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Hot Fitness Male Model, Michael Fitt Part III - Calling Out Sexiest
03.11.2014 , gay Sex Slut Blog
Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt

Calling Out Sexiest

Hereís another popular webcam dude, Michael Fitt who can be seen mostly on CamWithHim. He is good-looking with the GQ face, lean body, and really good with this webcam stuff. Michael fitt is too hot! OH man just love everything he does and how he does it!!! MORE man MORE!!! Hot Fitness Model Shows Off. I saw his video, he's so hot while he....... On his website, he shoot video everyday. He update the site on a regular basis which demands a lot of time shooting. Heís always coming up with creative themes and subject matter for videos. Michael got into bodybuilding when he was in high school. He was always combating a lightening speed metabolism when he was younger and working out religiously balanced him out. And also gave him some sexy, which is never a bad thing.

Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt

Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt

Michael Fitt has become a gay icon, it all started when this young man of 23 years, a passion for fitness and modeling, decided to show her body on Youtube while muscles. In one night, the videos have toured the world, and fans began to count the hundreds. 5 months later, a new stage is reached when Michael Fitt is selling its first erotic DVD. GayBuzz wished to know more about this bogosse who can speak to gays! He has kindly agreed to answer our questions, even the most indiscreet!

Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt

Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt Hot Fitness Model - Michael Fitt
Hayden Clark
03.11.2014 , gay Sex Slut Blog

From Randy Blue:
Hayden Clark is one of those guys who immediately makes you think of sex. You can't help but stare, watching him work out in the gym with his smooth college muscle flexing with each and every rep. He's one of those horny college jocks that make even the straight guys give a second look. At six foot one and one hundred and seventy pounds his chiseled abs and firm pecs are stunning to look at. But in contrast to the smoothness of his chest he has these awesome hairy legs and deliciously furry butt. But one of his most striking features you won't see at the gym unless you're spotting him for sit ups and get really lucky or happen to luck out and end up in the showers at the same time. His nice thick cock rises out a patch of well manicured pubes and demands your attention. Even flaccid it's impressive but when fully hard it's a piece of art. The long thick ...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - Halloween Whore Gang Fucked by the Horny Crowd
03.11.2014 , Bound In Public Picture Gallery Update
A crowd of horny men gather at the castle for a special BIP Halloween. As the party starts the main attraction, Ray Han is dragged in as "The Halloween Whore". He's passed around, his arms bound and a pumpkin shoved on his head while the crowd feels up his ripped muscles. With the pumpkin on his head the crowd starts putting his mouth to work, shoving their cocks down his throat as his nipples are tormented with clover clamps. The guys throw him on the couch and start fucking him from both ends. They take the pumpkin off his face to put his mouth to better use. Ray's dragged all across the room, taking cock after cock as each horny guy steps up to fuck. Ray's beaten with the flogger to the roar of the cheering crowd before Adam Herst gives him one last relentless fuck. The bound whore is brought to his knees to receive the crowd's loads of cum all over his face. Happy Halloween!!!
02.11.2014 , Sexy Dudes


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02.11.2014 , Sexy Male Ass


#naked Sunday
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Abraham Al Malek & Johnny V. Are Muscle Hunk “Filthy Fucks” @ Raging Stallion Studios
02.11.2014 , Chronicles of Pornia

Raging Stallion Studios gives us all the meat we can load up on in one dose as super sexy duo Abraham Al Malek & Johnny V. are muscle stud hunk “Filthy Fucks” only at Raging Stallion Studios.

The combined brawn exhibited alone is enough to spill all over your bush as Johnny rides Abraham’s sturdy wood now at Raging Stallion Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Raging Stallion Studios

Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten again
02.11.2014 , Dungeon Boys

The Pit – Seth Santoro thinks he has what it takes to make it through 30 Minutes of Torment, so he starts off with his hands bound above his head while Van pulls down on his balls. The muscled stud screams at the top of his lungs once the flogger and bamboo cane is brought out, before moving on to his second challenge. – The Chair – Seth is tied down to the chair with a dildo in his ass to hold him in place. A row of painful clothespins are pinched across his torso as Van torments him with the electric zapper. Seth is brought to his limit once the clothespins are taken off and his sensitive chest is beaten with the crop. – The Gimp Station – Suspended in the air, Seth’s made to swallow the gimp’s hard cock while enduring a flogging to his backside. His torment continues as the gimp rams his cock deep into Seth’s ass before covering his face with cum. As reward for completing the 30 Minute Challenge, Seth gets to blow all the cum out of his aching cock.

Go to 30 Minutes of Torment Ľ

Manhunt Man of The Week: Misty2009, The Man Behind The Six Pack
02.11.2014 , Manhunt Daily

Thatís not a case of dťjŗ vu youíre having — youíve definitely seen these chiseled abs before. But who is the guy behind that six-pack? His Manhunt profile might be on the sparse side, but donít let that stop you from talking to him! Find out more about this buff Brit in this Manhunt Man of the Week interview!

- Karsh

Photo credit: Justin Tayler

Scroll on down to read our interview and see more pics of misty2009:


Hey there, Daniel! How are things going with you today?

I’m really good, thank you. I’ve started working out in the mornings before work, so it’s a fantastic start to the day!

Speaking of working out, your body is fantastic. What is your workout and diet routine like?

Thank you. I think routine is the key. I train five times a week, Monday through Friday. I usually do split routine sessions where I train 1-2 muscle groups maximum at a time so I can hit them really hard.

I treat my diet like my gym sessions by sticking to a routine and preparing all my meals the night before. I drink lots of water and snack on dried fruits and nuts. On the weekends, I like to have nutritious meals, but I will also have my favourite treats! My ethos has always been that if you work hard you deserve some rewards!

A little birdie told me that you have a twin brother, so there’s TWO impossibly ripped hot guys taking the UK by stormÖ

Hahaha! This is very true, so watch out! #DoubleTrouble


We’ve featured you before on Manhunt Daily, where Dewitt had this to say about your profile: “His profileís sparse when it comes to personal information, but who needs words when youíve got a body like this?” I’ve gotta ask — what’s up with the meager profile?

Thank you for previously featuring me on Manhunt Daily! I was flattered! I prefer guys to find things out for themselves rather than read it on a profile. Nothing beats having an actual conversation! I also found that it shapes a preconceived notion in peoplesí minds by saying too much!

I think a lot of the text people write tends to be jargon! Itís important to keep an open mind.

How has your Manhunt experience been? Any hot highlights?

Itís been brilliant! You never know where something will go. Hook-ups can become friends or partners; itís pretty exciting!

I met one of my best mates on Manhunt, as well as my ex. In July, I also met the most amazing guy! I originally met him when I was hired to work as a Manhunt Boy last year at WE Party, so I have Manhunt to thank for initially meeting him!

Plus, the guys are hotter than Gaydar!

Are you single?

Iím in a long distance relationship.


Aww, no local lovin’? What type of guys generally pique your interest?

I always go for quality over quantity. If the one I like is far, then Iíll travel the distance. As far as a specific type? I like a cheeky smile! I can be timid, so I tend to go for boisterous and outgoing guys who I can have banter with! Physically, Iím attracted to muscular guys. They donít have to be perfectly ripped!

Tell me about some of your other hobbies.

I like really simple things like going to the movies, drinks at a nice bar and beautiful restaurants. I love Borough Market!

Strength training is a big part of my life. I love the results, and itís a brilliant way for me to de-stress.

Speaking of strength training, you just competed in your first fitness show earlier this year. Tell us about that experience. What did you learn?

Competing for the first time was the most challenging thing I have ever done. By nature I’m pretty timid, so it was very nerve wracking. I’ve worked really hard on my physique, so I felt I owed it to myself to put all that hard work into action.

I learnt that you cannot judge a book by its cover. My perception of competing was ignorant. I thought it was narcissistic and ego-driven, but the drive, determination and hard work competitors put in is truly inspirational.


You mentioned a good point there about not judging a book by its cover. Do you think that you get judged in a similar fashion?

All the time. I have been very lucky to get hired for various fitness shoots and events, but I do think that peopleís opinions of you are coloured by the work you do. Whatís nice is when someone gets to know you, and they see that all the preconceptions they may have had are completely inaccurate.

So where can the men of Manhunt out there follow you online?

They can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.




Tyler Hanson is Cock Starved. But Probably Not for Long.
02.11.2014 , Gay Daily Hot

A-pjp-tyler-hanson-HOOPLATyler Hanson is an 18 year old blond kid with a rock hard bod, sweet looking nipples and one surprisingly hairy butt.B-pjp-tyler-hanson-HOOPLAIn his Gay Hoopla debut, Tyler jerks it with fellow GHer (and BFF) Daniel Carter watching and egging him on.C-pjp-tyler-hanson-HOOPLAThis gives the scene a nice, offbeat feel.More Tyler soon, promises Hoopla.