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FalconStudios: Landon Conrad and Ryan Rose fuck each other in “California Dreamin’ 2”
07.03.2014 , Manspotting.net

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Landon Conrad wakes with an erection. Bearded and chiseled with hard, hairy muscle, he looks so great, your eyes can’t decide where to look. One hand tends to the demands of his cock while the other roams from balls to nipples and any erogenous zone between. The space beside him is empty, so he pulls on a pair of skimpy briefs and sets off in search of his man, Ryan Rose.

Ryan’s in the kitchen, wearing matching briefs and eating berries. He feeds some to Landon. Landon is about to make Ryan’s day, starting with a trail of berry juice kisses that begins at Ryan’s lips and travels to his nipples, navel and cock. Ryan grasps Landon by the neck and feeds him cock, his smooth body pulsing and Landon gulping with the surges.

Landon bends Ryan over the countertop and spreads the globes of his buns, spearing the crack with his tongue while using his nose to inhale and nuzzle Ryan’s balls. Heat emanating from Ryan’s butt fans the flames of Landon’s desire until he can’t hold off any longer…”


“Landon drills Ryan on his feet and on his back, then in a reverse lunge he impales his own hole on Ryan’s cock.

They fuck until they are bathed in sweat and their cocks must release their pent-up jism across their steaming flesh.”

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Falcon Studios
TitanMen: Anthony London fucks Devin Adams in “Signals”
07.03.2014 , Manspotting.net
TitanMen: Devin Adams gets pounded by Anthony London in “Signals”
TitanMen $99 Sale

TitanMen.com writes:

“Parking his pickup, shirtless Anthony London — his massive tan and hairy chest on display — removes hay bales with Devin Adams, who has two weeks before going back to school.

“I’ll miss having those extra muscles around,” says Anthony, touching Devin’s arm.

Anthony grazes Devin’s groin, pulling him in for a kiss. Devin unzips his boss and sucks his big dick. “That feels good, man,” moans Anthony, getting deep throated by a choking Devin — whose face gets closer to the stud’s hot tan line and hairy abs. “Suck those sweaty balls,” says Anthony as Devin snaps up the tall hunk’s dick.”

TitanMen: Devin Adams gets pounded by Anthony London in “Signals”
TitanMen: Devin Adams gets pounded by Anthony London in “Signals”

“A spit strand connects Devin’s mouth to Anthony’s cock, the two switching positions as Devin gets his steel shaft sucked — Anthony gripping the toned stud’s balls. Bent over the trunk, Devin gets eaten and fucked: “I’m definitely gonna miss being on the farm!”

The bottom gets fucked on the hay, Anthony grinding in balls deep. Devin flashes his killer smiles as he gets slammed — the two releasing their wads as the bottom yells “I wanna see your cum!”

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- Download the entire scene at TitanMen.com

TitanMen Sale
Cacetudo fode cacetudo
07.03.2014 , O Assustador Mundo do Sexo Entre Homens
Parker entra na vara de Mario

hmmm.. HAIRY F****R … guess WHO? 
07.03.2014 , xxxmale

hmmm.. HAIRY F****R … guess WHO? 

Titanmen Goes Old School With This Older/Younger Scene from Signals
07.03.2014 , Gay Daily Hot


People asked for more hardcore Dad/Boy scenes… and here you go… Hot, hairy, ruggedly handsome daddy Anthony London has his way with the hot young buck Devin Adams.

Out under the warm mountain sun, the two men go at it right out in the open. There’s something to be said about just how natural and rather hot it is to see action between younger and older men like that.

And I have to say that shot I got from underneath where you can see Anthony’s face looking down at his dick slamming into Devin’s hole is one I have jerked off to more than a few times.

Yes. I did in fact have a boner shooting this one.


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Porn Crush of the Day: Christian Wilde and Adam Ramzi in “Tight”
07.03.2014 , THE MAN CRUSH BLOG

In Raging Stallion’s “Tight,” Christian Wilde and Adam Ramzi start out laying on a couch, tangled together and feeling all over one another’s bodies. Both are hairy, scruffy, sexy men so they quickly heat things up. Adam Ramzi finds that Christian’s cock makes for a tight fit, both in his mouth and his hole, but he definitely is sure to accommodate every inch of Christian. The clip and images in today’s gallery are NSFW and intended for those 18 years or older. You can see more scenes like this at ragingstallion.com. You can follow Christian Wilde on Twitter @ChristianWildeX and Adam Ramzi @adamramzixxx.

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Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi |

Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi | Christian Wilde, Adam Ramzi |