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01.11.2013 , That Ry Guy



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“Mmm, Oh, I Love That Big Juicy Dick!”
01.11.2013 , Manhunt Daily

If you love William‘s big juicy dick so much, Quinn, then why don’t you marry it? At least somebody would be walking down the aisle! My new gay porn crush, Brandon Moore, has destroyed my spirits by rejecting my marriage proposal, claiming he’s too much of a “wild one” to become one of my chosen “brother husbands”… Ugh! Did he miss the point? I want to marry a slut.

Perhaps I should redirect my energy toward Quinn, a hungry little cocksucker who seems to have a track record of using his ass to introduce straight guys to the joys of gay sex. He seems like the perfect addition to join Troy Daniels, Rich Kelly and the rest of my continually-growing harem of “brother husbands”. Don’t worry, though! I’ll still let other men fuck him once we’re married. Like I said, I want to marry a slut.

- Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

Watch William work his huge cock into Quinn’s insatiable hole below:

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

William works his big dick into Quinns eager ass in a bareback scene for gay porn site Corbin Fisher.

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Straight Man Attacked in Omaha for Defending Gay Friends
30.10.2013 ,
"A straight man from Omaha, Neb., says he was beaten last weekend after defending his gay friends, one of whom was in drag, after they were harassed at a restaurant, reports WOWT, NBC’s Omaha affiliate station.

Ryan Langenegger told the station that his two friends, Josh Foo and Jacob Gellinger, who was in drag, were eating at Pepperjax Grill around 2 a.m. on Saturday when a group of men started harassing them.

"We were eating and there was three guys watching us and one of them stepped up and was a foot or two away from my friend [Gellinger] and he just kept saying should I should I?" Langenegger said.
Gellinger told the men he is aware he is a "boy in a dress." According to Langenegger, the men told Gellinger: "Yeah, you’re disgusting and more colorful language and insisted on using more derogatory toward my two friends." The men also used gay slurs towards the friends.

The three friends decided to leave the restaurant but Langenegger claims the group of men followed them outside to the parking lot and cut them off, blocking them from leaving the restaurant." Full story here via Edge Media!

WGB: Ryan, you are a good kid sticking up for your friends like you did. I am fortunate to have several really close straight male friends and know they would do the same. 
Spring 1980: The Priest with Three Boyfriends
29.10.2013 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
In the spring of 1980, my sophomore year at Augustana College, Fred the ministerial student took me to Des Moines, where he had friends among the closeted gay religious community. Like Oscar, who had a romance with future President Ronald Reagan back in the 1930s.  And Malcolm Boyd, the Episcopal priest who wrote the counterculture classic Are You Running with Me, Jesus? (he actually came out in 1977, but I didn't know until we had lunch together).

We stayed with Thomas, a Episcopal priest whose congregation didn't know: "They assume that because I'm a priest, I'm celibate."  He lived alone, except for two dogs, with a huge collection of pornographic magazines and photos, both gay and straight, neatly classified by author, magazine, and type.  I spent the afternoon rummaging through it while Fred and Thomas were out talking about religion or something -- Fred didn't approve of porn -- and got my first glimpse of some of the great gay erotic artists, like Tom of Finland, Sean, and the Hun.

I thought Thomas lived alone, but the first night of our stay, I woke up in the middle of the night, walked down the hall to the bathroom, and found the door to Thomas's bedroom wide open.  The lights were dim, but inside I saw two guys asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

The next day at breakfast I met Boyfriend #1, a tall, slim redhead who worked at one of Des Moines' straight bars. He lived with his girlfriend, but sometimes came over when his shift ended.

Later that day, we had lunch with Oscar, Malcolm Boyd, Thomas, and Boyfriend #2.  I don't remember much about him.

I drove back to the house later that evening -- Fred was off with Oscar -- and yelled "Is anybody home?"  No answer.

Thomas was in the study, with porn magazines scattered all about, naked.  Kissing a very muscular teenager.  Also naked.

Boyfriend #3!

He disentangled himself long enough to say "Jason, Jeff.  Jeff, Jason."  In the midst of a kiss, the boy held out his hand for me to shake!

Freaking out, I retreated to my bedroom and sat down in a swivel chair.  Jason followed. He stood at my bedroom door, naked.  "Hey, I hope we didn't scare you," he said, panting.  "It's no big deal -- we were just playing around."

"No, it's fine.  I'm sorry I disturbed you."

"You didn't disturb us."  He walked over to me and caressed my chest.  "You're hot.  Maybe we could get together later."

Was he asking me for a date, with his boyfriend in the next room? " have a lover," I stammered.  That was our word for same-sex relationships.

"Me, too.  And a girlfriend.  He can come, too -- the more the merrier."

Now Thomas stood in the doorway, naked, huge. "Can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?" he said, feigning anger, but with his eyes twinkling. "Get back in the playroom, pronto!"

He paused.  "You too, Jeff!"

Jason was three years younger than me, still in high school, but Thomas was his third lover, and he'd had sex with lots of other guys.  He met them at the park, at adult bookstores, at the YMCA.  "I'll take you sometime," he offered.

I refused -- going with a complete stranger?  Gross!  Besides, I had a lover.

  But I was single two years later, when I ran into Jason again.
He’s Looking For A Gym Partner (With Benefits)
29.10.2013 , Manhunt Daily

Confession! That headline’s slightly embellished. Archinumid only says he’s “checking the scene out” on his Manhunt profile, moving on to state that a “gym partner would be excellent”. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll also notice that he’s a 29 year-old versatile top from Washington, D.C. who’s into the following and then some—kissing, jerking off, sucking, rimming, fucking, nipple play, group sex, feet/socks, massages, porn, rough sex, dad/son roleplay, fuck buddies, friends, straight/bi men and no strings action.

Essentially, he’s no prude, and we enjoy that about him! We left out the part where he’s into jockstraps above, because if you ever get him to unlock his private pictures, then you’ll understand why he’d make an excellent gym partner… Just, uh, trust us on this one! Charming his pants off would be worth it (especially if he’s wearing a jockstrap). Taking a shower next to him would not be the worst either (especially if he accidentally drops the soap).

Blargh! We might as well just say it at this point. He’s got a great butt.

- Dewitt

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Jacking off with hung uncut Troi at Chaos Men
29.10.2013 , Big Balls

They are always adding hot new guys to the Chaos Men site, and Troi is definitely another that I would love to see sharing his cock with other guys. This hung uncut straight dude is so fucking sexy it’s unreal, with a great body and the kind of hooded dick I could spend hours sucking on and draining of cum.

Even hearing how he came to the studio is hot as hell. Silas found this guy, they work out together and when the horny hunk saw Troi’s hung uncut cock in the showers he suggested that he would be perfect for appearing on video. Surprisingly, the straight guy wasn’t fazed at all by another guy commenting on his cock, and he admitted that he’d thought about at least jacking off on video for a site before.

So here he is, a hot straight guy with a big uncut dick enjoying showing off his manhood and stroking it to a hot load of cum.

I’m wondering how long it’s going to be before they team the friends up for a duo, I’m sure Silas has been checking out that big dick and wondering how he can get his straight friend fucking his ass ;)

Hung straight guy Troi wanking on video


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Taken From Tumblr: Naked Bros
29.10.2013 , Manhunt Daily

Everyone loves a bro. Ok, everyone loves a bro on Tumblr. Unlike in public where they tend to be disgusting, ruin concerts, and pick fights with the bouncer, on Tumblr they’re usually naked and on top of each other. The truth is, all bros are homos! No, that’s not true. But bro behavior is the way they safely explore their sexuality. They just don’t know it. They’re pretty drunk.

Speaking of Tumblr, look – it’s Manhunt’s!

- J. Harvey

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100 gay-themed adult blogs on tumblr, listed in no particular...
28.10.2013 , Tumblin w/ Hotties

100 gay-themed adult blogs on tumblr, listed in no particular order. There are lots more so be sure to look through the note section to find more. (Part II here)

Happy cock hunting*!

  1. tumblinwithhotties - of course :o)
  2. homoeroica
  3. mycollectionofguysss?
  4. gaydreams?
  5. syn0d
  6. eu-vian
  7. corbinfisher
  8. adoradordepelos
  9. adickdidtoporn
  10. mybiggaytumblog
  11. jockboynextdoor
  12. gaynessandgeekery
  13. mercuryjones
  14. boipvssy
  15. jackoffbros
  16. cocksturnmeon
  17. myfuzzythoughts
  18. clickingtheheart
  19. nevillepowerbottom
  20. bookofboys
  21. boysandboyswithboys
  22. semeuke
  23. thedailyhaul
  24. edcapitola
  25. efilygay
  26. unofficialbrokestraightboys
  27. romy7
  28. One Stylish Kid
  29. takingoff38
  30. Broadway Porn
  31. randyblueofficial
  32. fuckyeahhugepenis
  33. beautifulgaylife
  34. fucksleepcum 
  35. drtysfguy
  36. hunkopedia
  37. jizzandhair
  38. thickdick6x7
  39. jerk-smooth
  40. manlovesmanatees
  41. talldaddy
  42. ex-frat-man
  43. mancrushoftheday
  44. menino-levado
  45. cocktaste
  46. pornesque
  47. troyisstillnaked
  48. castromarketsfca
  49. maxtor
  50. trashyprinces
  51. menilove
  52. sugaronastick
  53. menwithscruff
  54. niceguywithatwistedmind 
  55. nickologist
  56. otterfiles
  57. pantherisfat
  58. awesomehotguys
  59. edu-dudu
  60. thehomosexuallyfrustrated
  61. the-sexual-frustrated
  62. parkermassey
  63. royalqueers
  64. fraternityrow
  65. frat-in-fl
  66. shirtlessboys
  67. massivegayblog
  68. mycandidcandor
  69. fuckinggrotesque
  70. gqjock
  71. sinfuljock
  72. tennesseejockboy
  73. horniestinalltheland
  74. gay-gifs/fagsmut
  75. malemayhem
  76. gopack13
  77. catholicboysintrouble
  78. uncuts
  79. bromancing-the-stone
  80. manly goodness
  81. bonermakers
  82. packageinspector
  83. boisehorndawg
  84. boicumm
  85. boisbonersncum
  86. midwestcockhound
  87. Oh Yeaaah
  88. Leather Jock
  89. Wet Men
  90. Calm Your Dick
  91. ohmyhotandhairy
  92. theawkwardboner
  93. steppenwolf24
  94. andromalehotness
  95. sexveryhot
  96. homopower
  97. passionatelovehurst
  98. mystuffff
  99. rim-runner
  100. arch-noble

* one or two of these may be cock-free but they are still worth following.