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tsgs3:More mall spying.  Have something worth sharing?Email...
22.11.2013 , dudepubes


More mall spying.  

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Naked Marine Buddies Wrestling… 12 Full minutes of… Conduct Unbecumming…
21.11.2013 , Gay Daily Hot

Watch hot horny straight Marine buddies Steve and Robbie work out some aggression with their cocks out as they naked wrestle on their buddy’s floor in this hot amateur home video.

But it’s more than just that… we get to see some shower action, some buddy Jerk Off action… one of them fucks what looks like a rubber ass and for ME, the hottest part is at the end where the guys just sit around casually chatting while two of the guys jerk off in front of them.

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harveywalker:sexflexblog:Hung straight guy’s girlfriend...
21.11.2013 , DUDETUBE



Hung straight guy’s girlfriend films him getting head from a gay dude. She eggs him on until he cums in the dude’s mouth. HOT!!!

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These are the kinds of hetero couples I like being friends with.

Swallowing Big Chad's Load
21.11.2013 , Boy-Bg Video
Swallowing Big Chad's Load
Chad Watched as I Licked Up Every Drop of Cum. These Straight Guys Are Often Amazed When You Swallow Their Spunk. Most of Their Girlfriends and Wives Won't Take a Load In Their Mouths Let Alone Swallow It. Chad Told Me I Did Such a Thorough Job of Sucking Down His Load That He Didn't Even Need to Cleanup Afterward. That's What I Like to Hear!
Director: Seth Chase
exposingexhibitionists:guyspantsdown:Naked marine motel...
20.11.2013 , RUGGERDAN'S WORLD



Naked marine motel party

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Straight men are kinda boring, do you agree?
20.11.2013 , Gay Male Love

Boring?  I couldn’t say that as some blanket statement.  I have met some boring straight men… but they were boring due to how the acted… not because they are straight.

I have heard some people say that straight people have “boring” sex.  So maybe you mean it that way.  I have known some straight people that just get into a routine with their partners.  But again… too hard to say it’s because they’re straight… that they’re boring.  

It is interesting to wonder if gay people have the corner market on a sexual revolution.  I’m not claiming we do… but it is worth noting just how comfortable gay men are about sex, in general.  I mean, sure… some are definitely NOT comfortable talking about gay sexy… but overall, I think we expose ourselves to more… generally speaking.  

Still… none of that would have anything to do with a straight man being “boring”.  What do you guys think?

Interesting to think about tho… thanks for the question.


Bait Buddies
20.11.2013 , new gay porn at GayDemon

Bait Buddies

Score: 75 / 100

Bait Buddies is one of the better "tricked straight guy" sites around, with a nice variety of men. The site offers regular weekly updates, downloadable DRM-free videos, videos for mobiles, and plenty of hot str8 guys stroking their cocks or having gay sex. read review..

hotcraigslistguys:Hot kik submit. 19, straight but open...
20.11.2013 , That Ry Guy


Hot kik submit. 19, straight but open minded. Hopefully open minded enough to let me suck that awesome dick balls deep ;)

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"Gay folks are now allowed to get married in San Francisco. All of California. So right now, gay men are asking themselves the big question: who's driving and who nags." --David Letterman
"A monumental victory for the gay rights movement. The California Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a ban on gay marriage. This is great news for the state's mesh tuxedo industry." --Amy Poehler
"The California Supreme Court ruled that it is legal for homosexuals to get married in California. ... As a result, thousands of wedding planners will finally get to plan their own wedding." --Conan O'Brien
"The California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on gay marriage. Man, you thought it was bad for single women before. All the good ones are either gay or married. Now they're gay and married. ... In fact, in West Hollywood, man, guys are so happy, they were overturning each other." --Jay Leno
"The California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriage, paving the way for California's first legal gay marriages not involving Liza Minnelli. So that's pretty good. This is groundbreaking. You know what this means? Finally, taking loved ones for granted won't be just for straight people anymore." --Jay Leno
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