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Three’s Company: The Best Spit-Roasts, Sandwich Fucks & Double Penetration of 2013
06.12.2013 , Manhunt Daily

The gorgeous young man you see above, Kevin Warhol, gracefully slid his way into the top two spots on our year-end countdown of the best Three’s Company entries. Meanwhile, the studio that he calls home, Bel Ami, makes up for half of the posts in the top ten, provided you count their Cocky Boys crossover in the playful flick RoadStrip.

(This is starting to become a trend now! Bel Ami also dominated earlier this week on our countdown of the Best & Sluttiest Boys of 2013. If this concerns you, we should point out that there’s one category where they definitely won’t dominate.)

As usual, it should be clarified that this list was composed based on pure popularity alone. We’re genuinely baffled that this scene didn’t make the cut, and even this one deserved some extra attention… Oh well! There’s always next year. The Three’s Company series is relatively new, so all in all, we’re just happy you guys have enjoyed it so much.

- Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

Take a look at the top Three’s Company posts of 2013:



D.O. Threesome

We wrote: “Most of us have not had the opportunity to have a threesome in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle with two fantastically gorgeous men. We’re guessing that’s a safe assumption to make?… Be that as it may, we are rather jealous of gay porn star D.O.‘s oh-so-exotic romp with Diego Lauzen and Tiziano Fuentes.”



Jarek, Taylor and Brent in a bareback threesome for Sean Cody

We wrote: “If reading the name “Jarek” wasn’t enough to get your dick hard, then we should probably mention that this is one of the best threesomes we’ve seen all year. We know, we know! It’s hard to believe us when we’re always making such big claims, but we promise we’re not going all “boy who cried biggest cum shot” on your asses. This threesome comes complete with absurdly hot guys, crazy rimjobs, spit-roasting, sandwich-fucking, deep ass drilling and the type of high quality man-sex you’ve come to expect from Sean Cody. It’s like Disney World for cock sluts.”



Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria

We wrote: “Oh, you haven’t found two hot guys and boned in a jungle since our last post about Diego Lauzen having a scenic threesome in Costa Rica? You better get with the program soon, because Diego’s done it again in a new clip with Adam Killian and Wagner Vittoria! This one comes equipped with double penetration, and while Wagner joins Diego in bottoming duties, there is unfortunately no double double penetration whatsoever.”



Jack Harrer, Austin Merrick and Alex Waters

We wrote: “We invite you to spot what’s wrong in this completely unedited scene description from Bel Ami… Aside from the glaring error that these boys are clearly Not Lukas Ridgeston, the gay porn studio failed to recognize the implications of the following sentence—”The boys begin the action with some water boarding“. You’ll quickly see what they meant when you watch the scene’s trailer, but uh, that’s not the first type of ‘water boarding‘ that comes up when you look up the phrase.”



Rod Daily has a threesome with former gay porn couple Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero

We wrote: “Because there aren’t nearly enough posts about naked men on Manhunt Daily, I’ve decided to create a new series devoted to threesomes called Three’s Company! Naturally, the inaugural post features gay porn couple Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero, as they invite old friend Rod Daily into their bedroom for a saucy rendezvous. We imagine we’ll be seeing more scenes like this on the pair’s new site Guys In Sweatpants, given how well they play with others.”

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sad face! They eventually broke up.]



Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Jim Kerouac in a threesome

We wrote: “Can we all agree that it was a missed opportunity for me to name this series Three’s Cumpany? This thought occurred me after watching hot young fuckers Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Jim Kerouac go for two rounds on Bel Ami in a threesome complete with multiple loads, big uncut shafts, perfectly tight boy holes and some seriously hot sandwich fucking.”



Tyler Sweet facial

We wrote: “Cooper Reed couldn’t get enough of Johnny Rapid‘s sweet boy pussy after double-penetrating him in prison alongside Landon Conrad, so he took a page out of Marcus Ruhl‘s handbook and bought a creepy sex doll in his likeness! Of course, since that wasn’t nearly strange enough, he also bought one that looks like fellow gay porn twink (and bane of my existence) Tyler Sweet and used them to double-penetrate one another.”



cummy twink hole

We wrote: “Three out of the past four Three’s Company posts have been about Bel Ami scenes or incorporated a Bel Ami model. While we usually make some attempt to mix things up in our ongoing series, exceptions have to be made when you’re faced with Kris Evans‘ legendary cum shots, Dolph Lambert‘s cum-covered hole and Jean-Daniel Chagall‘s cum-covered face. We make exceptions for cum. We always make exceptions for cum.”



Kevin Warhol threesome

We wrote: “It is imperative that you watch the video clip included at the end of this post, in order to understand why I’m writing about this threesome between Kevin Warhol, Todd Rosset and Andre Boleyn. The pics don’t do these boys justice. You need to see the droplets of water running down their slim bodies. You need to see Todd on his knees, greedily devouring Kevin and Andre’s big cocks. You need to see those very same big cocks effortlessly gliding in and out of Todd’s ass.”



Cocky Boys RoadStrip

We wrote: “Road trip buddies and real-life frenemies Max Ryder and Jake Bass both bottom for Bel Ami model Kevin Warhol, in a crossover that’s more “match made in heaven” than cheap gimmick. There are some weird plot aspects involving a hallucinogenic cactus, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on the sex itself. You can head over here if you want to know more about the story.”


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013

They’re Broke They’re Straight and They’re Half Price this weekend
05.12.2013 , Cockenstein the gay porn blog

Sometimes you just can’t pass up a deal…that’s why I thought I’d share this one for you. What better way to stay in the holiday spirit than watching Straight Guys get Fucked in the ass.
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1108 pic 7 525x350 450x300 Theyre Broke Theyre Straight and Theyre Half Price this weekend

Brian Austin Green: The Gay Teen of Beverly Hills 90210
05.12.2013 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
Gay teens of the 1990s remember Brian Austin Green as David Silver on Beverly Hills 90210.  Especially in early seasons, when he had a gay-subtext buddy-bond with Scott (Douglas Emerson).

Beverly Hills had a full range of teen hunks, but David held his own by being gay-coded as flashy, flamboyant, with a good fashion sense.

Brian Austin Green didn't rise to the stratospheric heights of fame as Luke Perry, and he didn't offer the frontal-nudity and big-brothering of Jason Priestley, but he became a respectable teen idol, with many articles and pin-ups in teen magazines, and lots of speculation that he was gay.

After all, he was flashy and feminine in real life, too, and he wore an earring back when very few straight guys did.

As if to respond to the rumors, Brian played heterosexual characters in  several "message" tv movies, such as She Fought Alone, about a teenage rapist; Laws of Seduction, about a law student "seduced by a beautiful woman": and Teenage Father, about a teenage father.

He has continued to play almost exclusively heterosexual characters, mostly everyday guys seduced by beautiful women.  But at least they allow him to take his shirt off.

But he has at least one buddy-bonding movie: Southside (2003), about two friends (Brian, Bret Roberts) who become amateur boxers.

And one gay role, in an untitled pilot by David Kohan and Max Mutchnik about gay and straight writer buddies.

And a lot of memories.

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Alex Morneti
04.12.2013 , Boy-Bg Video
Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Alex Morneti
Alex Morneti is a muscular straight hunk and he is one good-spirited lad that likes all kinds of physical activities. When he unbuttons his jeans his big pecker pops up forcefully. It is stiff and hard and ready to fuck!
Director: Jake Cruise
Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Tyler Wolfe
04.12.2013 , Boy-Bg Video
Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Tyler Wolfe
Tyler Wolfe is a 22 year-old hunk from San Diego with mocha-colored skin, a powerfully-built body, and a beautiful 7-inch cock. He prefers petite, blonde women and when we introduce him to Kim Gonzalez it's lust at first sight. Tyler likes to pose for the camera, first as he sits on the sofa with his shirt off and then buck naked, his hairy ass on full display. Tyler's cock has a huge head and thick shaft. He proves himself an expert at eating pussy. Tyler loves to fuck and watching him thrust each and every inch of that cock inside his playmate is extremely hot. Tyler pounds Kim from behind, drilling away until the beads of sweat drip from his forehead. In the big climax Tyler shoots his hot load all over Kim's stomach.
Director: Jake Cruise
“What Is It About Fucking Straight Guys That You Like?”
04.12.2013 , Manhunt Daily

Austin Wilde‘s response to this question is classic! He pauses for a moment, then bluntly states to the cameraman, “That they like it so much, I think. I feel like Eli’s really going to like it.” You can judge for yourself whether Austin’s feelings wound up being accurate. His scene partner, Eli Hunter, closes his eyes and moans in ecstasy while taking the gay porn god’s practically legendary dick.

I’m sure some loud mouth’s about to blurt out that he must not really be straight, but let’s go back to our discussion on Tom Daley for a second! If Mr. Hunter chooses to identify as heterosexual, should we automatically doubt his sexuality, just because he enjoys getting his prostate stimulated by another man’s dick? Discuss amongst yourselves.

- Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys In Sweatpants

Watch Austin Wilde fuck straight dude Eli Hunter in the clip below:

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin Wilde fucks straight guy Eli Hunter on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

See even more of Austin in action on GUYS IN SWEATPANTS.



-straight men-

Tuesday Porn Roundup
03.12.2013 , Dudetubehelix1203a.jpgI love seeing Ty Roderick paired with all the hot twinks at Helix Studios. This time he's an architect having his way with late bike messenger Matthew Keading. This twink can't wait to get down on his knees to service Ty's big hard dick. Matthew ends up bent over Ty's desk, with the dominant top slamming away at his sweet ass. I love watching Ty pick up Matthew and bounce him up and down on his thick tool. Matthew's willing to do anything to keep his customer happy and both studs end up delivering impressive loads.helix1203b.jpgbr1203a.jpgYou guys loved Max Gatling's debut at Bentley Race. Now this hung stud is back to show off that big uncut tool. Max's white jockstrap can barely contain his hard dick. I love the way the straps of his jock frame that delicious smooth ass. This straight boy has already become one of the most popular models on Bentley Race and he just can't wait to show off some more.br1203b.jpg
Fall 1983: the Bodybuilder on Crutches
03.12.2013 , Boomer Beefcake and Bonding
When I was in graduate school at Indiana University, there were 30,000 students wandering around on the 2,000 acre campus, but still, everybody knew Jimmy, a graduate student in psychology.  He was a familiar sight, tromping across the campus on his forearm crutches (like these used by R. J. Mitte, star of Breaking Bad).

Like Mitte, Jimmy had cerebral palsy, so his legs didn't work well, although he could walk slowly without crutches inside the house.  Also his hands were a little stiff.

Do you know what happens to a guy who doesn't use his legs much?  His chest, shoulders, and biceps overcompensate.  He becomes "cut" in bodybuilder lingo, a pale hard slab of marble.  Incredible.

So one night in September 1983, when I saw him at Bullwinkle's, I yelled "Score!" (or the 1980s equivalent).

Jimmy  invited me back to the terrible house he shared with two other psychology grad students, who hadn't cleaned the place since 1978.  There was a half-full carton of milk on the kitchen table that expired six months ago.

Sometimes we went to the apartment I shared with Viju, but not often: it was up a flight of stairs, and the only way he could get up and down was to be carried.

We dated through the fall semester, going to dinners and movies and to the bars.  Sometimes we went into Indianapolis to the bars or museums.

None of his family and friends knew that he was gay.  His best friend Tony found out when Jimmy invited him to our Halloween party, and for some reason he went into my bedroom and saw that my wall was emblazoned with pictures of hot guys torn from magazines.

"Where are the pictures of girls?" Tony asked, dumfounded.

He didn't handle it well.  First he yelled at Jimmy for hanging out with a "pervert," and when Jimmy said that he was gay, too, he accused me of brainwashing him.  When he discovered that there were other gay guys at the party, he ran screaming off into the night.

At Thanksgiving Jimmy invited Viju and I to his parents' house in Crawfordsville, but to avoid another scene, we played it cool.  I even responded to a question about "my girlfriend" with a story about a tall blonde soccer player from Iceland.

I thought things were going well, until December 3rd, when Jimmy told me: "We didn't plan on it, but I fell in love with another guy.  We're moving in together."

What guy?

Steve (I forgot the last name.)

One of my students!

Grad students at Indiana teach their own classes during their second year, and Steve was one of the back-of-the-class students, getting straight C's, never participating much.  He was sort of cute, but not very muscular.  I didn't remember him well.

All I could think was: What chutzpah!  Stealing the professor's boyfriend, just before final grades are due!

And I told my parents that I was bringing someone special home for Christmas.  What would they say?

Steve spent the last week of the semester grinning at me, daring me to give him a vengeance F.

I didn't.  He got a C.   Then he moved into Jimmy's horrible house where nothing was ever cleaned, and I invited Viju home for Christmas.

During the spring semester, I often saw Jimmy tromping across the campus on his crutches.  He looked happy.
SpunkWorthy: Straight buddies Dakota and Preston jerk each other off
03.12.2013 ,
Spunk Worthy: Straight buddies Dakota and Preston jerk each other off
Spunk Worthy: Straight buddies Dakota and Preston jerk each other off writes:

“Being workout buddies, Dakota and Preston’s time together usually involves bench presses and pull-ups. Thankfully, with a little cash incentive, these two friends agreed to try a different kind of workout.

This pairing has a little something for everyone. If you like your guys big and hairy, Preston is your man. If you prefer them lean and clean-cut, Dakota will do the trick. Either way, if you want to see real life buddies experimenting, then get ready for one of my favorite scenes yet as these two studs get naked, lube up their cocks, and take their friendship to a whole new level.

As they stripped and started jerking off, Dakota and Preston nervously looked forward, keeping their gazes away from each other.

“Is a little weird jerking off next to your buddy?” I asked.

“A little bit,” Preston said. “I’m getting over it.”

I’d say they both got over it, because soon they each started checking the other out. They covertly shifted their gaze over to their naked buddy, each taking a peek at the other’s hard cock.

After they had flipped over, giving us a look at their perfect butts, I took my chance at pushing things even further and asked, “So you guys wanna try something different?”
“Like what?” Dakota asked.

“I’ll give you some extra money if you guys jerk each other off for a few minutes.” After some hesitation, they agreed.

“That’s what friends are for,” Preston joked as he stroked his buddy’s cock. And he must have done a good job because Dakota was ready to cum in a matter of seconds, dumping a nice creamy load onto Preston’s hand.

Preston then went about stroking himself off to completion, but just as he was about to cum, he called Dakota in to finish him off. That’s what friends are for, indeed. Think these guys will add this exercise to their regular workout routine?”

Download Video: MP4

- Download the full-length scene at