuck Loving Criminals
09.12.2013 ,

Fabio Lopez — a shoe-in for any Brad Pitt contest — meets up with Antonio’s driver at the arranged time for an exchange that will secure his future. But before he goes, Fabio realizes this is his last chance at fulfilling a fantasy he’s always had. He makes his moves on Tony Thorn and the big, muscled, hairy brute accepts the advances. It seems Fabio isn’t the only one who’s been fantasizing. With Tony’s big paws all over him, Fabio devours the man’s thick, fat, large cock before Tony buries his face in the boss’s pretty-boy ex, rimming, spitting, and priming the perfect hole. Pushing into his smooth, peachy ass with rough thrusts, Tony takes Fabio like an animal, leaving him breathless. In what some might call a scene with Beauty and the beast, we call the perfect example of hot sexual opposites: hairy and smooth, streetwise and youthful, rough and tender. It makes for one of the hottest couplings all the more powerful. Oh, and don’t let that sweet face fool you. Fabio might look innocent but he looks less so with Tony’s thick cum dripping from it.

Natural Man, Diego Duro
09.12.2013 ,

Like ‘em hairy? Then you’re in the right place. Feast your eyes on our sexy Turk, Diego Duro. He’s every man, the man next door, a natural man. And he’s back! Hairier and hornier than ever for his first solo with Butch Dixon. Properly hairy with a musky hole and an incredibly stiff cock, Diego tells us the kind of man he likes during his interview. Along with telling us what he likes to do sexually, he also takes us on a tour of his totally natural body before pounding his thick, curved meat to release a torrent of gooey juice all over his thick patch of pubic hair. Bet you’d just love to bury your face in that furry, warm crotch, wouldn’t you?

Hairy Daddy in Jockstrap
09.12.2013 , The Dirty Jockstrap

Brad Kalvo in his Jockstrap

Brad Kalvo is a hairy, beefy stud in a jockstrap. In the locker room, he strips down and shows off his gorgeous glutes as they pop out of that athletic supporter. 
Hairy Men with their Cameras
09.12.2013 , Hairy Men Lover
Proud of that fur and treasure trail

Hairy men private shots
09.12.2013 , Hairy Men Lover

Damn what a big sexy tool

All Man
09.12.2013 , Hairy Men Lover
Perfectly Hairy in all the right places

BRUISERS - COLT Minute Man Solo Series - Damien Stone
09.12.2013 , Coltstudiogroup Promo Content
Damien Stone is a thick and hairy BRUISER staking out his territory in the woods. His furry muscled butt is on full display as he struts around sporting an all-new COLT Collection Jock BRIEF. Settling down on a stool Damien takes some time to appreciate his own man scent and his thick, hard muscles. Showing off his hot and hairy body, Damien takes out his prized BEEF, his long hard cock and begins a hot and heavy stroke session. Lubed-up and throbbing, Damien jackhammers his thick and juicy dick until a white hot load erupts.