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Muscle-hunk Elio fucked by Manuel de Boxer
04.05.2014 , Naked Studs

This week, the masks cum off on MASKURBATE as bi-curious anal virgin Elio asks porn veteran Manuel de Boxer to fuck him up the ass:








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Sean Duran
04.05.2014 , Naked Studs

Once he’s freed himself from the ties that bound him, inked muscle-hunk Sean Duran finally gets the chance to stroke his beautiful meat and caress that smooth, pink, asshole of his:

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Christopher James and Nicholas Klein
04.05.2014 , Latest ManSexPass.com Videos
Hot stud Christopher James gets to fuck muscle bottom Nicholas Klein. These two gangsters are not here to blow each others brains out with guns! They have mouths and dicks to do that!
Wicked Hot IMHO! #OMG #TGIF
04.05.2014 , WickedGayBlog.com

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April 27
04.05.2014 , Male Tan Lines

...with a side of muscles:

Model of the Week - Elroy Jet
04.05.2014 , flirt4free Elroy Jet is the Model of the Week for the week of May 23rd to May 29th. Elroy Jet is a bisexual muscle top with an 8 inch uncut cock. He is the perfect guy-next-door for your virtual sexual encounter. Be sure to pencil in a date for Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET), Elroy will be putting on a terrific feature show for us.

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Damian Stretch and Kyler Ash
04.05.2014 , Gay Porn Gossip

Straight Newbie, Damian Stretch and Twink industry super-star, Kyler Ash debut in a hot new scene at Pegasus Studios. Damian is driving down the road when he spots Kyler sitting in front of a Country Inn. Damian likes what he sees and invites Kyler over to the Car. Kyler likes what he sees and invites Damian back to his room. The two begin to kiss and Kyler is noticing Damianís hot muscled body and wants to see him shirtless. Soon the boys are both shirtless and Kyler is sucking Damianís huge 9Ē cock. Kyler wants Damian to fuck him; his asshole is puckering in anticipation. Damian carries Kyler to the bed and works his huge dick into Kyler. The two fuck missionary and Kyler is moaning while he is getting pounded. Damian then fucks Kyler from behind while Kyler is on his side. They move back to missionary and Damian lifts Kylerís leg so he can get in deeper. Kyler shoots a nice creamy load on his stomach and Damian deposits his cum in Kylerís mouth and on his chin. Kyler tells us about doing his scene with Damian immediately following the action.


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The Hooded World of Muscled Men
04.05.2014 , Daily Young Guys

From the hoods collection.
It’s been done
04.05.2014 , Aussielicious

Quite often when you browse modeling or photography portfolios in the less professional end of the spectrum you see a lot of images that are heavily “inspired” by famous images. When I say inspired, I clearly mean very much ripped off. You see a lot of muscle guys dressed up like a Spartan from 300 or bodypainted to look like Avatar. Why? Sure they look good but it’s been done before with a much bigger budget and better photoshop. There’s no point recreating an image like that. You can’t actually use the image anywhere other than your portfolio. Someone else owns the rights to those characters.

Above I’ve included a selection of images that I see regularly ripped off on Model Mayhem profiles. In the middle is Robert Mappelthorpe’s VERY famous Man In a Polyester Suit. Yes it’s great that you have a big wang or you’ve found a model with a big wang but this image is iconic so why recreate it and not quite as good? Djimon Hounsou posed for Herb Ritts lots of times and is the star of the equally iconic shot with an octopus on his head. Now I’ve done some strange things to models but I’ve never draped them in a dead sea creature. This shot is so well known for it’s absurdity as much as it’s beauty so I find it baffling that so many people have draped models in dead octopus trying to copy it.

The same with Herb Ritt’s photo of the hot guy holding the two car tyres. This one has been ripped off so many times it’s crazy but at least I can kind of see why. Holding tyres like this accentuates the muscles and gives the model a reason to flex but guess what? It’s been done before and better by Mr Ritts. Stop.

The Horny Detective
04.05.2014 , Gods Amongst MenThe story here seems to be that the younger lad reports a theft to a detective, and then makes a pass at him, which succeeds. The lean, fuzzy, muscled detective then pounds his ass.

I think the moral to this story is: report all crimes to hot detectives. Even if there isn't even really a crime. Just so you can make a pass at the detective. He'll pretend to be reluctant but give in within two minutes.

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