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My Little Black Book : Dangerous Part 1...
07.01.2014 , Ice Cream And Rainbows
"...every now and then... i find myself doing a little soul searching about why is it just so hard for me to find a decent guy to call my own... and in this particular episode of my life... i looked back on my experiences with guys that just make me wonder... where are all the good guys...?"

this guy was oh so memorable... he was the one who aggressively pursued me because i was so much his "type"... he said he noticed that i was a newbie on this gay social app and just wanted to get to know me...  one thing led to another...  and then i met up with him like the very next day...  he brought me to have a late night supper at mc donaldís and he helped me finish my chicken nuggets...(i guess u can understand why i code named him FATTY ? :-P) 

he insisted that i should one day accompany him to his usual hang out place  which was a nice cozy gay bar... i never even knew there were actual gay bars in my town!?... so i agreed to go with him... he fetched me after he finished work and took me back to his place first... he took a shower and totally got dressed (and undressed ) in front of me!!! ....

i was like  (oooo this is nice?!... but pls keep in mind that he is a FATTY ! :-P )... so "man boobs" and a "third trimester laughing Buddha pregnant belly" was definitely not gonna get me hard at any point... but it was really nice to experience a guy stripping  in front of you so nonchalantly ... hmmm made me think about if i had a boyfriend ... iím sure this would be a regular free peep show for me... (sigh)...

anyways we got to the bar and the place was filled with hotties and cuties... but only one thing... NOBODY talked to me all night long except the bartender... AND HE WAS STRAIGHT!...  apparently there was this unwritten rule with FATTY ... he was some sort of possessive big shot "socialgay" extraordinaire who knew all the gays in town and has a ga zillion friends on facebook... and he did warn me that NOBODY would dare talk to me unless he introduced them to me...

so i just sat there by the bar trying to have a good time while FATTY went around socializing with all his friends... so i sipped and sipped on my pink coloured girly alcoholic cocktail and got myself feeling a lil' tipsy...

then all of a sudden...this super gorgeous tall skinny guy with defined cheekbones and sweeping justin bieber hair came strolling in... and surprise? surprise? ... he was also one of FATTYíS friends...  (and this was the turning point of the night)... i noticed that FATTY was messaging  gorgeous on his phone and i looked over and saw what gorgeous sent FATTY... and it read...

to be continued...

Jason Matthews Flips with Tristan Stiles
07.01.2014 , Broke Straight Boys Blog


At the start of this update Tristan Stiles and Jason Matthews are sitting on the studio bed, laughing at an inside joke? How many of you popped wood just by looking at these two?† The cameraman wants a story from one of them, and Jason shares his new tattoo. “It’s my first and only tattoo,” Jason observes. It’s a portal, but there’s no special significance.

“It doesn’t really mean anything to me,” Jason says. “I was real drunk and I was like, ‘You know what? I want a tattoo!’” Booze makes all decisions better. LOL! The cameraman is confused by this, but Jason adds his girlfriend has the same tat. He goes on to list her good qualities (cooking and sex). Apparently Jason once dated a† woman who was going to culinary school, but couldn’t boil pasta. “Even I can’t mess up a pasta,” Tristan says. The guys remove their shirts and get on the bed.

The cameraman gives them props for looking good. Jason gets completely naked first. His dick is still soft, but he knows how to make it ready to play. “Put your tongue in my mouth,” Jason commands. The two lads kiss and make out. Swapping spit is so sexy. This tongue dance has done the trick to Jason’s johnson. Tristan leans down and sucks away. He deep throats that rod, getting it wet with spit. Jason leans back and lets Tristan do what he does best. “Oh, yeah,” Jason whispers.

He decides to offer Tristan some of the same oral loving. He gets him out of his pants and swallows everything Tristan has. He works some mouth magic, making sure to nose nuzzle Tristan’s pubes. There’s another round of kissing before the fucking. Jason will get fucked first. After Tristan puts on a condom, Jason lubes it up. “Have to get it nice and juicy,” Jason says in a faux British accent.
He pushes Tristan on the bed and straddles him. It takes a few attempts, but the sausage finally gets in. Jason goes up and down, taking control. “Fuck, yeah,” he moans, Tristan doesn’t have to do anything but be still.

But soon he wants to get a workout. Jason gets on his back, and Tristan returns to that warm, dark, place. Each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason’s spot. “Fuck, yeah. Give me that dick,” Jason orders. How can Tristan refuse? Would you? However, giving and receiving is no fun. So after smooching, Tristan gets on his back. Jason works his meat into that man pussy, making Tristan all moist. Jason is a gentle top, so he gives Tristan a kiss between strokes. This pushes Tristan over the edge and he shoots a load that covers his pale stomach. Jason pulls out, kisses Tristan, licks some of the lost man juice, and gives Tristan a taste. This causes Jason to bust cum all over Tristan’s stomach. Two man milk loads coating Jason’s yummy tummy!

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Jason Matthews &†Tristan Stiles

dirtystraightguys:HANDSOME AND HUNG STRAIGHT...
07.01.2014 , Hot College Guys



apparently its naked straight firefighter day on tumblr.† yay!Follow Me:†

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straight yorks scott requested

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~Tony requested~
Send in your request for straight guys, Instagram only.

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Martin hot straight guy requested

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~Declan Requested~
Send in your request for straight guys, Instagram only.

My First Time
07.01.2014 , Gay Asian
Gay Asian Porn

Meet Leo, our newest member to Japanboyz. Leo is actually straight and came to us looking to try something new, "gay for pay" and earn some extra money. He enjoys surfing and it shows with his nicely toned body. If you don't mind me saying so, he's definitely a "good looker" with his chiseled facial features and rock jaw. This is one guy I'm sure has all the girls AND guys watching him when at the beach. I split up the interview as it's a bit lengthy as we get to know more about Leo. We paired Leo up with Yura for his first experience with "gay sex." You probably remember Yura from the "Yura Challenge" with Takashi. Yura is very sensual and gentle and we felt a good "fit" for Leo. Yura actually went down on Leo first to show him the ropes but the scene with Leo exploring Yura's body with his hands and kissing his nipples and neck was so hot that I decided to share that with you first. This video is filled with passion and tender moments between these two young men. Watching Leo, you can tell by watching his hands, the way he moves them, where he explores Yura's body, that he's not new to sex, just a different kind of plumbing. Enjoy Leo's first "gay sex" experience with us here on Japanboyz.

There's a LOT more to cum with Leo as we follow his "explorations."

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XMAS Special – Bukkake for Tristan
06.01.2014 , TWINK BLOG

Tristan gets on his knees and has to take it from all the guys. The guys love cumming all over his face.

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