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So Hot Saturday... What Is Hot?
04.05.2014 , 2 Cents Worth Down UnderFor me it is the following....

  • Manners
  • Sense of humour
  • Integrity
  • Nice Smile
  • Nice Eyes
  • Good Sense of Silly
  • Differences
  • Good Snuggler
  • Good Touch
  • The X-Factor

Notice how body type and looks weren't mentioned?

Even back when I was hot with a 30" waist and pecs and muscles etc, they never were.

Can you describe hot without using physicality?

Shabbat Shalom

Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper has been packing on muscle for his upcoming role in real-life drama American Sniper.
04.05.2014 , Out Loud Magazine

Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper has been packing on muscle for his upcoming role in real-life drama American Sniper.

In the film, Cooper plays the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who had more than 160 confirmed kills during his four tours in Iraq.

Honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 2009, Kyle was tragically shot to death at a Texas gun range at age 39.

American Sniper is announced for release in 2015.

Taking Advantage
04.05.2014 , Gay Daily Hot


I am†thrilled that we have†Corbin Fisher back on GDHN for a lot of reasons, but†the biggest one†is what you see†right before your eyes†- the marriage of Corbin’s breathtaking photosand our new, extra-wide photo format.


Unlike before, you can†now take in the full scope of each image,which is a great advantage. (And by “advantage”, I mean†pull out the lube and the tissues and go at it†. . )This scene with ripped muscle guy Tanner†(below left) topping the adorable Marc (right) is a perfect example.


And best of all, right now, Corbin is having their 10th Anniversary sale, so you can chop $10 off the normal price when you buy a membership to the full Corbin Fisher site.


Fabio Stallone pounds Tony Orion!
04.05.2014 , Naked Studs

Hairy on hairy, butch on butch, muscle on muscle – that’s my fave kind o’ porn!!! MEN fucking MEN! One raging stallion pounding another! That’s what it’s all about! … †…†and here’s your new vid of the day:

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Muscle-hunk Elio fucked by Manuel de Boxer
04.05.2014 , Naked Studs

This week, the masks cum off on MASKURBATE as bi-curious anal virgin Elio asks porn veteran Manuel de Boxer to fuck him up the ass:








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