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2 muscled boxers working off steam …
23.03.2014 , Naked Studs

Days before an important fight, boxers aren’t meant to have any sexual encounter but rather save up on their testosterone for their fight … … however, once the fight is over – they have all that excess testosterone to get rid of, and what better way to use it than – on each other …?

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Model of the Week - Elroy Jet
23.03.2014 , flirt4free Elroy Jet is the Model of the Week for the week of May 23rd to May 29th. Elroy Jet is a bisexual muscle top with an 8 inch uncut cock. He is the perfect guy-next-door for your virtual sexual encounter. Be sure to pencil in a date for Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET), Elroy will be putting on a terrific feature show for us.

As a five-star rated performer, Elroy Jet aims to make your online experience a cum-filled memorable one- not to mention one that you will want repeated. He will be spending plenty of time online this week to fulfill all of your requests, so be sure to try out this week's flavor boys!
Gorgeous jock Devin strokes one out
23.03.2014 , Big Balls

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Check out Devin, one of the hottest young hunks I think I have seen this year, and definitely a new guy to follow. I can imagine that his gorgeous hard jock cock is going to get a whole lot of attention from the fans and the readers here, and with very good reason.

He’s handsome, built, and horny as hell, and I’m looking forward to seeing him return for more man-on-man action. You know they’re gonna have this guy back real soon, the only question is who is going to be enjoying that meaty tool?

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Uncut muscle men Scott Hunter and Issac Jones
23.03.2014 , Big Balls

Scott Hunter and Issac Jones make an awesome pairing in this hardcore video from the AlphaMales site, mainly because of those amazing cocks and all that hot and hard muscle! The setting is hot too, in the bar where anyone could theoretically walk in and see them sharing their throbbing meat in an amazing display of cum lust.

Oh, and that brings me to one of the highlights of this scene too, with Scott taking an amazing facial! I love gay cum eating videos, and the wad he takes from Issac’s long meaty tool is not to be missed.

You might want to take things a little slow throughout this one, because plenty of you will be on the edge of unloading your balls when you see Scott riding that long dick of famous handsome hunk Issac.

Even so, with all that hardcore action between them the gay cum eating finish is the hottest, and it certainly does the trick for Scott who wanks out his own load from his uncut muscle dick and splashes is all over himself!


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COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea goes full frontal
23.03.2014 , Manspotting.net
COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea in

COLTStudioGroup writes:

“Ever since his COLT debut photo-shoot fans have been clamoring to see more of this red hot stud. You asked for it, you got it… COLT Man Ginger Seth Fornea brings new life to the Legendary Bodies Series in a dreamy scene of intimate and erotic reflection.”

COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea in
COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea in
COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea in
COLTStudioGroup: Seth Fornea in

“After a steamy nude soak in the hot tub, Seth takes his leisure by the fireplace. As his inner heat flares Seth sheds his COLT Collection Briefs and sprawls out before the flames, enjoying the warmth of the fire on his nude, furry muscled body. His smoldering eyes tell the story of his innermost thoughts as Seth’s magnificent toned body is bathed in warm firelight.”

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COLT Studio Group
musclegalore:Abs olutely!TJ Slaughter
22.03.2014 , Sexy Men


Abs olutely!

TJ Slaughter

Imagine That
22.03.2014 , Both boy and Boyfriend

Old Man Motley was a notorious collector of Black Magic and other magical items back in the day before his strange disappearance back in 1957. Now, over 50 years later, some of his pieces have started showing up in antique stores and other venues. So when Jacob saw the beautiful antique oval mirror, he just had to buy it. Getting it home and unwrapping it, he paused to study his own reflection in the beautiful silvered glass.

The grey hair and wrinkles saddened him. He could remember when his red brown hair was full and his face smooth of blemishes. He looked at the glass and imagined himself hansom and refined as he once was. Wait, what was that in the mirror? Was his face changing? Were those wrinkles going away? James took off his shirt and studied his chest, remembering how hed looked before age took the tone from his skin and muscles. Watching himself change in the mirror, he began to ask, just how much could he change himself? What were the limits?

Jacob took one last look at his perky breast and shaved bush before turning around and grabbing the frame post with his right hand. Long flowing locks framed a perfect female face and tumbled onto her shoulders. Her flat stomach and wide hips blessed a body that artist would fight to capture on film or canvas. Jacob, now Jacquelyn, cracked a pretty smile, and reflected on just where her imagination had taken her.

You've come a long way Baby, Jacquelyn said. Now lets find something I can wear, and see where else my imagination can take me.

Rocky Horror Show Live: New Brads, Janets, and Rockies in Gold Lame Shorts
22.03.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
What can you do with a movie that encouraged a generation of LGBT people, "Don't dream it -- be it"?

That encouraged the audience to participate by talking back, throwing things, and playing along with the characters?

That audiences played along to, week after week, year after year, until they had every image, every word, every gesture memorized?

That spawned a dozen catchphrases and a warehouse full of tie-in books, magazines, cards, and toys?

What's left to do with the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Revive the original play, which ran in London from 1973 to 1980.

It's considerably different from the movie -- new songs, different dialogue, Magenta and Columbia have different characters, and most interestingly, Rocky talks.  A whole new take on the Rocky Horror universe (you can read the script here).

Revivals began in  1990 in Britain.  In the U.S., a Broadway revival played from 2000 to 2002, with every beefcake hunk imaginable cast as the underwear-clad Brad, the gold-lame muscleman Rocky, and sweet transvestite Frank-n-Furter: Luke Perry, Micah Thompson, Jonathan Sharp,

There are new costumes, new cast dynamics, new subtexts -- being gay or transvestite is not nearly as shocking today-- and a raucous evocation of the long ago disco- and sex-obsessed era of the 1970s.

It's now playing everywhere, in high schools, colleges, community theaters, little theaters.  Halloween season is most popular, but it can be seen at any time.  According to the official show blog, here's where it's coming up in 2014:

The Grandview Playhouse, MA, April-May
The Bangor Opera House, ME, June
The Ivory Theater, MO, October
Downtown Theatre, CA, October
World Trade Center Theatre, OR, October
Oh Canada Eh?, Niagara Falls, October

So even if you've some terrible thrills many, many times, it's always exciting to go down to the lab and see what's on the slab. Let's do the Time Warp again.