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Orlando Ink and Dylan Saunders
05.01.2015 , Blog

Jock studs Dylan Saunders and Orlando Ink are a match equal in body size-but it's clear from Orlando’s 9" of throbbing meat that Saunders will be the one to take it deep. Dylan immediately wraps his lips around Orlando’s semi-hard cock, and within seconds realizes his mouth is full, which only makes him moan louder and suck deeper. Orlando throws Dylan onto his stomach, parts his muscle ass and drives his tool all the way to the base. From the start, all Saunders can do is reach for something-anything-to hold onto as Orlando gives Dylan a fuck he won't forget anytime soon. Before long, Orlando has Dylan pinned face up, gagging the willing bottom with his cock as he moves all 9" down Dylan's throat. Saunders's can't hold back long and shoots his load, while still trying to get more of Orlando’s hard-on inside his open mouth. Orlando quickly follows suit, and with Dylan licking his nipples, shoots a healthy sized load onto his six-pack abs.

The 10 Best Gay Neighborhoods in America
05.01.2015 , Boomer Beefcake and BondingDuring the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the first thing you did after "figuring it out" was pack all of your stuff and move to a gay neighborhood, where you could be free free from stares and jeers and shrieks of "God hates you!"

Once you arrived, you never left, except when absolutely necessary, for work or required Christmas visits "back home."   You wouldn't accept a date with anyone who lived outside, in the Straight World.  On vacation, you visited other gay neighborhoods.

Many gay kids today don't grow up dreaming of a safe haven.  Being gay is no big deal at school.  Their families and straight friends are perfectly accepting.  Why not stay where you are?

But the gay neighborhoods are still there, waiting for those of us who grew up in homophobic small towns, who are tired of the incessant heterosexism of the Straight World, or who want to see what it was like to have a home.

I've lived in four gay neighborhoods in the U.S. and Canada,  and visited about a dozen others.  Here are the biggest and best:

The Bravest:
The Montrose, Houston (top photo).
Today Houston has gay rights ordinances and a gay mayor, but when I lived in Texas in 1984, there were sodomy laws and rednecks with shotguns, and police cadets were warned about the "homosexual deviants" lurking at the corner of Montrose and Westheimer.  Just walking down the street was perilous.  In spite of the dangers, gay people carved out a newspaper, a bookstore, political action groups, and lots of fun cowboy bars.

The Most Political:
Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. 
A bit cramped, hard to find parking, but an architectural gem, and only a mile from the White House.

Who would expect a thriving Community Center a stone's throw from government homophobes?  Dupont Circle is home to over 50 gay organizations, everything from the Human Rights Campaign to the LGBT Fallen Heroes Fund.

The Most Literary:
Washington Square West, Philadelphia
Philadelphia has some of the world's best gay clubs and restaurants, and it's the site of the first Gay Rights demonstration in history. But its biggest claim to fame is Giovanni's Room, the second oldest and largest gay bookstore in the world, founded back in 1972, when there were almost no gay-positive books in existence, and certainly none available in mainstream bookstores.

It closed recently, bankrupted by online giants, and re-opened as a thrift store with proceeds going to AIDS services.

The Friendliest:
Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale.  
This was home for 4 years.  There were great beaches, gyms, clubs, and restaurants, but what I remember most was the great sense of camaraderie.

Maybe it was because many residents were older, and had lived through the horrors of the pre-Stonewall police state.

Maybe it was because, once you left Wilton Manors, you ran into some of the most horrifying Bible-thumping redneck cities in the country.

But in Wilton Manors, everyone was welcome; everyone knew your name.

The Brawniest:
Hawthorne, Portland (Oregon).  
I thought Texas had the biggest of everything, but when I visited Portland in 1995, I found a bookstore that covered an entire city block, a bath house with room for 3000 patrons, and a bar crowded with the biggest, most buffed men this side of Muscle Beach.

More after the break.

The Best for Cruising:
Boystown, Chicago
Halsted and Broadway, east of Clark, the first gay neighborhood I ever heard of, back in college.  I haven't visited often -- an occasional conference or job interview -- but each visit has been an adventure. The Cellblock, the Sweat Lodge, the Jackhammer, Man's Country.  The only dark room I've seen in the U.S.  Plus private parties, biker runs, bear clubs, even a gay nudist group.

You'll be lucky if there's any time left over for the museums.

The Best for Food:
Rue Ste. Catherine, Montreal. 
Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America, with enough museums, architectural masterpieces, and cruising spots for a hundred memorable visits.  But what I like most is the food.  Especially Vietnamese, which is hard to find in the U.S.: The Cafe Saigon, Pho 21,  La Gout de Vietnam.  But also Moroccan, Greek, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese...  You need to work out six hours a day just to keep up.

The Most Spiritual:
The Castro, San Francisco.  
I'm not talking about Glide United Methodist Church, the first to open its doors to LGBT members.  Or the Radical Faeries, the first gay pagan group.  Or the many other gay religious groups based here.

I'm talking about the Castro.

Get off at the Castro Street Muni Station at dawn, when the air is chill and the sky is just beginning to turn blue.  No one is around except a few early-risers having breakfast at Orphan Andy's.  Walk south past the Castro Theater, past the rainbow flags, through the hush of morning,

You are  in heart of the gay world, safe, and accepted, and loved.  This is what heaven looks like.

The Most Historical:
The West Village, New York.
This is the best documented gay neighborhood in the world, the subject of countless histories and biographies.  Gay Liberation was born here.  During the 1970s and 1980s, a group of writers called the Violet Quill wrote a dozen novels set here, cementing the still-common belief that all gay people live in the West Village.

Even in Manhattan, most gay people live elsewhere.  The West Village is home to an older, affluent, conservative gay crowd, the type who go to the opera and listen to Barbra Streisand.  And remember their history.

The Best of the Best:
West Hollywood.  
Home for 13 years. Crowded, expensive, no decent jobs, no place to park.  Lots of hustlers, con artists, and wannabes.  Lots of Attitude.

It's the best place in the world.

See also: Why San Francisco is Still Gay Heaven;

Kurt Bauer
05.01.2015 , gay Sex Slut Blog
Yesterday's post took a look at smooth Mike Gregory, so it's only fitting that today we follow up with one of Mike's costars from that era, hairy Kurt Bauer.  Kurt appeared with Mike in  The Big One and also in the 1987 Catalina Video classic My Best Buddy.  In My Best Buddy, Mike Gregory and John Davenport sneak on a bus and discover that its sexy driver (played by Kurt Bauer) has more in mind than just driving the bus.   Things happen. 
 Just one look at Kurt's chest and it's easy to see that this muscle man was something special. Hairy Kurt's 5'9" frame and his 7" cock were in big demand between 1986-1990.   In his roles, Kurt was more than just a masculine guy who liked to get his trophy polished in the gym locker room--he was also happy to bend over and take it hard.   Kurt also enjoyed success in bi movies, including the Bi and Beyond series. 

Filled with familiar stars of 1980's gay porn, My Best Buddy had lots of the era's favorite studs, including one newcomer who stole much of the show.  The movie features a famous scene directed by John Travis, in which Doug Niles gives Greg Stevens a slow and nasty fucking as he's bent over his motorcycle (pre-condom style).  With his old-school-style tattoos and that army barracks face, Greg Stevens appears to have been one of those gems who drifted into (and just as quickly back out of) the business, performing in just two movies: My Best Buddy and The Young Cadets while leaving fans drooling for more.

Greg Stevens reallly feeling Doug
Looks like Doug's really being a pain in the ass
Doug Niles takes a ride inside Greg Stevens


Erector - Donnie Dean -amp; Seth Santoro
05.01.2015 , Hothouse
Ass to ass! In matching jockstraps, Donnie Dean and Seth Santoro press their cheeks together as they enjoy a double headed dildo together! Backs arched and muscles bulging, they cast each other knowing glances over their shoulders. Donnie reaches back to slap Seth's ass, and Seth retorts with a smack of his own. When they've done all they can with the dildo, they break apart momentarily, only to reconnect in a steamy 69 position. They expertly use their tongue to swap passionate blowjobs, and when his cock is slicked and lubed, Donnie plows his cock into Seth's eager hole. The expressions of sexual pleasure on Seth's face are so tempting, that Donnie climbs on top to ride Seth's big, hard cock! Donnie samples both positions again before rolling over and letting Seth sit down on his big cock. Seth jerks out his load while riding Donnie's cock, then kneels down to lap up Donnie's cum when it explodes.
Muscle hookup gone wrong
05.01.2015 , Bound Gods Picture Gallery Update
Muscled hunk Nick Capra has been checking out the boy bar in town and noticed a hot stud from out of town, Conner Halsted. He brings Conner back to his place and when Nick gets a little aggressive, Conner suddenly remembers he has somewhere else to be. But before he can make it to the door, Nick binds his hands behind his back and shuts him up with a gag in his mouth. Helpless, Conner begs for someone to come to his rescue, but no one can hear his screams as Nick whips out the boy's uncut cock. Conner's then tormented with the paddle on his ass before being covered with hot wax. Unable to wait any longer, Nick rams his fat cock up the boy's ass and covers his face with a load of cum before having him suck every drop off.
Christian Wilde abuses and fucks the boys in the Holiday Live Shoot!
05.01.2015 , Bound Gods Picture Gallery Update
Welcome to another Bound Gods Live featuring muscled studs Brock Avery and Seth Santoro with Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde as our doms. Brock and Seth are ordered to their knees to present their holes for Mr Wilde as he warms up their meaty asses using the riding crop. After swallowing Christian's hard cock, both slaves are put to work as they're made to lift weights, do pushups and jumping jacks all while painful clover clamps pinch on their balls. Mr Wilde then beats the bound studs down with the flogger as Van suspends them in the air. With their asses exposed, Christian pounds away on both of their holes before they're tied down on the table for another fuck. Cock is replaced with electric butt plugs shoved up Seth and Brock's ass as they're ordered to blow their loads. Finally, Christian rewards both studs by covering their faces in his hot cum and having them lick up every drop.
Zeb Atlas Shirtless on the Beach
04.01.2015 , Hard Male Muscle

Bodybuilder and porn star Zeb Atlas shirtless on the beach

Thought we’d wish you a happy New Year with this pic of Zeb Atlas showing off his glorious pecs and abs on a lonely beach. Ah, Zeb – bodybuilder, porn star and muscle model, and we just can’t get enough of him. This shot was taken right after paddle boarding, so his massive shoulders and arms are pumped. Inspiring! You can see more of Zeb Atlas by clicking here to go to his official website.

Just Because... (Muscle Bear Edition!)
04.01.2015 ,

Who is this stud? I did some image searches and I could not find his name. He is so handsome!!!
Model of the Week - Elroy Jet
04.01.2015 , flirt4free Elroy Jet is the Model of the Week for the week of May 23rd to May 29th. Elroy Jet is a bisexual muscle top with an 8 inch uncut cock. He is the perfect guy-next-door for your virtual sexual encounter. Be sure to pencil in a date for Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET), Elroy will be putting on a terrific feature show for us.

As a five-star rated performer, Elroy Jet aims to make your online experience a cum-filled memorable one- not to mention one that you will want repeated. He will be spending plenty of time online this week to fulfill all of your requests, so be sure to try out this week's flavor boys!