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His tattoooos and him. I want, I want so bad.


Jirka hot Czech dude barefoot
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The Collegians: Muscle and Gay Symbolism of the Silent Movie Era
31.05.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
The Silent Movie Blog has an interesting post on The Collegians, a series of silent movie shorts (1926-1929) directed by Wesley Ruggles, about buddy-competitors at Calford College, Ed Benson (George Lewis) and Don Trent (Eddie Philips).  They spend their time playing sports, stripping down in the shower, and finding excuses to grab and fondle each other, while generally ignoring girls.

In Flashing Oars (1927), for instance, Don Trent goes out drinking on the night before the big rowing race with rival Velmar College.  In order to sober him up, Ed and his friends grab him, strip him out of his clothes, and throw him in the shower.

Meanwhile, Doc (Churchill Ross), a nerdish bookworm, explains why he goes to all the games, even though he hates sports, and hangs out in the locker room afterwards.

Supple vertebrae, right.

The Relay (1926) is about a boys-vs-girls swimming match, with the boys ripping each others' clothes off and wrestling in a swimming pool.  Oh, and the girls swim too.

There is occasionally a hetero-romance, or a scene of boys mooning over girls at the Hula-Hula Hut, but merely as film conventions, secondary to the plots that require the boys to get as naked as possible, as often as possible.

About a third of the 44 films survive.  The Relay is available on Amazon.

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Summer 1968: Why Brother Hanson Got a Divorce
31.05.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
I love the word divorce.  Here's why:

Fall 1967, second grade: My parents are making a big fuss over the girl with the marvelous dollhouse:  "You have a girlfriend!"

When I protest that I like boys, they don't believe me: "Oh, one day you'll meet the right girl, and fall in love, and get married and have kids of your own!  You'll see!"

"The right girl" is my destiny?  But I want to marry a boy!

Like Brother Hanson, the Minister of Music at church.  I look forward eagerly to Sunday and Wednesday, when he climbs up onto the platform and begins the services with the magic words Isn't this a beautiful day in the Lord? Who would like to testify?

Then he leads us in three songs, leads the choir in their special number, has the ushers pass around the offering plate, and tells us to Rise for prayer.  Only after all of that is the Preacher allowed to get up to scream about how much God hates us.

Brother Hanson is obviously more important than the Preacher, plus a lot nicer, and much cuter -- big and husky with wavy hair and blue eyes (this is not him). I think he's a teenager, but he's probably about 30.

I never see him with a woman.  Maybe he's found a way to get out of the "right girl" destiny, so we can get married!

"Does Brother Hanson have the 'right girl'?"  I ask.

My parents tell me that he has a wife, there in the front row -- they just don't spend much time together.  They come in different cars because he has to get to church so early, and of course she has to sit alone during the services

I expect Brother Hanson to continue leading the testimonies and songs forever.  But one Sunday in the spring of second grade, without warning, an old, ugly guy climbs up onto the stage  and says Isn't this a beautiful day that the Lord has given us?  Who wants to give a testimony?

Shocked, I look around for Brother Hanson: he is sitting by himself in a back pew.  His wife is not in the sanctuary at all.

How am I supposed to listen to the Preacher screaming for 45 minutes without seeing a cute guy first?  Besides, the old, ugly guy said it wrong -- the phrase is isn't this a beautiful day in the Lord!

Maybe Brother Hanson is sick, and will stand up again next week.

No.  Week after week, he stays in his back pew, while the old, ugly guy -- Brother Williams -- leads the testimonies and songs before the Preacher screams.

I begin to hate going to church.

Every summer the Nazarene Church has Vacation Bible School: a week of sermons, songs, Bible studies, and arts and crafts for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Last year I made a "David and Goliath" out of construction paper, won a prize for memorizing Bible verses, and got cookies and Kool-Aid.

This year Brother Hanson is teaching the music class!  Rousing campfire songs with clapping, stomping, and hand gestures:

Rise and shine and give God your glory, glory! (clap, stomp), Children of the Lord.

Instead of a suit, he wears a short-sleeved shirt.  He's got muscles!

He also teaches the sports class: kickball on the grassy field outside the church.  I keep praying that he will take his shirt off, but he never does.

When my mother arrives to pick me up, I can hardly contain my excitement: "Brother Hanson was our teacher!" I exclaim.  "We learned a new song, and played kickball!  It was great!"

"I'm surprised they let him teach Vacation Bible School," Mom says.  "They won't let him be the Minister of Music anymore after his divorce."

Divorce?  I have never heard the word before.

"It's when a marriage ends, and the husband and wife don't live together anymore."

Wait -- marriages can be temporary?

 That's my loophole!

After I grow up, I'll "find the right girl," get married, and have kids, like my parents keep talking about. Then I can get a divorce.  and spend the rest of my life with men!

A few weeks later, we move away from Racine, so I never have the opportunity to see if Brother Hanson divorced so he could spend his life with men.  But ever after I think of divorce as a wonderful word.

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The uncensored version of this post is on Tales of West Hollywood.
The Beefcake Museum of Los Angeles
31.05.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
Los Angeles was home for 13 years, but you never go sightseeing at home; you're busy with the rhythms of everyday life.  When I got out-of-town visitors, they always wanted to go to the French Quarter and the Rage (if they were gay) or to Disneyland (if they were straight).  No one wanted to go to the museums.

So I only visited the Getty Museum once (the Getty Conservation Institute, where I had the worst job in the world, was in a different building.)

It's a beefcake paradise.

J. Paul Getty, oil tycoon and grandfather of the Paul Getty Jr. who was the object of my junior high fantasies, built as a replica of an ancient country house from Herculaneum (near Pompeii), filled it with art from all over the world, and opened it to the public as a museum in 1974.

In 1997, it moved to Brentwood, and the Getty Villa was closed for renovation until 2006.  Now it houses the collection of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art.

So you have to go to both.

Start with the Getty Villa, on 7985 Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, open every day except Tuesday from 10 to 5. There are 44 galleries arranged by theme, such as Gods and Goddesses, The Trojan War, and Athletes and Competition.  Naked muscle gods in every single one of them.

Such as the "Nude Youth" (above) and the Lansdown Herakles (left)

And this wine cup with an Athlete Applying Oil on its base.  You had to turn the cup upside down to see it, which I suppose gave you a motive for drinking fast.

For a guy who was married five times, J. Paul Getty certainly liked looking at naked men.

Next go to the Getty Center, 1200 Getty Center Drive in Brentwood, an ultra-modern structure on a hilltop, open every day except Monday from 10 to 5. It features European and American art from the Middle Ages to the present.  Look for the Rubens Hunting of the Caledonian Boar (left).

And the photograph that Thomas Eakins took of his students, and used for his famous The Swimming Hole (top)

More after the break.

Or the 17th Century Flemish print Two Nude Men, by Van Haarlem.  They seem to be kissing.

This neoclassical Faun Holding Goat is from 18th Century France.

I like this Nude, Davenport Iowa, Composite with Leaves, by Edmund Teske (1911-1996).

Don't forget the Sculpture Garden, with Elizabeth Frink's Running Man.  

After driving down the hill, you might want to stop on the campus of UCLA for some public penises, such as The Archer and Olympic Torso (left).  

Then take Santa Monica Boulevard into West Hollywood.  The French Quarter and the Rage are still there.

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Jock On Jock With Adam Wirthmore And Landon Conrad
31.05.2014 , Gay Body BlogthumbWe’ve been seeing a lot of Landon Conrad on the Raging Stallion site recently, but I don’t think anyone is really complaining about that. With so many handsome and hunky muscled men out there in the gay porn world we’re really spoiled for choice, but in my opinion there are a few real stars who [...]
Porn Crush of the Day: Kristian for Fratmen
31.05.2014 , THE MAN CRUSH BLOG

Kristian made his debut on Fratmen just a little while ago and he’s already become one of the site’s big attractions. From the abs to the muscles, Kristian’s one pledge you wouldn’t mind hazing a little. Check out the video below of Kristian working more than just the camera. For more of Kristian visit†www.fratmen.tv and follow on Twitter @Fratmen. The images and clip in today’s gallery are NSFW and intended for those 18 years or older.†

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Kristian | Fratmen

Kristian | FratmenKristian | FratmenKristian | FratmenKristian | FratmenKristian | FratmenKristian | FratmenKristian | Fratmen
Model of the Week - Elroy Jet
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In Which We Copy & Paste A Press Release About Adam Killian’s Nine-Man Orgy…
31.05.2014 , Manhunt Daily

New York, NY (May 29, 2014) — International porn powerhouse†Lucas Entertainment releases the final scene from Adam Killian: Raw Wet Dream tomorrow on the†Lucas Entertainment website and itís the best scene yet: a nine-man orgy with Adam at the center of the action!

“The bareback sex party was filmed on location in Berlin and features some of the hottest men performing in gay porn today. Alongside Adam the scene includes the always-sexy Tomas Brand, Lucas Exclusive Valentino Medici, Marco Milan, Lars Svenson, Marco Sessions, Ivan Gregory, Fostter Riviera, and Logan Moore. The scene is full of action, including double penetration and loads of cumshots!

“About the scene: ‘If only all trips to a German bathhouse could end up like this. Adam Killian, Valentino Medici, and Tomas Brand pay a visit and show off by making out and sucking each other off when Fostter Riviera and Ivan Gregory join in with the fun. At this point we have five guys when the sixth, Logan Moore, shows up and starts making out with Valentino before moving south and sucks his huge uncut Latin cock; Ivanís cock doesnít go without attention, as Lars Svenson moves into too and swallows the hard cock between Ivanís muscled legs. Meanwhile, Tomas works on Fostter while Marco Sessions eats out Tomas. It doesnít take long for the bareback fucking to start: Tomas, Valentino, and Logan daisy-chain each other while Marco Milan takes Adam and Ivanís raw cocks up his ass at the same time!’”

- Lucas Entertainment

Watch a clip of these nine “raw cocks” in action below:

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.

Adam Killian's nine-man bareback orgy for gay porn site Lucas Entertainment.