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Tate & Sergio
03.01.2014 , Best Gay Blogs

When today’s update starts, Sergio Valen and Tate Thompson are saying something about mucus. The cameraman insists Tate is very good when it comes to the oral arts of pole love. “That’s what I’ve heard,” Sergio notes. “He’s been bragging about it.” Tate laughs this off. Don’t worry Tate. We’ll still love you even if you have a little ego about the sweetness of your mouth. LOL! The cameraman wonders what type of exercise Sergio was doing before the shoot. The muscled stud maintains it was only stretching after a run. Tate notes that all he did was “sit on his ass.” The cameraman points to the leather bracelet Sergio is wearing. It was made by someone Sergio met at Palm Springs Pride. “He’s got some pretty decent gear,” Sergio adds. “You’re digging that, huh,” the cameraman asks.”I am digging that actually,” Sergio responds with his trademark “come here and suck my dick” grin. LOL! Tate hasn’t been introduced to the pleasures of leather, but Sergio admits that only when he tried it did he learn how much he liked it. Click for more Tate Thompson & Sergio Valen

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Top 10 Gay Porn Movies of 2013
02.01.2014 , Chronicles of Pornia

Never let it be said that studios are not still turning out great full-length XXX films, because they are! So, without further adieu, here are my choices for the Top 10 Gay Porn Movies of 2013, plus five Honorable Mentions.

The list was compiled in no particular order.

All Images © and courtesy NakedSword-Helix Studios-Bel Ami-Lucas Entertainment-CockyBoys-Channel 1 Releasing-Hot House-TitanMen-Falcon Studios-Raging Stallion Studios-Staxus-Eurocreme-Kristen Bjorn-Ray Dragon-Rock Candy Films

Top 10 Gay Porn Releases:

Top_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_NakedSword_Frat_House_Cream_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Helix_Studios_Helix_Academy_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Bel_Ami_An_American_In_Prague_2_The_Remake_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Lucas_Entertainment_Kings_Of_New_York_Season_2_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_CockyBoys_The_Haunting_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_C1R_London_Spunked_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Hot_House_Good_Sports_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_TitanMen_Working_Stiffs_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Falcon Studios_Musclebound_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogTop_10_Gay_Porn_Movies_Of_2013_Raging_Stallion_Studios_Heretic_Chronicles_Of_Pornia_BlogHonorable Mentions:


Spring 1972: Bill and I Find a Little Bit O'Heaven
02.01.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
When I was a kid, one of my birthday presents was always an excursion for me and two or three friends to anywhere we wanted in the Quad-Cities.  My birthday was in November, so most of the fun places were closed, except for Putnam Museum, where you could see real mummies and an Aztec calendar stone, or the Davenport House (where Darry and I saw the ghost).

But then I got the bright idea of postponing the excursion to May: then my friends and I could go to Mother Goose Land, Longview Park (where I caught Bill and Dan kissing), or the Niabi Zoo.  Or, the spring of sixth grade, A Little Bit O' Heaven.

B. J. Palmer, son of the founder of chiropractic medicine, traveled the world collecting Chinese, Indian, and European art.  Now it was on display in a contemplative garden on the grounds of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

The commercials promised: "Mystical idols from the forbidden East.  Treasures of Greece and Rome!  Dangers around every curve!"

I imagined a forbidden temple out of Johnny Quest, with statues of Greek gods and naked natives brandishing spears.  

As my boyfriend Bill and I talked it over, the Little Bits O' Heaven became bigger and bigger.  Acres of statues.  40-foot tall slabs of muscle. Flexing bodybuilders.  Natives who were completely naked, like the Indian God at the Pow Wow.  Rows of penises that you could see and touch.

It was settled!  We were going to A Little Bit O'Heaven!

I invited Bill and two other friends who liked muscles: Joel, a cute curly-haired soccer player, and Greg, the boy vampire who gave me my first kiss.  My brother wanted to come, to do research for his own birthday excursion in June, and of course Dad drove us and paid the admission fee.

It started out ok: we walked through an ornate gate into a tropical greenhouse with macaws and parrots, and a 40-foot waterfall splashing through a miniature town.  Then a 10-foot tall statue of the Buddha, some totem poles, and a pond full of live alligators!

That was cool, but we were anxious to get to the acres of muscles and penises.

Next came a courtyard where you walked along a winding path, past statues.  A fat Buddha.  A naked lady.

Another turn, another naked lady.

"Where are the men?" Bill asked.

"They're coming up, probably saving the best for last."

Another turn, another fat Buddha.  And another naked lady.

"You said there would be Greek gods," Greg protested.

"Naked," Joel added.

"Um...maybe they're in storage," I said.  My stomach was starting to hurt.  "Dad, where are the men?"

Another turn, another naked lady.

"It's art," he said with a shrug.  "That means women."  

"Gross!" Bill exclaimed.  "Who wants to see that?"

I was hot with disappointment, outrage over the false advertising -- and embarrassment.  I promised my friends muscles!  "Dad -- let's get out of here!  Can we go to the Putnam Museum instead?"  

"No way, Skeezix!  This is your birthday trip, and it cost me a fortune."  He always called me Skeezix when I failed to demonstrate heterosexual interest.  "Now quit whining and enjoy it!"

My friends never forgave me for subjecting them to the Little Bit O'Heterosexual Heaven.

Although getting ice cream on the way home helped.
Christian Boeving: Fitness Expert turned Porn Star turned Movie Monster
02.01.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
With a name like Christian Boeving, you expect someone from Belgium or the Netherlands, but in fact the 45-year old bodybuilder was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Missouri.  He began posing for muscle and fitness magazines at the age of 18, and is one of the most photographed people in the world, appearing on over 400 covers to date.

He's also a fitness writer, consultant, and spokesperson for bodybuilding supplements, though he has lost status in the industry after admitting that he had been using steroids since age 16.

He broke into show biz with a gay porn video, Posing Strap (1994) and a tv pilot, the aptly named Muscle (1995).  

Guest roles in a number of tv series and movies followed, usually roles requiring musclemen: Prey, Nash Bridges, Malcolm in the Middle, and Sheena.

He also continued his porn career in the gay Coverboys (1996) and the softcore straight Andromina: The Pleasure Planet (1999).  

Although Christian starred in a man-mountain "let's rescue someone in Southeast Asia" movie, When Eagles Strike (2003), his most important roles have been in sci fi and fantasy:  The monster Grendel in Beowulf: Prince of the Geats (2007);  Jack Stone in Apocalypze Z, aka Zombie Disaster (2013); Andre in Legend of the Red Reaper (2013).

Not a lot of gay roles, except for the porn, but what do you expect for a bodybuilder?  Hollywood likes its gay male characters wimpy and wispy.

I’ve Never Done This Before: A Triple Dose of Virgin Ass
02.01.2014 , Manhunt Daily

Just when I was starting to feel overwhelmed about catching up after the holiday season, I saw a skanky, cum-drenched lining in this cloud called life. Enough time has passed over the past few weeks that three previous subjects of our I’ve Never Done This Before series have gone from fucking their first piece of man-ass to getting fucked themselves. Rejoice! Rejoice! Praise the gay porn gods with your dicks hard and your dildos held on high.

Since December 19, the virginity-snatching wizards at Corbin Fisher have managed to deflower Kennedy, Drake and Taylor, taking the first step in turning these young muscle jocks into the raging power bottoms they’ll (hopefully) transform into after some practice. Kennedy, in particular, is an early candidate for 2014′s “Butthole of The Year“, because holy taint licker, that fuzzy pucker is damn pretty.

- Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

Watch clips of each of these first timers in action below:


Kennedy gives up his virgin ass to Kellan:

Kennedy gives up his virgin ass and bottoms for Kellan in a bareback fuck for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.


Drake gives up his virgin ass to (lucky ass bitch) Kellan:

Drake gives up his virgin ass and bottoms for Kellan on gay porn site Corbin Fisher.



Taylor gives up his virgin ass to Kent:

Taylor bottoms and gets his virgin ass stretched open by Kent in a bareback fuck for gay porn site Corbin Fisher




RagingStallion: Adam Ramzi fucks Seven Dixon in “Open Road, Part 1”
02.01.2014 ,
Raging Stallion: Adam Ramzi fucks Seven Dixon in “Open Road, Part 1”
Raging Stallion: Adam Ramzi fucks Seven Dixon in “Open Road, Part 1” writes:

“Adam Ramzi hitchhikes a ride from the city and is let out on a country road. Thunder rolls and there are cattle in every direction. A red muscle car pulls over and Seven Dixon leans across the seat. ‘Get in.’

Seven drives to an old barn. As soon as his hands are off the wheel, they’re all over Adam. Their bodies collide. Seven has bulging biceps and broad tan shoulders. ‘Well Bred’ is inked across his shoulder blades and there’s a large numeral 7 on both sides of his neck.

He tosses Adam’s slender frame on the front seat and dives onto the hard cock that projects like a stick shift. Adam flexes his hips to drive his cock into Seven’s warm mouth. When he gets out of the car, he is a pillar of slim muscle fucking Seven’s face until they are both covered in sweat.

Seven props himself against the car door and arches his back, saying ‘get in’ in another way. His bubble ass is a magnet for Adam’s tongue and cock.

Adam drills him on the car and on the ground until his balls are about to burst, then plunges his cock into Seven’s mouth and shoots wildly as Seven drenches his ripped abs with cum.”

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Raging Stallion
BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell fucks Derek Raser bareback
02.01.2014 ,
Bel Ami: Vadim Farrell bangs Derek Raser raw writes:

“It’s a new years eve muscle match up of sorts at BelAmiOnline today with the pairing of Vadim Farrell and Derek Raser.

Both guys spend a lot of time keeping themselves in shape and we thought it would make for a good match.”

Download Video: MP4

- Download the full-length scene at

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