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Finnish postal service announces iconic Tom of Finland stamps
18.04.2014 , Tom's Blog

TOM OF FINLAND © 1979 Tom of Finland Foundation

People don’t like sending letters anymore. It’s a shame, especially when one of these could be stuck to the front.

Tom of Finland, pseudonym of Touko Laaksonen, is widely considered one of gay art’s most important figures, as well as one of Finland’s best-known sons.

Itella Posti Oy, the Finnish state postal corporation, will release a sheet of three 1st class stamps depicting the artist’s trademark homoerotic images of muscles and leather.

The series will be released on 8 September, coinciding with the launch of a new exhibition, Sealed With A Secret – Correspondence of Tom of Finland, at the Postal Museum in Tampere, detailing a more intimate side to the infamous artist through (you guessed it) the letters he sent throughout his life.

“These are very exciting times in Finland as the country rediscovers one of its national heroes” says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. We heartily agree. 

Sadly, the only way to your hands on the stamps is to go to Finland… or getting some very suggestive airmail. But bravo nonetheless to the Finnish for commemorating such an important gay artist in this way.


Words Dominic Holbrook


These homoerotic stamps celebrate the work of Tom of Finland
18.04.2014 , Tom's Blog


Credit: Itella Posti Artwork: TOM OF FINLAND © 1979, 1978 Tom of Finland Foundation

Credit: Itella Posti Artwork: TOM OF FINLAND © 1979, 1978 Tom of Finland Foundation

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But as an artist, he was known as Tom of Finland.

He died in 1991.

During his life, he sketched homoerotic images of young men with bulging muscles, mostly dressed in tight leather, or not dressed at all.

His style was always provocative. And like his friend Robert Mapplethorpe, Laaksonen’s work had a huge influence on gay culture.

He depicted men dressed as soldiers, bikers, lumberjacks, construction workers. Tom of Finland’s style influenced artists like the Village People and Freddie Mercury of Queen.

“I don’t think anyone since the Greco-Roman times really adulated and adored the male form like Tom did. He gave us godlike creatures but they had a strong humanity to them. They were fantasy but they were also our friends,” said S. R. Sharp, VP | Curator of Tom of Finland Foundation.

Sharp says that Laaksonen’s work played a crucial role in changing the way gay men in the mid-20th century saw themselves.

“We were very limited in our imagery before Tom of Finland. We were depicted as sissies or poofs or pansies, fairies, often feminized and made lesser than. Tom sort of turned it around and made us more than.”

The images the Foundation chose for the stamps don’t represent the most graphic of Tom of Finland’s work. But one of the three designs shows a man’s naked backside with a face peering between the legs.

There are a number of countries around the world where a stamp with a man’s buttocks on it would not be well-received - like Saudi Arabia or Nigeria where homosexuality is illegal. And it’s not unprecedented for a country to bar mail because of an offensive stamp, according to the American Philatelic Society’s Ken Martin.

“The most famous, I think was what was probably the first nude on a postage stamp, Spain in 1930 issued a series with a painting by Goya of a nude which attracted a lot of attention, “Martin says. ”As best as I can determine, it appears the United States postal service rejected and returned mail bearing those stamps in the 1930s.”

The Tom of Finland stamps are not the first to celebrate gay culture. In 2010, Austria issued a stamp celebrating the 15th anniversary of Vienna’s Rainbow Parade. And next month the US Postal Service will issue a stamp with the image of American gay rights advocate Harvey Milk.

Tom of Finland stamps will be released in September in conjunction with a retrospective exhibit of his life and work.

PRIBy Andrea Crossan

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Sal Mineo: The First Gay Teen Idol
18.04.2014 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding

I saw Sal Mineo for the first time on January 2nd, 1971, on an episode of My Three Sons. His character, Jim Bell, tries to convince college-age Robbie Douglas (Don Grady) to run away with him for a life of freedom and adventure.

Since I was already convinced that Robbie liked boys, not girls, in spite of his marriage to Katie (Tina Cole), it was easy to see Robbie trying to choose between heterosexist "normalcy" and embracing the wild passionate love of men for men.

But I didn't realize at the time that Sal Mineo was gay in real life, or that Don Grady knew it, and didn't mind.

Born in 1939, Sal was only sixteen when he starred as Plato, the gay-coded kid who develops a crush on James Dean's Jim Stark in the Boomer classic Rebel without a Cause (1955).

When James Dean died two weeks before the premiere of Rebel, he became a myth; Sal Mino lived, and had to negotiate the tricky terrain of being gay and a teen idol in the 1950s.

Except for his role as the aggressively girl-crazy Angelo Barrato in Rock, Pretty Baby (1957) with John Saxon, he selected covertly homoerotic projects: his characters mooned over a teen gang leader (played by John Cassavetes) in Crime in the Streets (1956), and fell in love-at-first-sight with an ex-con (played by James Whitmore) in The Young Don't Cry (1957).  Even in the Disney Western Tonka (1958), his Native American bonded with a horse rather than a girl.

In 1957, Sal started a musical career, but his records charted poorly, in spite of teen magazine acclaim.  He was a competent performer, and staggeringly handsome in a field where looks were everything, and he might have become a prominent musician, except for the rumors that were emerging in the yellow press.

To establish himself as heterosexual, Sal made the rounds of Hollywood hot spots with teen starlets, and he began putting his barbell-toned physique on display in every performance.  His screen characters became heterosexual, but their practices were oddly organized around triangulations.

In The Gene Krupa Story (1959), drummer Gene Krupa (Sal) goes to New York along with his best buddy Eddie Sirota (teen idol James Darren, soon to star in Time Tunnel) to make it big in the Roaring Twenties jazz scene.  Gene gets a girlfriend, then a wife, Eth (Susan Kohner), but Eddie does not; he is perfectly content to be a third wheel, making do with an occasional sultry look.

When Gene is boy-toyed by a fast-track jazz club singer, it is Eddie, not Eth, who feels betrayed: "Those girls meant nothing to me!" he exclaims, as if it is his friend Eddie, not Eth, who requires an explanation.

After many heart-to-hearts and admonitions, both Eddie and Eth tire of Gene's self-destructive boozing and partying, and leave, then return for a reconciliation.  The requisite fade-out scene shows man and woman walking off into hetero-domestic bliss, but it is clear that Gene has a more intimate, passionate, and permanent relationship with Eddie.

During the 1960s, Sal demonstrated his talent as a serious dramatic actor in Exodus (1960), The Longest Day (1962), and The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), but the rumors about his sexual identity barred him from major starring roles.

Unless he played aggressively heterosexual characters -- and displayed his physique in multiple shirtless, underwear, and nude shots, as in  Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965).  His muscles eased the suspicion of audiences who thought that gay men were all frail, wispy things.

The rise of gay pride in the 1960s made Sal increasingly comfortable with his identity, so just before Stonewall, he dropped the heterosexual facade, announced to the world that he was gay, and began looking for same-sex romance.  He dated a number of celebrities, including (according to rumor) Don Johnson and Bobby Sherman, before settling down with After Dark model Courtney Burr.

And he returned to roles that were more overtly homoerotic, on stage as a prison rapist in Fortune and Men's Eyes with Don Johnson (and, for a brief period, former Dennis the Menace Jay North), as a gay jewel thief on SWAT Team (with Christopher George), and as a gay burglar  in P.S. Your Cat is Dead.  

Not to mention that episode of My Three Sons.

On the night of February 12, 1976, he was stabbed to death outside his apartment after surprising a burglar.

He left a lasting legacy as one of the first out Hollywood stars.