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Manhunt Man of The Week: DA90027 (AKA Gay Porn Performer Derek Anthony)
01.09.2013 , Manhunt Daily

LA-based Derek Anthony is what I guess you would call a silver fox, a fifty-something daddy with a big dick and a real passion for fucking. He’s got wonderfully hairy legs and dramatic tan lines, and if I had any frequent flyer miles saved up, I’d seriously consider flying to LAX just for a chance to have him bend me over. (He’s an active Manhunt member, so feel free to stalk his photos here.)

Derek’s had his share of controversy, though. For one thing, he primarily worked with Treasure Island Media, a company that not only features bareback sex, but also uses it as their primary marketing strategy.

And then he went and shot a three-way scene with a woman, which caused an uproar both among bareback enthusiasts and straight people who worried about straight porn getting tainted by crossover performers. (Which is less homophobic than it sounds: straight porn and gay porn have completely different standards and practices when it comes to HIV testing.)

Though Derek left porn a little over a year ago, he’s recently returned, topping little Armond Rizzo in a recent scene for Jake Cruise.


Find out what he had to say about Treasure Island, doing porn over 50 and that infamous three-way:

Derek Anthony fucks Armond Rizzo in an intergenerational gay sex scene for porn site Jake Cruise.

How’s it going? Are you excited to be back in porn?

I’m doing pretty good. It’s really hot here today, but I’m good. I hadn’t done any shoots for a while, but I just did one for Jake Cruise that’s out now with Armond Rizzo, a real hot little Latino bodybuilder. Really tiny, really cute, really nice. It was a condom scene. People might be shocked that I’m wearing a condom, but as I said, I like being unpredictable. So it’s been a while since I’ve done any bareback porn.

Anything else coming up in the near future?

I have some older stuff that’s been filmed but that, to my knowledge, hasn’t come out yet. They never actually tell me when this stuff is coming out. I always have to wait for other people to see it and tell me.

It’s funny how that happens.

I think most porn now is done so quickly and cheaply that there’s a high turnover in the people that work behind the scenes. It’s just the nature of the business now. Everybody and their mother is doing it. Porn isn’t considered the taboo thing that it used to be. It’s more accepted now that people watch porn. It’s not as underground. The market is so saturated that, in my own opinion, there aren’t really any big porn stars now. When I think of stars, I think of the eighties, men like Jeff Stryker.


It’s weird. The more accepted it gets, the cheaper the production values we expect. Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

It’s not good or bad. It’s just kind of the way it is. It’s like computers in that it’s a double edged sword. Social skills have certainly gone downhill, but now we have all this information.

Speaking of computers, when you search online for your work, the one scene that got way more attention than the others is the straight one. Was that a one-time thing?

I actually did two. I don’t think the second one ever came out. I was curious about it, since I’d done gay porn for a number of years. It was a new experience, and I just wanted to try something different. But if you go on blogs, you see that some people got so worked up about it. I don’t put so much value into it. It was just a scene. But I didn’t get into porn to go on blogs and read these horrible things that people have to say about you. I got into it to make people feel good and to show that older men can still be sexy.

Do you find that younger men are drawn to you?

Here’s one story. About four years ago, there was an eighteen-year old who lived about an hour from me. He sent me a message, said he was a virgin and that he wanted a porn star to be his first. He was really cute, and I thought, “Well, okay, yeah!” So he drove an hour to see me, and we had a really good time. I talked to him about a year ago, and now he’s a major bottom, so I guess I did the right thing. Just doing my public service for tops everywhere! I’m just kidding, that sounds really egotistical…


Yeah. When I talked to Bryan Slater recently, he talked a little bit about getting into porn in his forties, and he said it hadn’t occurred to him that he’d be cast as the daddy in every scene.

You know, I quit dyeing my hair. It’s funny, because I was so afraid of being thought of as a certain age. And I made peace with the daddy thing, which was kind of unnerving at first. Most of my scenes were with people half my age, but you can’t fight city hall and you can’t fight aging. And I’ve never had any Botox or anything. I look in the mirror and sometimes I think I look okay and sometimes I don’t. And I don’t want to look like Liberace. I do get comments from time to time that that’s what people like about me. I was born in 1961, and I’m proud of that. And when guys lie about their age, I always wonder what else they’re hiding. I never lie. Whether people believe me or not is up to them.

I wasn’t asked to do porn until I was 45. But I didn’t do anything in life when I should have. I’m always late. At the same time, so much porn in the world is so youth-oriented, and I thought it was flattering. And, you know, older men can still be thought of as attractive and sexual. That had a lot to do with it.

How did you get involved, anyway?

I was doing quite a bit of nude modeling at the time, and they saw my pictures online. It was Treasure Island, and I didn’t really know much about them when I started. One of my ex-boyfriends told me that they were his favorite company. The people I worked with were all super nice and very well-educated. It broke down a lot of stereotypes that I had about the industry. My scenes were always pretty vanilla, and they knew that I’m not really into extreme stuff. They didn’t force me to do anything that I didn’t want to do.

DA90027 2

But Treasure Island strongly emphasizes barebacking…

I knew that would be kind of controversial going into it, but my thing is that the only real safe sex is no sex. I’ve always been a total top, I think that’s probably why I’m negative to this day, combined with the fact that I’ve never done drugs or been an alcoholic. I do use condoms for hookups. I’ve always been about as careful as you could be. I had an ex-boyfriend who was positive. He was always very healthy and we didn’t use condoms. I’ve talked to some HIV counselors, and there are some precautions. I was also tested every 30 days when I was doing porn. And, you know, I got fan mail from guys that said I don’t bareback in my personal life, but I really enjoy watching it.

Do you think fetishizing bareback sex encourages guys to be less safe?

I’ve never been a proponent of telling people what they should be doing. I don’t like being told what to do, and I don’t want to unload that on anyone else. But no, I don’t think watching it is going to make somebody go out and do it unless they wanted to do it anyway. People are adults, they can make up their own minds.

I think they’ve gotten a little more extreme as the years go on. And again, my scenes were pretty vanilla. I’m not responsible with what else they do, you know? A lot of the fanmail that I’ve gotten says that I’m passionate with the people I’ve connected with, and in my scenes, you can tell that there’s a connection with the other performers. That makes me happy. It’s not like I’m doing it for the money.

I think people hear that I worked for Treasure Island and have a lot of assumptions, but the truth is that even at my busiest, I only did a few shoots a year. Unless somebody’s around me on a daily basis, they don’t know what I’m really like, and a lot of people have had a lot of negative things to say about me. I find it kind of sad. You know, if you have that much time on your hands that you’re letting porn gossip rule your life, I think maybe you need to get another hobby.

I guess it goes with the territory. I can’t do anything about that. But there are enough people that enjoy what I’m doing to make up for the grief that a few give me over it. As I said before, my experience with doing this had been overall 98% positive.


And the other 2%?

The only real time I had problems on set was for one of the cheaper sites, and it wasn’t the other performer. The cameraman was really obviously very high on something. And I thought it was a waste of time, that he’d never get usable footage out of what we were doing. But actually the scene turned out fine. That’s really the only kind of interesting story like that I have, so I think I did pretty well for my time in the business.

You keep referring to porn in the past tense. So what’s in store for the future?

I’m currently looking for a boyfriend, and once that happens, I think the porn career’s gonna be gone for good. I’m kind of concentrating on my third career. I retired from my career, and now I’m working with older people that have Alzheimer’s and other health problems. The porn was always just kind of a paid hobby, it was never really a career with me. It’s hard to retire from something that was never really a career to begin with. I’m just moving on to do other things.

I had more sex in my forties and early fifties than I ever did in my twenties or thirties. I used to be very uptight about sex in general, and I had body issues. I was really a complete mess in my twenties. I had more fun in the past ten years than in the first thirty.

It’s never too late. That’s kind of my motto for everything.




Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly – Part 1
31.08.2013 , Gay Bondage Fiction

An arrogant and homophobic straight jock is abducted by a group of gay men for punishment and humiliation including bondage and forced cock milking.
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The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly – Part 1
By GuysGoNakieForMe
Series: The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly

Forced Milking Ryan ConnolleyRyan Connolly stood in the arena, stripped to his shorts, a sneer on his perfect lips. The x-treme fighting match had yet to begin, but his confidence practically glowed with the same sheen as the arena lights reflecting off the sheer layer of perspiration on his smooth chest and perfectly defined six-pack. The light caught the coppery highlights of his auburn hair as he turnes to face the crowd, emerald green eyes sparkling. He sneered again. In his head he knew that every man in the arena wanted to BE him and the girls wanted to fuck him. Of course, a few of the fags wanted to fuck him too, he chuckled to himself. Before the night was over, a dozen of them would.

“That’s him”, a shadowy figure in the back of the auditorium whispered to one or two large goons. “That’s the homophobic asshole who has to be taken down a peg.” They nodded in silent agreement. They knew what had to be done.

The ringing of the bell brought the two fighters together — kicking, dodging, bare-knuckled brawling. Within a few minutes, Ryan had the advarntage. His oponent, a Puerto-Rican animal named Paco, was pinned to the met and Ryan had his massive thighs around his neck in a choke-hold. The latino punk struggled as Ryan used leverage to pin him to the mat — but not too quickly. By shifting his weight forward, he pressed his crotch directly into the face of the struggling latino, forcing his cock against the hispanic’s nose and his balls against his mouth. Without escape, the frustrated latin had no choice but to inhale deeply the sweaty musk of his captor. Ryan would keep him pinned until JUST before his opponent was to be counted out… and then released his pressure slightly so that the count could begin again. He enjoyed being in a position of domination… forcing his oponent to submit not only to his strenghth, but to his manhood, again and again and again.

“This faggot loves the smell of my dick!” Ryan called out, inciting the crowd to scream and applaud. Paco’s cheeks burned with shame as Ryan screamed, “I’m not sure if I should beat him or fuck him”, and the beer-intoxicated crowd of blue-collar men screamed “FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM”. “Nah, this maricon would like it too much”, Ryan answered with a laugh. And with that he pinned his captive to the mat and took his victory.

On his way from the ring, he was swatted on the back by some of the guys and kissed by some of the girls. Someone even handed him a beer, which the arrogant fighter chugged in one gulp. He never tasted the slight chemical taste of roofies that had been crushed and dissolved into the bottle.

Alone in the locker room, Ryan reached for a terri-cloth towel, but his vision blurred, and the towel was just out of his grasp. He looked up to see a figure in a trench coat holding the towel. Ryan stumbled toward it but his legs went weak and before he was enveloped in darkness, he flt two sets of armsgrab him under the armpits so that he wouldn’t hit the floor.

When Ryan opened his eyes, he was disoriented and groggy. He had no idea how long he had been asleep or where he was. He tried to rub his eyes and realized his hands were tethered to a spreading bar across his shoulders. A leather belt kept him secured to a post behind him, and his ankles were also separated by a bar.

“What the fuck is going on” he called out to no one in particular. His eyes were blinded by a light from above. Was he still in the arena? “Hello??” No answer. Out of the darkness he heard an electrical whir, and a plexiglass divider lowered from the ceiling directly in front of his face, to chin level. He had know way of knowing this was a two way mirror — he could not see through the divider, but his audience could clearly see him.

“What the fuck is this????”

Suddenly a mechanically distorted voice echoed through the room.

“Ryan Connolly, so arrogant…. so perfect… your sculpted body is as beautiful as your hatred is ugly. You even chose a profession where you could mock, bully and belittle others, and get monetary rewards and audience accolades in return. Tonight is the night that you are taught a lesson in humility.”

Ryan looked wildly about him, but could see nothing but his own petrified expression reflected in the two-way mirror. “I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re doing, but I got people who are out looking for me, so you better not do something stupid.”

“By the time they find you, it will be too late.”

“Too late???” Ryan croaked out in terror, “too late for what???”

“To keep you from being a victim of your own arrogance. Before this night is over, we will OWN you. Lower his pants.”

Ryan struggled at the restraints as the two goons from earlier stepped from the shadows behind him and tugged at the silk boxing trunks. “What the fuck are you doing, man,” he tried to whisper to one. “I got 5,000 for winning the match tonight…it’s yours if you let me go,” he begged the other. But he felt the cool silk sliding down his tree-trunk thighs and land at his feet.

“Prepare his cock,” the mechanical voice commanded.

“What the fuck are you doing to me, man. I ain’t no fag” He struggled against the restraints one more, his muscles straining in perfect relief. The more he struggled, the more his taut sweaty muscles rippled with perfection. He was reacting EXACTLY as they’d hoped.

A strong pair of hands grabbed his cockshaft in one hand and his fat, bull-sized balls in the other.

“If you do anything to interfere, Mr. Connolly, my assistants have been instructed to rip your balls off.”

Ryan Connolly’s body went slack. The hand on his cock was teasing him ever so slightly…pulsing its grip…allowing Ryan’s cock to elongate, thicken and grow on its own. Ryan’s face flushed as his cock responded to the subtle attention. His thick foreskin, so snug around his fat cock knob, peeled back on its own to reveal a rosy read tip. Suddenly another pair of hands came into view — the other thug — holding a mortar and pestle of partially crushed blue diamond-shaped tablets. Just enough water was added to the cup to turn the powder into paste. Then the second thug dipped his thumb in the gluey blue mixture and smeared it onto the tip of Ryan’s cock head.

“That’s a highly concentrated of Viagra, Mr. Connnolly. Applied in large doses directly to the tip of your cock, to your balls and to your anus and your cock will be unable to refuse to participate in our activities, even if your brain is telling you to stop.”

“Oh fuck, no, please…” Ryan begged, spit dribbling from the corners of his desperate mouth as the thug caressed the concentrated aphrodisiac into the hypersensitive glans of his exposed cock. The thug used just enough pressure to drive Ryan crazy, his thumb teasing in slow circles, and then rubbing against the cumslit allowing the paste to mix with Ryan’s precum.

Without warning, the first thug tugged the foreskin back over the head, trapping the moist Viagra-painted knob of Ryan Connolly’s cock withn the cowl of flesh, which was then tied off with a leather strap.

“We’ll just leave your cock like that for a while, Ryan,” the voice said with a chuckle, “so you can absorb the mixture directly into where you’ll need it most. But never fear, Ryan, we’ll be preparing your balls as well.”

With that the second thug produced a paintbrush of the softest sable, dipped it into the mixture in the goblet, and gently painted the paste over the lemon-sized balls hanging almost midway down the restarined fighter’s thighs.

Ryan released a whistle and a moan as the unbearably soft bristles tickled against his nutsac, painting the mixture right into the sensitive skin.

“It was considerate of you to remove the hair from your testicles, Ryan. That should speed up the process, considerably.”

Ryan went up on his toes, trying to force the bristles to continue their torture. His thighs and calves bulged with muscle and he could hear laughter and appluase from .. somewhere. He didn’t care. He just needed his balls massaged. Somewhere in the shadows someone nodded with delight — the Viagra was already doing its job.

Suddenly, Ryan felt something thick at the entrance to his ass. “Fuck no!!!!”, his brain screamed, as the Viagra smeared thumb worked it’s way into his virgin ass. At first it just tickled and teased at the entrance to his anus, but emboldened by Ryan’s response, the viscious thug slipped the length of his thumb up inside Ryan’s tight rectum. “God, noooooo”.

“That’s it, Ryan, PRAY for release. I promise you your prayers will be answered — maybe not the way you’d like them to be, though”

The thumb was withdrawn and then re-inserted with more of the gooey mixture. Ryan writhed trying to get away from it, though held tightly in place by the restraints. It did not allow him to escape. In fact it made him do exactly what his captors hoped for — each time he pulled away and was pulled back by the restraints, he was fucking himself onto his captor’s finger.

Ryan felt his nipples being gently pinched as the blue substance was massaged into his titpoints. Why was this happening to him, he wondered…and why did it feel so good.

The fingering of his ass was torturing his prostate…and he could feel his load begin to rise. Suddenly the finger was still. “Noooooo”

“No what” the voice asked innocently.

“Don’t stop…” Ryan croaked in a strangled whisper,”…so close”

“Show us what you want”

His brain on overload, Ryan began fucking himself onto the finger…undulating like a $2 whore at a strip club on a pole…filling his ass again and again as he felt the inevitable wave of pleasure rise inside him.

From the dark of the room, his audience watched. They watched him in front of them. They watched him on the three video monitors — one poised on his face, one on his torso, one on his cock. This will make an awesome…souvenier.

Riding the finger like a bitch in heat, Ryan grunted, bit his lip and pushed himself past the point of no return. He arched his back, his perfectly rounded pecs gleaming with sweat and thick pudding like cum began seeping through the folds of his tightly enwrapped cock-knob. It dripped down the shaft, painting his balls in a salty river of jizz, andhe collapsed, spent, in a total faint. He never realized that 2 or three men stepped from behind the partition to tongue bathe his tortured cock and lap up his cum.

“Gentleman, we’ll let our guest get some rest and let the drugs take effect. We’ll meet back in 30 minutes, for phase 2.”


From the darkness of an orgasm-induced dream, Ryan Connolly was shocked to wakeness by a bucket of ice-water to the face. Disoriented, he let out a shout and heard laughter. His eyes struggled to adjust to the stadium lights shining in his eyes. He tried to wipe the water from his face, only to discover his wrists tightly bound to a spreader bar.

“Wake up, sleepyhead”, the disembodied voice over the loud speaker mocked.

“What’s happening to me…who are you…” Ryan pleaded. Then realizing he was losing his cool, the naked x-treme fighter snarled, “Answer me, motherfucker”.

“Temper, temper..” the voice admonished. “I promise you we aren’t mother fuckers … but we have no problem fucking arrogant homophobic straight boys.”

A shiver ran down Ryan’s spine. He’d fought his way out of tough situations, but there didn’t seem much hope for escape here. “Look man, I’ll give you anything you want…just let me go.”

“Yes, you will give us ANYTHING we want … again and again, Ryan. In fact, you’re going to be used like a piece of meat. Just a hot body and a handsome face to use and abuse. A cock to be milked. A set of balls to be emptied. You will beg for the pleasure of release. And you will THANK US when we have granted it to you.”

Ryan tested the restraints with force — without success — and the room echoed with laughter. The pale-skinned irish fighter’s body glistened with sweat from both the exertion and the heat of the room — it had to be nearly 80 degrees.

“Sorry the room is so warm Ryan, but we had to get you to sweat… open up your pores… so that perfect body of yours could absorb the Viagra paste.”

In the fuzziness of his memory, Ryan remembered two pairs of hands annointing his body with the powerful aphrodesiac — smearing the mixture into the exposed knob of his uncut cock; brushing it in teasing feather-strokes with a sable brush onto his hairless balls; finger-fucking it into the virgin-chasm of his unused ass; pinching it into the tips of his super-sensitive nipples. He had no idea how long he’d been asleep, but Ryan knew that time and the heat of the room were having their desired effect. His nipples ached to be touched; his ass was on fire; the slightest breeze against his balls made them bounce in his sac; and his proud cock stood attention, rock hard. The leather strap had been untied, freeing the foreskin… yet it still clung halfway to the tip of his cockhead, exposing the moist red tip only partially.

“You seem a little HARD up, Ryan. It looks like you need some … help…”

“I’m fine” the fighter said with a sneer.

“There was a snicker of approval from the crowd. “Oh yes, your audience agrees that you are quite fine. Nonetheless, your cock seems to need some attention.”

Ryan’s cock was indeed throbbing noticably, a pearly string of precum oozing from the slit. The more he tried to stop thinking about it, the more his cock pulsed with life. Ryan’s face flushed with shame.

Ryan heard the wheels of a rolling cart on concrete, as something was pushed in front of him, waist high. He could not see who pushed the cart, or the cart itself very well, with the mirror-glass still in front of his face. The two-sided mirror allowed the crowd to see every reaction of Ryan’s without allowing him to see his captors.

“Lube his cock” the voice commanded, and again two sets of hands were on Ryan — one set provided extra restraint so Ryan couldn’t struggle too much; the other grabbed Ryan’s cock shaft in one hand, and massaged oily lubricant to it with the other.

“Get your faggot hands off my dick, you queer”, Ryan snarled before a firm backhand slapped the sneer off his face. His cheek burned, but the pain was replaced by pleasure as the hand on his cock skillfully applied the lubricant. The firm grip on his shaft; the corkscrew motion; the thumb teasing his cum-slit on the upstroke — all were too good to resist and ryan felt his hips involuntarily buck into the grip, fucking the hand as it oiled up his cock.

His abs stood out sharply each time he bucked forward to fuck the hand. Ryan heard the sounds of clicks as cameras zoomed in on his body, but he was beyond caring. The Viagra made his nerve endings super sensitive to stimulation. Once stimulated, he MUST have relief.

Suddenly the hand withdrew and Ryan went slack with frustration, much to the amusement of the crowd.

“Attach the milker to his cock”

“Attach the….what?” Ryan croaked, hoarsely.

“You Ryan, are nothing but a stud bull to us. A perfect specimen whose cock is designed to be used for pleasure and whose cum is perfect for breeding. You are going to be our fuck machine, Ryan. Every man in the room has paid for the chance to drink your load or to be inseminated by you … and a few have paid for the privilege of breeding YOU. So, for the next few days, your universe will be one prolonged orgasm. You will cum again and again, on cue, for whoever is the highest bidder. You will fuck and be fucked. Do you understand?”


Laughter echoed thru the room. The laughter of DOZENS of men.

“Tether him to the machine”.

The cart rolled forward and a slick silicone tube, the consistency of a woman’s pussy, slipped over Ryan Connolly’s cock. He shuddered. He felt the tube tighten to the perfect width, allowing just enough friction and drag to drive him insane with pleasure.

“Flip the swich”. A click…then an electric whir and the silicon tube began to ride up and down the length of Ryan’s cock. It gripped the throbbing dick slightly and then released. The tube was rigged to release lubricant after every four or five strokes, keeping the captive cock slick and moist.

“Oh fuck,” Ryan moaned, surrendering to the blissful feelings as the machine purred around his cock. There was applause from the crowd as they watched Ryan go up on his toes to FUCK his fat dick into the vibrating tube that rode up and down the length of his cock. Ryan had never had a more perfect fuck — just the right amount of pressure…perfectly wet… but after a moment or two he realized something. The restraints would not allow him to fuck any harder or faster than the speed he was going and the machine would not increase the tempo on its own. At this rate and speed, his cock would remain rigid and hard for hours…no closer to orgasm than he was now.

He began to sweat. “P-p-please…” he muttered.

“Yes?” the voice answered with a hint of laughter.

“Please…the machine is keeping me right on the edge. I gotta cum. Please, let me cum.”

“Lets see what we can do to help you.”

Ryan heard a shuffling of bodies…three of them…as they entered the chamber with him. He could not move his head to see them, just hear them. The machine shifted so that the silicon tube enwrapped only his shaft, leaving his knob untouched. Suddenly, he felt a pair of lips around his dick…hot, wet, soft. “Oh yessss,” Ryan whispered. The lips kissed the knob worshipfully… reverently… lathing the tip in hot wet tonguestrokes. Ryan let out a sharp exhilation of air. “Yeah, suck that cock bitch” he whispered. Without warning, he felt his balls…both of them…taken into the hot wet cavern of a second hungry mouth. He was being teabagged as his cock was force-stroked, and the knob was tenderly sucked. He was in heaven. Just when he thought it couldn’t feel any better, he felt his pale ass cheeks spread from behind and a hot wet tongue dart into the pink pucker of his asshole.

Hanging from the wrist restraints for leverage, he bucked forward into the hungry mouth and backed onto the invading tongue…again, and again, and again…as his balls were sucked and worshipped from below. With a click, the silicon tube’s grip tightened and the speed increased.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck yes…”, Ryan moaned as this body rushed up the incline towards a roller-coaster of orgasm. just as his orgasm was about to hit, another click and the machine turned off. The lips were removed from his cock, his balls, his ass. “Nooooooooooooo”

“Fuck the machine Ryan…Fuck yourself. Make yourself cum for us.” the voice chanted.

Using all of his strength, Ryan fucked into the silicon sleeve faster, faster…his cock a red-hot blur. An animal growl grew inside him and released as he sent an arc of cum SPLASHING into the air, and into a plexiglass beaker held just out of reach by a pair of unseen hands. Another thick splash of semen blasted against the walls of the beaker…and another…and another, until the container was full. The silicon sleeve was slipped off and replaced by a hot mouth that slid balls deep down Ryan’s spent, but still hard cock. “Oh fuck yes,” he shuddered, spasming one last blast into the mouth of his anonymous cocksucker.

“I’ll bid $500″ a voice said. “$750″ “$1,000″. Then silence. And the familiar voice said, “Sold to our third bidder. You get the honor of drinking our captive’s very first milking load”

Ryan was in a dreamy haze, not really sure what he was hearing. Peripherally, in the darkness he could see the silhouette of a tall, muscular man taking the clear beaker…bringing it to his lips…and pouring the creamy cumload into his mouth.

“Mmmmm, still warm from the spigot,” the deep voice said, to a chorus of laughter”, “so creamy…so potent. I may have to bid on seconds.”

Ryan drifted off to sleep, praying that his sleep would be dreamless.


Straight Guys Are Gay: Locker Room Booty Smacking
31.08.2013 , Manhunt Daily

I have a friend who played college football, and it’s fun to ask him for homoerotic jock stories when we get drunk together. One day, I brought up all the ass smacking that goes on when you… touch it down or whatever in football. He chuckled and said it’s just sort of a reflex, and means absolutely nothing sexual. At least to HIM. He DID say that he had something called a “defensive line coach” who was REALLY into smacking their asses. In fact, I remember how he explained it:

“He would slap our asses for everything. You could say ‘morning’ to him, and he’d spank your ass. We all used to joke about how he probably had a paddle in his desk drawer that he wanted to use on us. When we went to take the field, he would PROPEL on to it you by smacking your butt. He even slapped a teammate of mine on the BARE ASS when he was changing one day. We’re pretty sure he got spoken to by coach after that.”

I probably went home from the bar and jerked off to that story. When I watched THIS player getting his bare asscheeks played like bongos, it brought back that wonderful tale.

- J. Harvey

Watch “The Hotness of Football Players” below:




dirtystraightguys:bathroomjerkoff:Bathroom break jerkNew...
31.08.2013 , dudepubes



Bathroom break jerk

New “Give a cop a blowjob” Ad Campaign Follow me: dirtystraightguys.tumblr.com
Thirteen or So Minutes - This amusing boy-meets-boy story...
31.08.2013 , Tumblin w/ Hotties

Thirteen or So Minutes - This amusing boy-meets-boy story introduces us to two young, attractive straight guys who act on the fact that they are incredibly attracted to one another. In the aftermath, one of them seems to have second thoughts….

Almost 14 minutes, NSFW - I love this short.  The awkwardness of these straight characters as reality dawns on them is funny. Watching the one guy fumble over dismissing and explaining his actions was great.

Spence Gets Gay BJ and Cums
31.08.2013 , Cum Shot Amateurs

tatooed college guy gets gay blowjob and shoots huge cumshot

Jeremy has done solo scenes at Straight Fraternity before and needed some extra money. He was willing to do sex with another guy so they teamed him up with Spence. Spence sucks Jeremy off first then Jeremy goes down to give Spence his first gay blowjob. Based on the huge cumshot that sprays jizz up his tattooed chest; I’d say Spence liked the head. What guy doesn’t love a good BJ and everyone knows that guys give the best head.

Todd Cums In Trey’s Mouth
31.08.2013 , Cum Shot Amateurs

Straight guy cums in gay man's mouth during blowjob

Trey got off to a slow start giving Todd his first gay blowjob. Trey relaxed a bit after sitting on a table and pushed his cock deep into Trey’s mouth. Guys love to cum in their partners mouth and Todd is no exception. He busts his nut directly in Trey’s mouth. The cum flows from the gay man’s mouth as he finishes the job.

Big Cock and Cumshot
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Rex is a tall dude with a big uncut cock. He is one of the tallest guys to ever appear at Broke Straight Boys at 6 feet 5 inches tall. He also sports a very nice uncut cock that matches the size of his body (it is long). Rex says that he is usually a big cummer. Looking at the size of that load, I’d agree.

Rex cums at Broke Straight Boys

Thank Cock It’s Friday: Guys In Glasses Do It Better
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Holy scrotum! Conrad Logun gives amazing blowjobs. I absolutely adore how he swallows Austin Wilde‘s big cock down to the base like it’s no big deal, then takes it balls-deep up his ass like it’s even less of a big deal. I mean, where the hell did this glorious bearded, bespectacled beauty come from? Why is he not sitting on my lap right now? How can I arrange to jizz on his face? I have so many questions.

Thankfully, the answer to that first question was right on Guys In Sweatpants. “I’m from the great state of Texas, where everything is bigger, including my love for sex!” Conrad writes. “I’m 6’3? and 175lbs and am good at being vers. But love a thick top that can pound. I love being active, riding horses, rollerblading and I’m really good at cooking. Did I mention I love sex?”

TEXAS! If you’re not aware by now, I have a huge weakness for Texan men and will likely be stalking Conrad on Twitter to make arrangements for that facial and/or our wedding. Sure, I’ve already made arrangements to marry Troy DanielsRich Kelly and Brayden Forrester, but I was sort of hoping we could add a fifth “brother husband” to the mix. Conrad seems like he’d be a good fit (in more ways than one).

- Dewitt

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Conrad Logun

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

Conrad Logun bottoms for Austin Wilde on gay porn site Guys In Sweatpants.

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Spence Gets Gay BJ and Cums
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Jeremy has done solo scenes at Straight Fraternity before and needed some extra money. He was willing to do sex with another guy so they teamed him up with Spence. Spence sucks Jeremy off first then Jeremy goes down to give Spence his first gay blowjob. Based on the huge cumshot that sprays jizz up his tattooed chest; I’d say Spence liked the head. What guy doesn’t love a good BJ and everyone knows that guys give the best head.