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Jay & Ryan Barebackin\' 2
30.09.2013 , Straight Rent Boys

Done with Ryan's hole, Jay lies back and has the bottom service him. These Straight Rent Boys do take "servicing" to a whole new level. Up on his knees and with a mouth to please, Ryan takes great direction from Jay, "suck that dick." Lapping it up, like a puppy dog, Ryan sure has a mouthful of meat; Jay helps out by thrusting up into Ryan's throat. "Damn," comments Jay as his partner goes ball deep, from top to shaft, and back again. Got to say, no one sucks better than a satisfied bottom; looks like the boy is getting hard again while blowing. Jay then takes over stroking his cock while Ryan does more "worshiping" of this tatted guy. Fuck being fed a cock like that is a joy to film, as well as watch. After some much reciprocal tongue action, Ryan lies back for more sucking; Jay makes sure his partner is comfortable before he has him swallow again. The two work together to get Jay off; both enjoying the experience. Showing his more aggressive side, Jay grabs Ryan's hair and "jerks" him back and forth, something Ryan thoroughly relishes. "Ah yeah, damn," says Jay about Ryan's oral abilities; shit, I think that boy's going to need some "Ben-Gay" after making "Jay's day." To give him some rest, Jay takes over jerking and Ryan focuses on the ball sack; these two do have some great chemistry and filming has been fun. Ryan requests the cum to be shot onto his face; again, got to love a good bottom. Getting close, Jay pulls back and fires a thick load of splooge that goes from eyebrow to chin; hungrily, Ryan sucks up the excess from Jay's head. Checking with both guys, each is happy with the experience, as are we.

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Straight Money Boys
Gay Poles For Straight Holes 6
29.09.2013 , Boy-Bg Video
Gay Poles For Straight Holes 6
We've found 4 new hard-bodied straight guys who we convince to go gay and get their mouths and assholes penetrated by a pudgy pecker! Merely a little friendly persuasion and a little lube is all that was required for the transformation from hetero to homo, turning these pussy pounders into champion cock chuggers!
Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly – Part 3
29.09.2013 , Gay Bondage Fiction

The homophobic jock’s humiliating gay bondage experience continues when he is delivered back to the fighting ring and his two rivals get a chance for some revenge; forcing him to suck their big cocks then take them up his ass.
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The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly – Part 3
by GuysGoNakieForMe
Series: The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly

Forced Milking Ryan ConnolleyRyan Connolly woke dazed and confused, his muscles aching, his balls empty. As his eyes began to focus he realized he was laying prone inside the Xtreme Fighting Arena where he’d won his victory just the night before. At least, he THOUGHT it was the night before. He’d lost all track of time during his ordeal. His mind still woozy from the effects of the the drug he’d been slipped, he couldn’t remember what was real and what wasn’t. He still had on his tight spandex fighting trunks which barely contained a dick that was 8 inches and thick, even when soft. His ass was sore… like after a good martial arts workout. Had it all been a dream?

He sat up. The arena seemed to be deserted but the seats were pitch black. All that was lit was the interior of the cage. Suddenly he heard the clang of a door. Then another. Two sets of bare-footed footsteps slapped against the floor as they made their way to the stage. Ryan squinted to make out who they were, but wasn’t able to focus until the intruders entered the ring one at a time.

On the right side of the ring stood Tony Sanchez, a latino Xtreme fighter he had once defeated. Tony’s dark curly close-cropped hair glistened in the arena lighting. Dark brows, straight Roman nose — perfect except for a slight scar from where it had been broken and reset — a square chin, and curling lips that pouted arrogantly. Tony said nothing. Just stood there all of 6′ 5″, looking at Ryan defeated, weak and crouching on the padded floor. His breathing was deep and controlled, each breath making the square peeks rise and fall, nipples soft pink and full as gumdrops. His eight-pack abs taut with each intake of air. Jeesus, Ryan thought, why am I even looking at him … like that.

On the other side of the ring stood Paul Polaski, a strapping blond farmboy with upturned nose and a smattering of freckles that cross-hatched the bridge of his nose and his broad shoulders. Like Sanchez, Polaski had fallen loser to Connolly in the arena, and was smugly smiling at Ryan’s weak position now.

“You get a note too, Polaski?” Sanchez barked across the ring.

“Yeah, told me to be here at 9 if I wanted to get a little revenge.”

“Guess Connolly here pissed off one too many people. I wouldn’t mind getting a little practice in,” Sanchez called back, punching his fist into his palm.

Suddenly a voice boomed out of the darkness through the arena’s loudspeaker:

“Oh no, Mr. Sanchez … we intend a different kind of revenge.”

With that the arena’s overhead board lit up with a video image. A snarling, arrogant Ryan Connolly was being interviewed. “That faggot Sanchez, he was easy to bring down. He spends so much time on his knees, he was practically BEGGING to be pinned.” This was quickly followed by another clip. “Polaski? When I had him in that final hold, he was practically begging to be my bitch. I may have to take him shoe shopping after the showers!” he laughed.

Both fighters bristled.

The voice interrupted: “I thought you gentleman might be interested in seeing some of Ryan’s new workout techniques.”

The screen suddenly shifted to images of Ryan, strapped spread-eagle being force-milked; sucked; fucked by the mechanical cock; and then fucked by no fewer than a dozen men who splattered their cum across his ass, back, chest and pretty face.

“Now that Ryan has been taught some respect by strangers, I thought it might be time for some of his colleagues to help Ryan exercise some newfound discipline.”

Each of the fighters had been adjusting their shorts during the video display… their cocks lengthening and thickening at the sight of Ryan taking load after load of cum… like some cheap porn slut. Neither fighter had ever fucked a man before, but Ryan wasn’t a man… he was going to be a little bitch-boy.

Each man stepped forward, crossing to Ryan, still prone on his knees.

“Kiss my dick through my trunks, bitch” Sanchez said, his voice already gruff with sex-need.

“Fuck off Sanchez,” Ryan managed to stutter.

A beefy hand backhanded across his face leaving a stinging red hand-print.

“Kiss my dick through my trunks, bitch” Sanchez repeated.

Connolly looked up into the latino fighter’s dark eyes and spit in his face.

Sanchez sent a bare foot kicking into Ryan’s midsection, knocking the wind out of him. “Grab his arms” Sanchez ordered Polaski. The blond farmboy knelt behind Ryan and took his arms in a vice-like grip, his freckled chest pressing into Connolly’s back.

With an evil smile, Sanchez peeled his trunks down to mid thigh, releasing an 8 inch length of uncut cock.even semi-hard, the skin still clung to the head, revealing just a hint of the moist rosy knob below. He stepped closer, his cock almost laying against the tethered fighter’s lips.

“Kiss it, Connolly. And if you even think of biting it, I will hick your teeth down your throat.”

Polaski pushed Ryan forward, forcing his lips against the hit slab of cock.

“Mmmmm”, Sanchez moaned, “that’s a good girl. Part those lips baby. Take it in your mouth.”

Ryan opened his mouth to protest and that was all the impetus Sanchez needed to shift his hips forward, just an inch, just enough to slip his knob inside that hot sweet mouth.

Hot salty precum dripped onto Rayn’s tongue, and instinctively he went to lick it up. His tongue ran in a slow circle round the latino fighter’s cock knob.

“Fuck yes…” Sanchez moaned, “suck that dick.” Ryan began to slurp wetly.

The latino knotted his fingers thru Ryan’s hair, holding the prone, dazed and drugged fighter in his steely grip. Each cock thrust, drove his dick deeper. When he breeched the constricting throat and heard him CHOKE on his pinga for the first time, he sighed deeply, “Mmmm, maricon.”

Out of control, he held the gagging Ryan Connolly on his fat dick as he began skull-fucking him. “You’re my personal cock-sucker now, Connolly. Once you taste this cock-milk, you’ll never go back to pussy”, he said with a sneering laugh.

Ryan panicked. This mother-fucker is going to make me drink his cum.

“So close…”

He tried to pull off, but Sanchez’ grip was irresistible…

“Keep sucking…”

Sanchez’s fucking was relentless. With his eyes closed, this was Maria’s mouth, not Connolly’s, and he was mouthfucking her like a a total slut, the way he NEVER could for real.

“Got a big load for you…”

Connolly tried to pull away, but Polaski held him firm. He was making sure Ryan wasn’t going anywhere. Connolly only succeeded in pulling free of Sanchez’ dick for a moment, but it was just as the first BLAST of thick cream SPLATTERED across his face. It painted his cheeks and lips. Then Sanchez stuffed his dick back between his lips and DUMPED another load across his tongue.

The mouthful of cum made the perfect lube for Tony Sanchez to STUFF his dick throat-deep. Ryan Connolly GAGGED has the big dick filled his gullet, spitting two or three more creamblasts. Sanchez’ tan, muscled thighs framed Connoly’s face, his balls slapping against Ryan’s chin.

“Take it ALL bitch”, Sanchez sighed, giving Connolly one last hose-blast of cum directly down his throat. Then he pulled his big dick out of Ryan’s mouth. It glistened with spit and cum. Ryan coughed and sputtered. “Lick it clean”, Sanchez commanded, and Polaski pushed the bent form of Ryan Connolly forward to tongue-wash the Tony Sanchez’ cock. When it was clean, Sanchez said, “Your turn, Polaski”.

“Help me drag him over to the cage wall,” Paul Polaski called out.

Earlier Polaski had noticed two leather cuff-straps at waist height attached to the cage wall. Whoever had sent the invitations to Sanchez and Polaski had thought of everything. They strapped the barely resisting Connolly into the restraints. Paul Polaski stepped back, hooked his thumbs into his shorts, and dropped them.

Ryan gasped at the sight of the strapping blond farmboy and his ten inch dick. Suddenly he knew why he needed to be restrained. He fought at the wrist cuffs, but they held him secure.

“Yeah,” Paul said with an impish laugh which forced a dimple. “No chick has ever been able to take this dick down her throat. You’re gonna be the first … even if i have to choke u to death on it”

He slapped the fat tube of cock against his palm. Sanchez went to the prone figure of Ryan Connolly and grabbed his chin, forcing it open. Then he pinched the fighters nose closed to guarantee that this mouth wasn’t going to close on its own.

Paul Polaski stepped forward, bringing a fist-sized cock-knob to Ryan’s lips. Ryan’s eyes went wide with terror. He tried to shake his head “no” but Sanchex held his head pinned against the cage.

Polaski, stuffed his knob into Ryan’s mouth and heard the man moan in defeat.

“Lots of spit,” Polaski advised, “or you’re gonna have a tough time”.

Grabbing the cage for leverage, Polaski fed the prone Ryan Connolly his dick one inch at a time.

“One…Two…Three”… Sanchez was counting off the inches as they filled Connolly’s mouth… “Five… Six…”

Connolly’s jaws ACHED as the huge fuckpole made it’s slow descent. At seven inches, Polaski’s cock met the opening of Paul’s throat. This was usually the limit, but he was determined to throat-fuck Ryan into total submission.

With his head pinned to the metal cage and gripped in the hold of Tony Sanchez, Ryan Connolly had no choice but to surrender his throat to Paul Polaski’s ten inch dick.

With a determined sneer, Paul forced his cock deeper…deeper… Paul felt Ryan’s throat MILKING his dick, his nose buried in a bush of pubes that was blond as straw. Each brutal thrust sent Ryan’s head SMASHING into the metal cage, but he didn’t care. Paul never felt anything like this and he didn’t stop till cum was dripping from the corner’s of Ryan Connolly’s slutty mouth.

“Excellent job, gentlemen” the voice on the loudspeaker said, “Why don’t you get some water, before you fuck his ass.”

Slumped in a corner, throat raw from cocksucking, Ryan was too hoarse to beg for this to stop. Instead, he frantically pulled at the restraints, his taut slim body glistening with perspiration as the two fighters went to their corners. It was only as Paul Polaski and Tony Sanchez got to their stools, water bottles to their mouths, that Ryan noticed the pile of condoms, rags, lube and toys beside each chair. It was then that he also noticed the four cameras strategically placed around the arena, red lights blinking, recording every agonizing moment of Ryan Connolly’s humiliation.


Xtreme fighter Ryan Connolley floated between consciousness and unconsciousness. His mind was dazed, his throat dry, and his ass was sore … like after a really good martial arts workout. He’d had the most fucked-up dream – - drugged, kidnapped by a conglomerate of faggots determined to revenge themselves on him for his homophobic comments and actions, he’d been held against his will, bound and forced to be the sex slave of dozens of anonymous bidders who used him for their depraved needs — including handing him over to two Xtreme competitors whose asses he’d previously kicked in the ring, to let them get a little revenge by turning him into their personal cocksucker. “Note to self”, Ryan thought with a smile, “after a match, when you down the sixth beer, STOP”. Too much alcohol could give a guy truly whacked out dreams!

He tried to roll over but he was being held in position, tight, by his wrists. WTF??? His eyelids opened a crack and he was instantly blinded by stadium lighting. He could make out the leather straps that bound his wrists securely to the wall of the Xtreme Fighting cage. His lean, body glistened like a mirror, the sweat reflected the lights, totally smooth except for the thin treasure trail from his navel to the the copper-colored bush of pubes that framed his uncut irish dick. He tried to speak, but only a croak came out, his throat had been rubbed raw… by what?

Ryan tested the wrist-cuffs…his biceps, chest and abs perfectly defined as his muscles resisted against the impervious restraints. Suddenly a voice blared thru the loudspeaker. It seemed familiar … but from where?

“Our friend Ryan has rejoined us. That means it’s time for round 2.” And a bell rang from somewhere in the distance. As Ryan opened his eyes, images came into sharper focus. At two corners of the ring, stood Paul Polaski and Tony Sanchez, the two fighters from his dream. They stood naked, sweaty and hard … and when they saw him staring at their massive, erect cocks, they looked at one another and smiled.

Had he really been their cocksucker, Ryan wondered, his parched tongue tracing over chapped lips. And then he tasted it… the dried, salty remnants of what could only be cum that had splattered across his mouth. Oh God, he realized, this is REAL!!!

Polaski, blond, freckled, with the pug nose of a corn-fed farmboy stood 6’5 and had a massive cock. Ten inches. Ryan knew this because Polaski had ordered Sanchez to call out the inches as he stuffed Ryan Connolley’s mouth full of cock.

Sanchez was latino, 6’4, dark tan, dark hair, dark eyes, perfectly rounded peeks capped with pink gumdrop-shaped nipples that stood out in contrast with his complexion. His uncut cock stood out at 90 degrees, the foreskin still clinging to the knob, showing just a hint of the crimson knob that burned, hidden beneath the thin layer of protective skin.

Polaski grabbed a bench; Sanchez grabbed a box with lube and condoms. Together they strode towards Ryan with confidence. They flanked either side of the prone and bound Ryan Connolley. Ryan could smell the musk of sweat and sex in the air.

“You awake?”, Polaski asked with a smile? “We want to make sure you feel every second of this. Remember every INCH of it.”

Ryan didn’t respond.

“No? Maybe this will wake you up, maricon”, and with that Tony Ranchez doused Ryan Connolleys face with a bucket of ice water. Ryan jumped and flailed, wrists still bound to the cage as he sputtered water from his nostrils and mouth. The ice water dripped down his chest, making his tawny, dime-sized nipples stiffen.

“Oooh, look, our girlfriend’s tities are nice and hard. She must be glad to see us!” and the two laughed. Polaski reached down, laying a beefy, calloused hand on Ryan’s chest, and let his thumb trace a slow circle around his left tit. Sanchez did the same with Ryan’s right nipple, matching Polaski for speed and pressure.

Ryan’s face blushed with shame as the two bruisers gently worked his tits until he moaned involuntarily. “Yeah? You like that baby?”, Sanchez asked Ryan in the same tone of voice that the latino fighter used when he was tonguing his girlfriend Maria’s pussy. Ryan, tried to fight the impulse, but he moaned again. “Well the night is still young, sweetheart,” said Polaski with a laugh, “and we’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

Polaski reached under the small of Ryan’s back with one arm, and grabbed Ryan’s legs with the other, cradling him and lifting him like a ragdoll Pieta. As Ryan was raised, Sanchez slipped the padded bench beneath him, and then Ryan was laid on the bench. His wrists were still bound to the cage walls.

“We’re going to fuck you now, Connolley,” Polaski whispered right into his ear. Ryan felt the hot damp breath; heard the words; and his eyes went wide with terror. He tried to speak, but his throat had been fucked raw by two cocks, and all that came out was “Noooo”.

“Oh don’t worry, baby, we’re gonna take our time. I’m gonna fuck you; Sanchez here is gonna fuck you; we’re gonna take your ass TOGETHER.” Polaski let the impact of this sink in a moment. “And then, we’re gonna start all over again, you whore. Now nod if you understand.”

Ryan was too shocked to move.

SMACK. A beefy hand left a stinging red mark across his face. “I said NOD if you understand.”

Ryan nodded, heat radiating through his cheek.

“Much better. Things will go much smoother if we all understand what’s going to happen. And remember, put on a nice show for the cameras!”

Ryan’s eyes registered the flashing red lights positioned strategically in the dark. He could hear their electric BUZZ as they zoomed in on his face…his body…oh God.

“Get us nice and hard now, faggot,” Polaski ordered. Both fighters flanked Ryan’s bench and presented their cocks to his unwilling mouth. They rubbed their cock- knobs across his lips, painting them with two sets of precum. “Kiss them, baby,” Sanchez instructed.

In a daze, Ryan Connolley let his full lips part and wrap around the head of Sanchez dick. His lips peeled the foreskin back, and his tongue cooled down the red hot cock-head with two or three teasing circles. “Good girl,” Sanchez moaned, “You got real cock-sucking lips, you know that? They were MEANT to suck dick.”

Ryan’s cheeks flushed with shame. Then he felt Polaski pull his head violently. His month was facing a cock knob the size of an avocado! How could he EVER get his lips around that monster. “You can do it, Connolley. You done it before.”

Peripherally, Ryan could see that the giant screens on the arena walls were flashing still shots of Ryan sucking Paul Polaski’s massive dick. In many his eyes were bugged out from the effort, but his mouth had managed to stretch to accommodate Polaski’s battering ram. Polaski knotted his fingers thru Connolley’s curly auburn hair, grabbed his chin and pulled it toward the ground, and STUFFED the knob into Ryan’s mouth.

Ryan panicked…slobbering around the intruder in his mouth…flickering his tongue and sending mouthfuls of saliva around the head. Polaski moaned. “Fuck man, no girl has ever been able to give me really good head before. Keep it up Connolley”. Ryan tried pulling at the wrist restraints to signal that anything he was doing was NOT intentional; it was self-preservation. By massaging Polaski’s cock with his tongue, he was just trying to keep an open airway. Paul Polaski didn’t give a damn about WHY his cock was being sucked so good…he just didn’t want it to stop.

“Sanchez, take his ass first. Open him up for me.” Ryan tried to protest but all that came out was a hoarse moan, muffled by Paul Polaski’s cock in his mouth. The vibrations sure felt good, Polaski thought.

Sanchez opened a bottle of baby oil and spread it on his cock. Then he took an oily finger, teased it two or three times at the pink ballon-knot entrance to Ryan Connolley’s ass, and slipped a finger inside. Ryan moaned again, and Polaski said “I don’t know what you just did, Sanchez, but keep doing it.”

Tony Sanchez filled Ryan’s ass with his long thick finger, riding it slowly in and out the way Maria liked her cunt played with. “Ain’t no different,” Sancez thought to himself. He reached up and teased Ryan’s titie with the other hand and now, not only was Ryan moaning, his ass muscles began to clench around Tony’s finger. Tony smiled. “I’m turning this faggot out!”

Tony slipped a second finger up inside Ryan…than a third… Ryan was in a daze. Still foggy from the drugs, he was lying there bound, legs spread like a whore, being fingerfucked and mouth-raped in the same arena that he’d beaten these guys in Xtreme fights.

“Time for the real thing, baby,” Tony said with an evil laugh, slipping his fingers from Ryan’s hole. “And it’s gonna hurt!”

“Better be careful now, sweetheart,” Polaski whispered, “you’re doing a real nice job sucking daddy’s dick, but if i feel so much as a tooth scrape my dick when Sanchez here fucks you, I’m going to beat you to a pulp.”

Ryan felt the fat latino knob press against his hole… the pressure increase… his hips being grabbed and pulled forward, and the hot full feeling of penetration as Tony Sanchez filled his ass slowly. “I want to make sure you feel every inch, bitch.”

“No. Fuck no….” Ryan screamed in his mind, unable to speak, his mouth completely stuffed with not even the first three inches of Paul Polaski’s magnificent cock. Ryan’s eyes filled with tears. “Aw, look Tony, your fucking him so good, he’s crying for joy!” And the two laughed.

In a matter of moments, the two rapists had found a nice easy-going rhythm… one where they could maintain themselves JUST on the threshold of pleasure without cumming too soon. They fucked Ryan like this for 20 minutes, his mind on overload, registering the sensations, the pains, the pleasures. “Time to switch off,” Polaski called out.

Sanchez slipped his dick from the tortured fuck-hole, and switched positions with Polaski. When the tall blond pulled his cock from Ryan’s mouth, the tethered cocksucker gasped, enjoying the pleasure of cool air filling his lungs.

“Plug his mouth, Sanchez…he’s gonna be screaming in a second.”

Sanchez tugged off his rubber and tossed it onto the center of Ryan Connolley’s chest like a trophy. “Gimme some mouth love, baby,” Tony said as he stuffed his cock into Ryan’s mouth. “And remember what Polaski said about biting. His dick is almost twice as big as mine and if I feel you start to bite my dick when he fucks you, that will be the last thing you ever do. Now suck it, bitch.”

Tony’ cock slid throat deep, but still was more manageable than Polaski’s. Soon Sanchez had a nice throat-fucking rhythm going, and the salty taste of precum and the slapping of Sanchez’ balls against his chin distracted Ryan while Paul Polaski rubbered up.

Without warning he felt the monster knob at his hole. Ryan instinctively clenched his ass-cheeks tight. He felt a hard SLAP against his ass, and then Polaski grabbed his ankles and spread his legs like a wishbone. “Relax, bitch, relax… or I’ll snap you in two, I swear it.” Ryan let his sphincter relax, and that was all Polaski needed to drive his dick up inside Ryan Connoley’s hole.

Connolley bucked, his back arching as his body instinctively tried to pull away, but Polaski held him tight, and what little Ryan was able to move away onely drove Tony Sanchez’ cock down his throat even deeper.

“Fuck yes, take it bitch,” Polaski screamed as he buried his cock to the hilt. He felt Ryan’s ass muscles quiver and clench, milking his pole. Shit, if he stayed perfectly still, Connolley could probably do all the work, milking him right over the edge. But that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to fuck Connolley up. He pulled back, slowly, letting the Xtreme fighter feel it, and then SLAMMED it back deep. Slowly pulling it out almost to the tip, and SLAMMING it back deep. Connolley’s face was ashen, every muscle taut, as Polaski slowly pulled it out almost to the tip, and SLAMMED it back deep. Gradually Polaski picked up speed, increasing his rhythm, riding that ass hard.

“Pull your dick out of his mouth, Sanchez, I want to hear him scream.”

Sanchez withdrew, and as Polaski deep-fucked Ryan, Connolley kept moaning, begging for mercy … but only getting cock. Sanchez undid the leather loops from Ryan’s wrists. Ryan was so physically drained, drugged, deprived of sleep, in shock form his physical assault, that he couldn’t try to escape.

Helping him up and turning him to face Polaski, Sanchez threw Ryan’s arms over Paul’s massive shoulders just as the blond grabbed Ryan’s legs and lifted him in the air. Quickly positioning his cock back at the entrance of Ryan’s hole, Paul sat Connolley down on his dick, gravity forcing him to take the hole thing. Wrapping Ryan’s legs around his waist, Polaski began to bounce the auburn-haired fighter up and down on his dick. Laughing, he pole-walked Ryan around the arena, showing off to the cameras, as Ryan tried to voice a wordless protest.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, laid a fresh dry towel over the sweet-glistening bench in preparation for the final humiliation. As Paul completed his “victory lap”, the blond approached the bench, turning with his back to it, and sat down on the edge. Ryan was now sitting in his lap, with ten inches of cock up his ass.

“Bounce on that pole, bitch. Let me see some pole dancing.”

Using Polaski’s broad shoulders for leverage, Ryan pushed against them to raise himself, and then let himself slip back down to the root of Paul Polaski’s cock.


Ryan repeated it, feeling Polaski’s cock THROB when he bottomed out.

“Yeah, fuck yourself onto me. Show everyone how much you NEED this big dick inside you”

Ryan began to ride the cock, picking up speed, feeling it throb. If he could only make Polaski cum, this nightmare would be over.

“Not so fast whore,” Polaski sneered, holding Ryan in place. Then he laid back on the bench, pulling Ryan forward so that his face was against Polaski’s chest with his ass still pinned onto his cock. Sanchez was now standing behind him, his cock re-rubbered and liberally oiled. Sanchez brought his knob to the entrance of Ryan’s already full ass. “Take a deep breath, and relax”, Sanchez instructed.

“Fuck noooooo,” Ryan croaked out.

“Fuck yessssss,” Sanchez moaned as he stuffed his cock up inside, sharing Ryan Connolley’s tight ass in a perfect double penetration. “You got 18 inches of cock in your ass bitch”

They rocked Ryan back and forth, slowly at first, making him do all the work to milk their dicks. Spittle dripped from the corners of Ryan’s mouth as he was forced to fuck both cocks, feeling the intense friction. Soon they started to move in opposition…Paul pulling back as Sanchez drove his dick forward, and then Polaski shoving forward as Tony withdrew. Faster…faster they fucked him like this…till they were both SLAMMING Ryan’s ass with a passion they never used before. “Maria never lets me fuck her ass this hard, this deep,” Sanchez moaned. “No bitch has ever been able to take this dick in their ass at ALL,” Polaski laughed with the pleasure of a six-year old finding a new bicycle under the tree on Christmas Day. “I’m gonna cum, man”. “Me too.”

They quickly lifted Ryan off their dicks, jumped up and stood at Ryan’s shoulders. They each pulled off their rubbers, and once again deposited them on Ryan’s chest. “Open wide, whore…you earned this.” Ryan turned to ask what for, only to be DOUSED with the first blast of Paul Polaski’s cumload. It splattered across his cheek and lips, dripping into his open mouth. Sanchez grabbed his chin to force his mouth open as the first salty blast erupted from his dick, a gusher that painted his tongue. Polaski PUMPED another blast directly into Ryan’s open mouth, and Sanchez added a second blast to the cum-pool swirling around in Ryan’s mouth. The two blasted eight shots a piece, filling Ryan’s mouth to overflowing. They could hear the cameras from every angle zooming in for a nice closeup.

“Gargle that cum, whore. Then swallow it.” Ryan struggled to swallow it all without choking. Then Polaski held his shoulders to the bench as Sanchez grabbed the milking machine from the corner and slipped the hosed appendage over Ryan Connolley’s cock. With a flick of a switch, Ryan felt the nozzle over his dick begin to squeeze and tease his erection. Polaski straddled Connolley’s face, allowing the prone fighter to suckle on the tip of his dick and swallow the last sweet remnants of cum, as Sanchez slipped his still hard cock up inside Ryan’s ass.

“Cum for them, bitch, with our dicks up inside you, cum for them.” The milking machine was buzzing and humming now, picking up speed beyond Ryan’s endurance. Ryan’s body ached, every muscle straining as he tried to resist. The longer he held out, the faster the machine doubled its efforts, and the harder the two fighters fucked his mouth and ass. “This bitch is gonna get another load out of me”, Polaski sighed contentedly. “Me too,” Sanchez said with a groan. The intensity was too much for Ryan, and he began to buck, fucking the machine. His cock began to blast with a force he’d never experienced before, just as Polaski’s second load filled his mouth and Sanchez un-rubbered cock shot a cumload right up his ass filling it with warm jizm. Ryan’s thick cream pumped through the clear tube of the milker, filling a beaker on the edge of the stage.

“How much am I bid for this fresh protein shake” the voice blared once again, from the loudspeaker. “Remember, the first load is always the most potent, and we only have 10 or 15 loads we can produce from him this session.”

Ten to fifteen loads??? That would take hours…days. Ryan moaned softly, accepting his fate, as he tongue-bathed Paul Polaski’s cock clean. Paul ruffled his hair, gratefully, as Tony Sanchez gave Ryan’s ass a playful swat… a creamy river of cum dripping from the swollen and stretched ass-lips.


The Hunt Club
29.09.2013 , Gay Bondage Fiction

A sexually curious dude is initiated into a club where men are hunted down, abused and forced to submit.
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The Hunt Club
by TXBound

The Hunt ClubI graduated from college a couple of years ago and it was tough finding a job. Finally I got a call from a company in Houston that wanted me to start as soon as possible. Being from the North East Coast, I was hesitant but it was a job and I needed it so I left my friends behind and moved to Houston.

My job was great but I worked such long hours that I really didn’t have time to meet anyone other than co-workers. One weekend as I was leaving my apartment, I bumped into a guy that lived in the apartment across from me. Justin was a little older than me but not much and was well built with very short hair and had some scratches on his arms.

Over the next few weeks, Justin and I became friends and went out for drinks. He didn’t seem to have any love interests either. We both found that we had a love for porn. One Saturday afternoon, I just came home from a run and jumped in the shower. Of course one thing led to another and I started stroking and feeling my ass. I decided that I would watch some threesome porn with two guys and a girl. It was hot and the girl was dominate and started making the guys suck her clit and fuck each other. I was laying on my bed stroking slowly to make it last. All of a sudden I hear a knock at the door and a shout – hello.

Shit I had forgot to lock the door when I came back from my run. About that time Justin pops into my bedroom smiling when he sees what I’m up to. Having a good time, he says. He looks at the video and starts stripping off his clothes. I’m no straight prude But this this was a little awkard. Justin jumps on the bed and starts stroking his dick which is a good 8. He then starts talking about the movie and asks if I have ever tried any domination. I said that I had been through fraternity hazing which was rough but did fantasize about it. He then reaches over and touches the inside of my thigh and starts fingering my ass. I was so surprised that I jumped and he laughed but he then leaned over and started sucking my throbbing dick. His playing with my ass and sucking my dick was more than I could handle and he took my load in his mouth, which surprised me. It was so good I didn’t realize that he had three fingers up my ass. He smiled and asked me how long it had been since I shot a load because I was full of cum.

He then leans back and asks if I’ll finish him off. About that time the Dom on the video is fucking both guys with a dildo and beating the shit out of them. Justin then says, I’ll buy dinner and drinks if you let me do that to you for real. I was so horned up I don’t know what I was thinking so I said yes. He grabbed me and bent me over the bed, lubed up and entered my ass. It hurt at first but he coached me to relax. It felt good and I started getting hard again. Justin was reaching around me and pinching my nipples hard which got my dick even harder. He pumped my ass in every position imaginable and finally pulled and shot his load all over my face and chest. He had an even bigger load than I did. Then he says, how did you like that “bitch.” I didn’t know how to respond. It was all new but it felt good and so free. After we finished he dressed and said that he was going to his gym tomorrow and wanted to know if I wanted to go and I said sure. That helped break some of the awkwardness of the moment, me laying naked on the bed and him fully clothed, talking to me.

We got to his health club and I was still amazed how well he was built, catching some glances as we changed. I am no slouch but would like to get into that good of shape. I caught a glimpse of Justin in the shower and remembered what he had done to me just 24 hours ago. He had several scratches on his back, chest, thighs and appeared to be totally shaved. Which I hadn’t even realized yesterday. That surprised me.

I decided the next day to join the club and started going regularly. A few months passed and I would see Justin there fairly often . He would drop by occassionally for a fuck and things continued to progress, definately friends with extra benefits. We would would occasionally go for a drink. One night as I arrived I saw Justin talking with the club manager and another guy that was a regular. He introduced me to Mark and Jack. Jack managed the club and was the most muscular guy I have ever seen. Mark was also a body builder but he was taller but just as well built. Justin told them that I was the guy that he had been talking about. I didn’t know what he had said about me. Had he told them about our sex sessions?

Jack asked if I would like to have some personal training. I jumped at the opportunity and our session began that night. I didn’t realize how late it had gotten but Jack and Mark said it was no worry because they were going to work out for a while. I completed my rotations and went to the steam. I turned around to thank Jack for the session and saw him and Mark talking and laughing.

After about 20 minutes in the steam, I decided to head to the showers. Mark and Jack were already in the showers and the only one available was between them. Both of them had their backs to me as I entered the shower room but Jack turned to me to rinse his hair and I noticed that he had a massive hard on, just as I looked he opened his eyes and frowned.

I quickly turned on the shower between them and started lathering up to get out as quickly as possible. Jack dropped his razor and it fell at my feet. I bent over to pick it up and when I came back up Jacks hard dick was staring me in the face. Now I had be in a fraternity in college and gotten into some guy to guy stuff but here I was with a guy that could probably break me into and all I could do was stare are his cock. Then I felt something on my ass and it was Mark standing behind me with a hard on too.

Suddenly the two of them had me pressed against the wall threatening to beat the shit out of me and calling me a faggot. What made things worse was that their body contact and cocks pressing against me made me start to get hard. I was sure that Justin had told them about fucking me all over the house and making me suck him repeatedly. All of a sudden they started laughing and said that they were just pulling my chain. Part of having a great body is having people look at you. I felt relieved. We all went to the locker room to get dressed and they asked if I would like to join them and some friends for some beers. I didn’t have any thing else to do and wanted to keep these two friendly so I went.

When we got to the bar there were four other guys there and Justin was there as well. Alex was an attorney, Bo was a doctor and there was Derek and Jason who were in evidently in business for themselves. These guys were all evidently into fitness and fun. They were talking about a trip that they were going to be taking in a few weeks. They called themselves “the Hunt Club”. Jason evidently owned a ranch a few hours outside of Houston. They were talking about their trip and that is when Justin asked if I wanted to go. Jack and Mark immediately jumped in and insisted that I go. It was going to be over a long weekend so I wouldn’t miss any work so I said sure. That seemed to make them all happy.

It was two weeks until we were to leave so we met at the bar the next week to plan. Evidently Jason was quite wealthy and the “Hunt Club” was well maintined and no one had to pay for anything – his treat. The only thing required were some legal releases that Alex always prepared. He indicated that they were basic and released Jason of any liability from injury or loss or anything. We all read and signed the documents and agreed to meet back the next Thursday at around 6pm. We were told that we didn’t need to bring anything except a change of clothes, sandals/flip-flops and toiletries. All else would be provided.

We met at the Health club and packed into Jason’s old suburban. Being the new guy, I was put in the far back seat between Jack and Mark. Justin was in the middle seat in front of me. If you have ever been in Houston in the summer you know it is hot and humid. We were only on the road about thirty minutes when it started getting hot and Jason said that air conditioning had gone out so we opened all the windows. About that time we pulled off the road and stopped at a liquor store. We all pilled out and and got some beer and a couple of bottle of tequila.

As I got back to the car Jack and Mark had taken their shirts off and were already setting in the back leaving me a space between them. After another thirty minutes on the road and getting deeper into the country side Jack breaks out a bottle of Tequila and wants to start a drinking game. We have to answer a question that the others ask in two seconds or take a swig of tequila. I was doing well for several rounds, Jack seemed to be drinking more and he was getting a little physical. We were all wearing workout shorts and he kept putting his hand on my leg and arm around me. Suddenly I found myself losing a lot and was getting really drunk. Jack was going to open a beer and spilled it all over me. They talked me into taking my shirt off as well. The game continued and that is when Justin started taking some pictures. Mark and Jack started doing some wrestling with me in-between and I was drunk enough by now to not care and played along. Justin was snapping photo’s.

This continued as we turned down some country roads mostly dirt. We finally reached a point and turned off the dirt road onto a path where there was a chained gate and tall fence. Jason said the fence was designed to keep in the wild game that they stocked and nothing could get in or out.

After we entered his ranch it seemed like another thirty minutes before we arrived. As we rounded some tall trees I saw a car with two older men. Jason seemed to know them. They told him that everything was set up for the weekend and as usual they would be by tomorrow morning. They then asked for the legal papers and Alex announced that he had forgotten them. These guys looks pretty rough and said that the papers had to be signed by all participants. It was dark now and we were all a little drunk but they pulled some more papers out for us to sign. Alex said they were like the ones we had already signed so we all just signed. The two men took the papers and left but said they would be back tomorrow to enjoy in the fun.

As we arrived I saw several 4 wheelers and a very large barn. Evidently that was where we would stay. About that time another couple of cars arrived with other guys. I learned that most of them were “members” of the Hunt Club but there were four of us including Justin that were new to this. One guy in particular named Brock was actually a little frightening. He came up and grabbed me and hugged me and said welcome. Jack laughingly said I think Brock likes you!

The Barn evidently had bunk beds, showers and a full gym. Jack and Mark told everyone that we were going to work out for an hour before dinner. All the Hunt Club members just wore shorts and they all looked like they spent a lot of time in the gym with pecs that were massive.

At exactly an hour (about 8:30 pm) Jack announced it was time to hit the showers because dinner was ready. I thought this was a little odd but didn’t want to make a deal of it so just followed the rest. They all stripped down and went to a very large shower area. Even though it was large we did have around 20 guys. While showering I realized that there was a scuffle going on in the \room and all of a sudden I was on the floor with three massive guys on top of me and cuffing my hands behind me and tying my legs together and I was gagged. Brock appeared smiling and announced that he wanted to fuck me now. Jack told him that he knew the rules and not yet. I soon realized that all three of us new guys had been tied up. I had no idea what was happening but didn’t like it, but damn it my dick was getting hard.

There was a wire cage in the room and they picked the three of us up and dropped us in the cage on top of each other. Three naked guys that couldn’t move and they put is in so that we were ass to face and cock to face. I suddenly realized that Justin was not in the cage. The Hunt Club members ate dinner while laughing and taunting us in the middle of the room. This seemed to be like a fraternity hazing.

After they had dinner we were let out of the cage and led outside. We were naked with our hands and feet tied. Justin was told to draw something out of the hat and that this would be for one of the other guys that was bound. Justin drew and announced that the guy would have a collar put on him and that his legs would be chained. I had no idea what all this was about and couldn’t say/protest because we were all ball gagged. Justin then was told to draw for the other guy standing naked beside me . Justin read that he would have a collar and have a belt put on him with his hands tied to his waist.

That is when the laughter got louder and the last drawing was done and Justin announced that I would have my balls bound and my hands bound and a 5 pound weight would be affixed to my balls. Brock steps up and proudly says, let me handle this one so he grabs my balls and stretched them while to other guys hold me tightly. The pain and ache went through my balls and entire body, he didn’t care what pain he inflicted. He was careful to have the 5 lb weight to hit around my knees so if I dropped it, it would inflict massive pain.

After the three of us were prepared, they all turned to Justin and he was told to strip down. He didn’t seem surprised but we were. We soon learned that Justin had been a previous guest but he did not pass the test so he was back to complete and pass. He had been assigned to bring in a new potential member and guess who that was.

Just standing naked in the hot Texas night then explained the ruled. We were the prey and would be hunted tonight. We would initially be given 20 minutes head start to escape. During the night each time we were caught our head start would be shortened for the next hunt. The hunter that scores the capture gets points. He also gets to decide a punishment/reward (however you perceive it)

About that time someone said ready, set, go and a gun fired. The three of us just stood there and someone said boys you had better run or you will regret it. We took off as fast as we could which was not much. I decided to try and break away from the rest. At least I could run but I had to be careful. About that time, I tripped and the ball fell and it about pulled my balls off. I thought I was going to vomit the pain was so severe. I had reached a field with large round hay rolls so I crawled behind one and sat for a minute. I guess more time had elapsed than I thought because I heard the 4 wheelers in the distance and then heard them stop and start laughing. I supposed they had caught one of the other guys so I decided to try and keep moving.

As I reached another hay bale I heard some of the 4 wheelers getting close so I laid down behind the hay. They were immediately around me laughing and all drinking. Brock is the first one I see. He announced that he has captured his prey and his choice is a gang fuck. I am roughly lifted and my legs are lifted over the hay roll/bale then my hands are pulled over it so I am laying doubled over the hay bale with my ass sticking out and the weight stretching my balls even more. The hay was scratching my arms, legs and chest. I suddenly realized that Justin must have been in this same position just before we met.

Brock drops his pants and I can see a massive dick and laughs at me and says to pucker up. I have played around with guys but had never been fucked by anyone this big. These guys took turns for the next hour fucking me and I could feel each one of them cum in my ass and it drip out until another one entered. I could only imagine what was happening to the other guys.

After they had finished, I hoped that I was finished but soon learned that that was just the first hunt and they would continue all night. They removed my gag gave me some water and I started yelling that they would not get away with this. That is when Alex laughing said that I should have read the papers that I signed agreeing to join the sex club and that I would enjoy the photo’s they had of me.

The weight was removed from my balls but my legs were now chained. Then I was told to run — so I did.

This time I went as fast as I could beyond the field of hay and into the woods, thinking that I would be harder to find there. As I entered the woods I was suddenly jerked off my feet and was upside down swinging in a tree. A snare had grabbed the chain between my feet and jerked me off my feet.

This time I had been captured so quickly that two groups were there in a flash. Brock appeared again and claimed the hunt. He breaks out something metal and then forces my mouth open. The next thing I know I am getting my face fucked while guys are sucking my dick. I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting hard. I think 8 or 9 guys fucked my face. Cum was runnling out of my mouth onto my face and eyes. I couldn’t believe this. All the guys were playing with my naked body as I hung helplessly from the tree, I was finally let down. I don’t know how much cum I actually swallowed. My own dick had been drained dry from all the sucking. I was offered some fruit to eat and water and allowed to just lay for a while and I dosed off.

A loud horn woke me. I don’t know how long I had been a sleep. My face and hair had dried cum all over it. I felt totally helpless at the point but wanted to get loose. Brock came up to me and told me that I had better get going. My legs were still chained loosely but then now tied my hands to my sides. If you have ever tried to run or get up without using your arms, it is a challenge. I took off as best as I could. I now had only a 15 minute head start since I had been captured twice. I could hear hollering and laughing in the distance and knew that the other guys were going through the same thing.

I took off and tried to zig zag some so they might not be able to follow the trail. I saw an old shack a little way up. I thought about hiding in there but it was a little obvious. I couldn’t climb up the roof since I was naked and my legs tied and arms bound so I crawled under some wood that was and trash that was piled next to the house. The smell was awful but I heard the 4 wheelers in the distance. I crawled underneath. I looked down and roaches were crawling on my dick and I could feel something crawling in my ass crack. I was about to loose it when I heard them arrive at the house. I couldn’t yell, or move. Just then something crawls on my cum coated face and starts eating the dried cum. I couldn’t take it and swatted and made noise that immediately gave me away. I was captured again. At least this time it wasn’t Brock, it was Jack, my trainer. I hoped this would be easier when he smilled at me. My hope faded when he added your going to like this bitch boy.

Jack pulled me out and they all laughed at the sight as a couple of roaches were on my cock. If you have ever been to south Texas you know that the roaches are huge. Jack then says lets load him up and get him cleaned up. I was pleased and surprised. We arrive at a small creek that has a pond and a large overhead tank. I am unchained but at this point I can’t fight or run. I am put underneath the tank and the water starts pouring and I am thrown some soap and told to clean up. It felt great to be getting clean. Then Jack hands me some mouthwash, tooth brush and tooth paste. I am starting to feel alive again. I make this
last as long as possible and start feeling human again when Jack walks over and hands me another hose that has an enema head on it and tells me that I am not finished cleaning up. He tells me to put it in my ass and he turned the water on. They all tell me to hold every drop of pay. I am about to burst and let go. They had put a bucked underneath me to catch it. Jack then says, well maybe you will do better next time. I am told to do it again. I could not hold that much and let go again in the bucket.

Jack then tells me that he is disappointed in me and that maybe I am better at holding cum in my ass. I am taken to a barrel and tied over it. Legs tied, hands tied and ass sticking our. Then I hear a loud speaker announce barrel ride. For the next hour or more guys came by one after another and unloaded into my ass. I could feel it dripping down my balls and dick. Finally the last group decides that it is time to let me go for the next session. I am untied and my leg chains are put back on, still naked. I am told to get going. All of a sudden Jack appears again and says that they forgot something and tells me to stop and turn around and face then. Suddenly the bucket of my crap is thrown on me and I am drenched in shit and the other guys cum that had been in my ass. Jack warns me to not wash it off in the creek and to get going. They leave and I start moving around the lake/creek. I hear a water running and decide to clean up because the stench is terrible and it is drying on my face and hair. I jump in and there is a little waterfall. Water is cool and great. I wash quickly and start moving again. I hadn’t gone a hundred yards until I take a step and suddenly fall into a hole that is about four feet wide 10 fee deep and it smells like shit. I try to get out but the walls are too sheer and with my legs chained I can’t even get any traction to press on either side.

I hear the 4 wheelers again and then there is Brock, smiling down at me. Enjoying yourself boy, I think this makes you mine officially. I really didn’t know what that meant but I didn’t like the sound of it. You could tell that Brock had been drinking beer. He was starting to slurr his words some, I was hoping that maybe they would pass out and I could somehow get loose. At that moment, Brock drops his pants and starts pissing on me. He yells for me to look up and open my mouth. I refused and he says, “bitch you better do it or you won’t like what is coming next. I still refuse. Brock laughs and leaves for a few minutes. He comes back with nothing on but his boots and vest and turn his ass toward the hole that I am in. He says, I told you what you needed to do, maybe next time my bitch will learn. He had evidently given himself an enema and let loose on me. I was helpless at the bottom of this pit and he evidently could hold it longer than I could. It seemed to go on for a 10 minutes. About that time the other guys start coming by and pissing on me and dumping thie shit loads on my. I should have just drank his piss.

Finall after all 12 guys have finished, I am left alone in the pit.

Brock tells me to not go anywhere and that he will be back for more fun. I sit down in the hole covered in crap and piss, the smell finally makes me vomit. I fall asleep I awake to hear Brock say get the rope, that alone scared the hell out of me. He laughed and said man what is that stench. They throw the rope down and pull me out. They all laugh at the site of me and Brock says “bitch, will you drink my piss next time. I say yes and he gets mad and the other guys laugh. Brock then says that any time I address him I will say yes Sir. I say ok, he boils again yes what bitch – I say yes Sir. Better, and the next time I want you to drink my piss are you going to do it – I say yes Sir.

I am taken back to the tank and told to wash. The shoes that I have been wearing are taken and now I have nothing on and I am out somewhere in the country miles away from anywhere with a bunch sex crazed muscle men. They load up on the 4 wheelers and I am told to walk in front of them toward a fire about fifty yard ahead. I can see the other guys that had been the prey there naked also as was Justin. It was the award time.

When we reached the camp area the four of us that were prey told to line up. The first guy was told to get on his knees. Justin was told to bend over, I was told to bend over and the last guy was told to get it hard. #1 was told to start sucking Justins dick. I was told to eat out Justin’s ass and #4 was told to fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Brock then announces that the guy that make the most noise and puts on the best show will get a nice reward.

We start, Justin hadn’t cleaned up so my job was awful but Brock came by and held my nose and mouth into Justins. If this had been at home in bed it could have been hot but I was exhausted. The guy behind me ramed his huge dick into my ass and I yelled which brought the crowd to laughter.

Brock then announced the Hunt awards – Jack wins #1, A guy from another group won Justin, Brock yells, I get the bitch and everyone laughs while my ass is getting pounded and my mouth and nose are in Justin’s ass and #4 went to Derek. I had no idea what all this meant.

The rest of the group ate and drank while we put on a show. When they were finished their scraps were put into large bowls on the ground and we were told to eat like dogs and anyone using their hands would be punished. We were all so hungry that we dug in. Guy #4 who had been fucking me forgot and scraped up a piece of bread with his hand and Brock saw him.

#4 what the fuck, do you think you are human, boys tie him to the tree with a bar between his legs. Then we learned what punishment could be. They brought our floggers and other tools and beat him, especially his ass. He was ball gagged so he couldn’t scream. We were made to sit and suck, fuck and rim each other while they took their turns with #4.

When we were finished eating like dogs and watching guy#4 get whipped, we were told to stay on all fours while they put dog collars on all of us. Then we were told to head up the path to the pond and the tank. Thankfully the ground was soft and it was a short distance. Here were four naked guys with dog collars walking on all fours being herded by a bunch of muscle dominant guys in various ranges of dress and undress. Some had no shirts while others had just left stripped to be able to fuck the prey fast. All of them had on dark hiking boots. As we walked they would swat us with their switches and slap our balls since we were all hanging low by now and in the heat.

As we reached the tank Jack ordered us to get under the water and bathe each other and clean each other out again. On top of that the last guy to get and stay hard during all of this would face consequences. We started as fast as we could. #4 grabbed the enema hose and rammed it up my ass. We were all trying to get hard while keeping the other prey from getting an erection. I still had the shit that had been poured over me and the other guys must have had something similar because we were all enjoying the shower and cleaning up. Justin seemed to be having a hard time getting hard, while I was pissed off at him about all of this I decided to help him out and started sucking his dick which brought laughter and bitch name calling my way. The third guy just couldn’t get it back up.

I could tell that it was getting close to morning. We were told to stand again on all four in a line and the hose was brought around and they put the enema end in each of our asses with some water but not enough to make us go. We were told to hold it until we were told to release. Then they took the same enema end and told us to open our mouths and drink as much water as we could. We were all pretty thirsty so we did drink quite a lot of water. We were then allowed to stand, my bowels were somewhat full with water and I wanted to go but I was bound and determined to not do it. We were loaded up on 4 wheelers and taken back to the barn where everything started. When we arrived we were all blindfolded and our hands were tied in front of us. One by one we were led into the barn.

Brock then announced you the fucker that couldn’t even get hard, get in there. I could hear him grabbing the guy and then Brock tells him to lie face up. I think maybe we are going to get some rest. Then Brock grabs me and pushes me down and tells me to lie face down. I immediately realize that I am laying on top of #3 and his dick is in my face and mine in his. Then Justin is told to lay on top of me and the fourth guy lays on top of him their faces in each other’s asses. All of us are about to explode and starting to need to piss and shit.

We have been placed in some type of cage that is narrow enough 4 or more bodies stacked on top of each. I hear something clank and then a lock and all the guys start laughing and tell us to have a good rest because we have two more days to become full members of the Hunt Club.

I could tell the lights went out and then it got quiet. Justin mumbles that he is sorry but he was forced to bring someone new . About that time Justin goes nooooo, the guy on top just let go of his enema into Justins face and it starts running down through to all of us. The poor guy on the bottom is evidently in some type of trough and all the shit and piss starts to collect. About that time he pisses into my face.

I can’t even move to protect myself. Helpless, exhausted and dehumanized, we all finally pass out from exhaustion. It wasn’t a good sleep but we did get some and a long time passed, the stench was awful. We hear the doors open and the old men that we had seen yesterday come in. These guys are rougher looking than Deric and they are fully decked out in leather chaps and boots with nothing else on. You boys smell like crap, don’t you have any respect for one another, this just shows that you are all just slut bitches waiting to be used by real men. But before that starts, we get to pretty you up and have our fun. You see that is how these guys pay us.

Before we know it they have a power hose spraying the cage we are in down. Drenching us and we can’t protect/hide from the power nozzle. The water force is strong is stings. One of them says you boys shit on each other and it dried, going to take some good washing to get it off.

Brock likes his boy totally clean. One by one we are removed from the cage and put in the middle of the room with our hands tied to a bar over our heads and our legs spread and anchored to rings in the floor. They turned the power hose on us one at a time and used old mops to scrub us. After the washing we are given some food to eat while still naked and wet.

After they fed us we were all re-hung in the middle of the room and I thought more washing was coming. They started on Justin first and bring our clippers. Justin just starts squirming and says, please, not again. They two old guys just laugh and tell him that if he does what they say, they will stop, Justin drops like he has lost all hope and says ok. They un-hook him and tell him to lay across a padded table that is next to the wall. One walks to the front of Justin and breaks out a 10″ cock and crams it down Justin’s throat and the other guy rams an even bigger cock into Justin’s ass. They take turns at both ends until they finally cum and make Justin eat every drop of the cum. Justin is tied back up. The two old guys laugh and talk about how much they enjoy their jobs.

The second guy is next and they start with the clippers but they start going for his head first. He starts yelling please, no. So they offer him the same deal. He agrees and they tell him to go to the table. When he gets there they start changing the table and I realize that it is actually a doctors exam table and they tie him to it and put his legs in styrups. Poor guy realized what they were getting ready for when they inserted a tool into his ass and started expanding it. His scream was muffled as they put in a ball gag. I think they actually enjoyed the screaming. They then proceeded to take turns fisting him and some serious CBT/electric torture.

When they were finished they tied #3 back and the middle of the room and headed for me. I didn’t know what to do but they then announced that it does not matter what I want Brock likes his boy’s clean so that is what he is going to get. They bring out the clippers and start shaving off all the hair on my head and the rest of my body. They start on my crotch and dick and the clippers nick me a little but didn’t break skin. I didn’t want to do this and remembered Justin being shaved the first time I saw him naked. This was bad but I still had stubble. About that time they break out the foam and razors and begin shaving my head, body, cock, balls, ass, legs, feet, arms, anything where there is hair. When they are finished they take me down and tell me to go lay on the table so they inspect me in the light. I get over there and I am immediately strapped to the table with my ass over the end and they both start fucking my mouth and ass. Hey boy, I think you still got some hair on your ass, let me rub it off and they laughed. The fucking seems to last forever and they finally released me and put me back with the other guys, I am totally shaved, with no body hair at all.

After the two older guys finished with me the turned to the fourth guy. They were wound up by then and started flogging him. It was hard to watch but damn it I started to get hard and they noticed. Hey boy, so you like this? If you weren’t Brock’s bitch we would beat the hell out of you but we have to leave that for Brock. It will feel good on that shaved body. The one of them came over to me and unchained me and led me over to the 4th guy and told me to suck him to and I’d better get it stiff. It took some effort because they were flogging the guys back side but I finally got him hard. Then they took him down and told him to fuck me. One of them couldn’t handle it so he got in front of me and made me suck him again. After the 4th guy had finished and cum was running out my ass, they tied me up spread eagle in the mddle of the room again. They then proceeded to shave him just like they had me. Not a hair left on our bodies.

About that time Bo and a few others come in. I hadn’t seen him since the car ride but he had his medical bag. He started looking at us and touching our bodies to inspect us. He took our blood pressure and then crams large rectal therms into our asses. He checks out our dicks and balls then moves back to check the therms in our asses and then spreads our asses and does a four fingered rectal exam. He gives us all a shot of antibiotics for any scratches/cuts that we endured last night. He also put some ointment on any scratch that was more severe. At the end he announced that we were all fit for the day’s activities. He then announced that he had one more thing for us and he opens up a jar and starts applying some salve to our balls and dicks, it must have been red hot because I thought I was going to die from the pain/burn. Bo just laughed and said that he wanted to see those of us from Houston in his office in two weeks.

They all left for a while and the four of us hanging in various positions, all totally naked and two of us more than others since we have no hair left. The Hunt Club members start coming in and go to various parts of the barn. Most of them are in boots and shorts with no shirts, but Brock comes in in full leather. How are you this morning Bitch? I answer ok and he breaks out his crop and starts hittimg my nipples and dick while yelling at me on how to address him. I say ok sir but make the mistake of looking at him which gets me beat some more. He then announced that this is going to be funand that Steve and another guy that I don’t know will be my training team. He then releases me and tells me to get on the floor and if I do what they all tell me things will be good but I have to do everything. I am told to start licking and cleaning their boots. While I am licking Brocks boots Steve starts examing my ass and laughs and asks Brock how those two guys can get an ass, balls and dick so clean. I keep licking and cleaning all their boots while they start doing something at a table behind me. Brock has me lick up and down his legs to his crotch and then take out his 10 inch cock and tells me to suck it. I can’t take it all even after all this so I gag and they all laugh and tell me that to pass the test I have to suck everyone’s cock without gagging or dropping a drop of cum.

As the groups of guys entered we were immediately reminded of our positions and were told to suck them all as they prepared for the day’s activities. We were told to pick a number between 1&4 and that would be our day’s plan. I picked two, the first guy picked 1 and Josh (can’t remember name) picked 3 leaving the fourth guy with number four. Our individual master decided how and what we would do and who would participate.

Josh’s Master wanted to take him first. He was told to follow-up him to the area that looked like a Dr’s table. Brock decided it was time that I clean his ass and hole so I was told to lay down and he and the other guys too turns sitting on my face. If they didn’t think I was getting my tongue up into their ass enough they would bear down on my face. I could hear some screams from the table where Josh was taken and the other two guys were chained up in the middle of the room. One was being flogged hard and the other guy had clamps put all over his nipples, dick, balls and chest and his owners were taking turns trying to knock them off.

After Brock tired of rimming I was told to get on my knees. I thought that I was going to suck dick again but he told me to look at Josh and see what I had coming. I glanced over to see Josh strapped to an exam table with his legs spread and his Master with his hand up Josh’s ass. There were guys lined up behind him with gloves on waiting. Josh was screaming but the ball gag muffled it. I don’t think I will survive this. Brock smiles and says you are going to enjoy that aren’t you bitch boy, and I say yes Sir.

I am then tied up in the middle of the room and those that are not involved in Josh’s fisting exercise start flogging me and the other guys. My ass hurts so bad tears run down my face and Brock makes fun of me. This seems to go on for hours. Josh is removed from the chair and we are all told to line up on all fours at one end of the barn. The Masters then get behind us and grab our balls and tightly tie ropesaround our balls and dicks. We can’t look back to see what they are doing. Then they start cramming something up our asses. Josh screams because he is so sore. They laugh and let him off. Brock then announces that since Josh has already provided ass entertainment he will not endure the pig tail plug up his ass but this is a pig race. The object of the game is simple; the first pig that gets around the barn ten times will get to skip an activity of his choice. I need to win this because I don’t want to get fisted. They announce that we are off so we all take off but suddenly realize that 25lb flat weights are attached to our balls. We start moving slowly because it is killing our nuts. The guys are yelling at us to move and some have crops and are swatting our asses and balls since they are being pulled about 10 inches behind our asses. The pain is terrible. I am doing ok in comparison to the others when someone steps on my weight at about the third round of the race. They start yelling at me to move and pull harder, when I can’t move they begin whipping me and the other guys move past me. I can see now that each of us has a Pig’s tail out of our asses. We were told that if we drop the tail out of our ass we have to start the race over and the last one to finish gets something special.

The race continues. The guys are all drinking beer and yelling like it is some wild race but we are at the point of barely moving because our nuts are about to fall off. At about the seventh round four of the guys with the biggest dicks I have ever seen step into our lanes and tell us to stop and suck them off and as soon as they cum we can start moving ahead. We all go after the dicks like there is no tomorrow. Not only do we want to win, we don’t want to be last.

I take my guy as far down and fast as I can. Pumping his dick and sucking as hard as I can. Luckily he cums fast and I was the first to start again. Then another guy steps out and we have to suck him till he cums. This time I wasn’t so lucky and I can’t get my guy to cum. I can see Brock smiling. The other guys finish and start moving. They get about a round ahead of me. I start moving as fast as I can, to hell with my balls at this point. Josh ends up winning the event but I never catch up and lose. We are given some food and water in bowls again and told to eat and drink. After we finish we are put in cages for a couple of hours. I have no idea what time it is at this point or even what day. We all fall asleep.

Loud banging wakes us and the guys of the hunt club are back. Brock pulls me out of my cage and smiles and says loser’s time. He almost drags me to the exam chair and three guys pick me up and strap me in the chair. They don’t mind slapping my balls that are hanging low and swollen. After, I’m strapped in Brock starts running his hands over me. “I sure do like my bitches smooth, reminding me that all of my body hair had been shaved off and my head had be buzz cut. “I don’t like to get crabs from bitches” he says.

Then Eric, the doctor comes by and checks my pulse and looks at me. He then grabs my balls and examines them and announced that I am in good shape – play ass. A gag is immediately put in my mouth and I see Brock pull out some metal objects from the cabinet. He inserts them in my ass and I can feel the pain and pressure as they spread my ass open. I start hyperventilating and they put some ice on me. Brock then leans down and starts sucking my dick. This actually takes my mind off my ass for a few moments until he spreads the tool some more. I then hear the snap of a rubber glove and see him dip his hand in lube and he smiles and tells me to open wide. Like everything else this weekend I have never been fisted. Brock wasn’t easy on me either and I took his whole fist and arm. It was painful but at the same time if felt good and surreal for something to be moving inside me. The other guys then took turns fisting me as well. After they finished I guess they were hard so they decided that those that wanted to could fuck me. After beingfisted, their dicks seemed to be small.

This activity finished the day. We were told that we could shower, clean our asses and eat. When we came out from shower there was some light food and fruit and water out. There were also some sleeping bags but not clothes. There was one other assignment. There were four video cameras, one with each of our numbers on it. We were told that the assignment was that you had to be the star of your own video and the raunchiest and nastiest video would get a reward. When working on your video the other guys had to do exactly what you told them. We were to start with #4 first and go in reverse.

Unfortunately, each film would get dirtier because we knew what we had to beat. I was second so I decided that we would do some water sports and scat, with the usual flogging, fucking and fisting. The camera man was important because if he didn’t catch the action and dicks sliding in and out of asses, it would all be worthless. The films took us several hours and we then collapsed after putting them by the door as instructed.

When we woke the next morning, the films were gone. The Hunt Club guys arrived an hour after we had woke and eaten the little food that had been delivered. They had evidently watched the films and judged over breakfast. Josh got 1st place. Probably because I was the camera man. I placed second but realized that my scat and piss scene had given them hunt club boys new ideas. I was immediately taken to the showers where they guys came in and either pissed on me or made me drink their piss. The fourth guy got it worse, he was taken outside where he was made to lay down and a couple of guys took a crap on him and then made him rub it in and lay there while it dried. Josh was taken from the barn at that point. The 2nd guy was being tied over barrel to be fucked at both ends. I was told to shower. After I finished I was grabbed by the three guys again and taken to the medical chair. I could believe that I was going to get fisted again. As Brock neared I could see that this time wasn’t fisting but electrical. He started sucking my cock to get it hard and then put a ground clip on my balls. A long electrical butt plug was put in my ass and a clamp with a probe was put around and into my dick. Electric pads were also placed on the inside of my thighs. “Are you ready, bitch boy?” At first it was fun but I soon realized that they were just warming me up and a bar gag was put in my mouth so I wouldn’t bite myself. The pain was so severe I would almost pass out. Brock clearly enjoyed it. At least no one was making me suck them like the guy over the barrel. He was fucked at both ends for hours it seemed.

The older men returned after a couple of hours and told the guys that it was time to finish up. Josh was back and all of us were turned over to the older guys for one last round. The hunt club guys left to get cleaned up for the ride back to Houston. I think we are near the end of the nightmare weekend. The old men make us suck them and they fuck us all.

When they are finished with us they tell us to get into the showers. They strip and follow us in. They actually scrub us down and then take each one of us into a room where they do another full enema and provide us with tooth brushes, tooth paste and mouthwash. We are told to dry off and wait, still totally naked. After a while the Hunt Club comes for us and tells us to load the cars with baggage. Here we are naked and loading the baggage. Then we are told to line up.

Brock then announces that two candidates have passed to become members of the Hunt Club, Josh and #2 have passed. I don’t care because once I get out of here; they will never see me again. Brock announces that the next Hunt will be in 10 weeks, in the fall. He then grabs me by my balls and dick and pulls me near and crams his tongue down my throat. He announces that he will be in my ass again in 10 weeks and laughs. I am thinking there is no way in hell that will happen. We are then told to get into the cars. We are still naked and it appears that we are supposed to ride back that way. Josh and #2 are allowed to put on shorts and shoes at least. Immediately I am told to get into the back seat between the same two guys that I rode between coming to the Ranch. This time they have on shorts and sandals but nothing else and I am naked. We start the ride back to Houston. I feel like there is hope again and I will never see this place again.

Eric then tells me that that they have something for me to see. They pull out an IPAD and show me a Video of “The Hunt Club.” The video shows pictures of me getting to the back of the suburban with two shirtless musclemen and then shows the contract we signed stating that we acknowledged that wanted to go to a Gay Bondage Ranch and accepted any activity while there. I know something like that wouldn’t hold up in court but didn’t say anything. Then the photo’s started. They had shots of us when we were drinking in the back of the suburban all shirtless and me in the middle. Their hands all over me and it looked like they were kissing me and tonguing my ears and had their hands up my shorts and I was smiling. Then the bomb fell, they started showing the video’s that we had made. 20 minutes of raunchy male on male sex and scenes from the other films as well.

I was then told that if I ever said anything to anyone about the activities of the Hunt Club, this entire video would be attached to my face book file and a porn web site with my name. I couldn’t believe it. I was also then told that I had to return to complete my training next time and I had to bring a new potential member of physical condition/shape that would meet other member’s approval. They all laughed. Josh was quite, I know understand what just happened.

Eric says, do you understand? I start to answer, and Eric says “it is a simple yes or no.” You can come have some hot sex with us or we can ruin your life including any future jobs. I answer yes. Good, now that we all have that out of the way you have couple of hours of cock sucking to pass the time back to Houston. Get busy.


Gay Poles For Straight Holes 6
29.09.2013 , Boy-Bg Video
Gay Poles For Straight Holes 6
We've found 4 new hard-bodied straight guys who we convince to go gay and get their mouths and assholes penetrated by a pudgy pecker! Merely a little friendly persuasion and a little lube is all that was required for the transformation from hetero to homo, turning these pussy pounders into champion cock chuggers!
Thank you...
29.09.2013 , Gay Male Love

… to ALL of you who explained to me what the original poster had requested.

I was attempting to look at that particular question in another light… one that I hope will become the “norm” over the exception.  I knew what the anon was implying, but I was hoping that it really wasn’t the direction of the question.

I don’t see anything female or feminine in my relationship with Chris.  I know he would say the same. 

I do know that there are men out there who want to be with an effeminate man… men out there who want to have their men be their “girls”… men out there who look to take care of their partner in the traditional sense of a man/woman relationship.  And I have absolutely no issue with those types of relationships.  In fact, I think they rock… but I have trouble seeing one as “the man” and the other as “his girl” as I see just two men together. 

I want us all to see it differently than man/’female”… unless… of course… that’s what you’re really into.  But as a man, I am in a relationship with a man.  I don’t think we should feel the need to match it up to the way heterosexuals do things. 

Top or bottom or vers… that’s fine.  But who is the man or the woman of the relationship… I think there are better ways we can look at that question.  Chris and I are both versatile.  We enjoy both at different times… but I can’t say that either one of us has ever been seen as the girl.

Feminine or masculine… or both… that’s fine too.  Chris and I are both masculine dudes.  I think looking at a relationship that way is alright as well… by asking who is the more masculine or feminine… etc… some guys may take offense to that… but back to male/female… that just doesn’t enter my head. 

If you want to be feminine in your relationship, I’m ALL for it.  If you’re some burly dude and you want to be “the man” in relationship, that’s fucking awesome.  So I have no problems with establishing roles if it works for you and your man. 

But I would say that assuming there is a “girl” in the relationship is incredibly offensive.  No, it’s not because we don’t like females.  We’re men in relationships with men. 

I want us to recognize how amazing it is that we’re born the way we are.  We’re born to be with men.  It’s natural.  And because of how natural it is… it’s not “like” anything else.  Sure, there are some amazing similarities in all of our relationships, but I think it’s good to focus on the positive gay aspect of this… to see that question and turn our heads in confusion at who is asking because we’re men into men.  If there’s a girl in the relationship, then we’re straight! :-) 

I understood that the anon was looking to know who was either the receiver or the more feminine in our relationship.  And the fact that so many people wrote me to help me out (again, thank you!)… just shows me how widespread that way of thinking is.  That some of us even think of our relationships in a “hetero” way, so to speak.  It’s not a bad way of thinking… to link something to what it is that we share with other men.  I don’t see it as a bad thing… but it’s among the lines of asking a straight guy who the top/bottom is of his relationship with his wife.  It sounds funny to ask that of them, right?  I want the question of “who is the girl” to give off that same reaction.

But I want to thank all of you for those earnest answers.  I wasn’t trying to sound like I had no idea what he meant… although that’s exactly how it sounded.  I just want people to think about gay male relationships in a different light.  A natural light as it were. 

Ask all you want who fucks whom or who likes taking cock more or any of that… that’s all perfectly fine… but what we have naturally together isn’t anything “girly.”

But again… thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for all of the responses.  I seriously loved all of them.  :-D