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Dewitt’s Favorite Person Gives The Newly Heterosexual Nick Gruber The Bum’s Rush
19.08.2013 , Manhunt Daily

As someone who works closely with Dewitt (aka the heart, soul and penis of Manhunt Daily), I tend to know his likes and dislikes. He likes kittehs, hairy badonka donks, and fisting GIFs. As for his dislikes? The list includes any female on the iTunes Top Ten, my attempts at writing HTML code, and Lucas Entertainment‘s Michael Lucas. You should click that link because it’s an amusing post my co-blogger wrote about how he wanted to do Mr. Lucas despite a feud in which they were engaged.

But wait! It seems that Lucas has redeemed himself! He took that attention-sucking ho-bag Nick Gruber and tossed his “straight”, brawlin’ ass out of his Fire Island Party. It’s like when Fox News pisses off an anti-gay group. I GET CONFUSED AND DON’T KNOW WHO TO TURN MY HATE ON!


According to our friends at Queerty, Lucas rents out a tent at Fire Island’s annual Ascension Party. And Calvin Klein’s former purse holder rolled up acting every level of stank. I’ll let Michael fill you in.

“I saw this arrogant guy who was being rude to people, shoving two guys away after they bumped into him. I heard him say, “Keep your hands away from me! I”m straight!” So I went over to him, and asked him why he was being so rude.

He said, “I am straight, and I don’t want any gay people to touch me.” At which point, I told him “you’re leaving.”

He said, “do you know who I am?” I said, “I don’t know, and I don’t even want to know who you think you are.”

Then he said, “Try me.” I said “Watch me.” I called over to security and had him hauled away without his feet even touching the floor. Then someone explained to me that this is the ex boyfriend of Calvin Klein, Nick Gruber, who just “came out” as “straight.”

I have never heard about this guy before and had no idea what he looked like. I’ve never read any of the gossip that supposedly surrounds him. So, I guess he came to a gay party to let everyone know he is “straight.”

Crystal meth is a HELLUVA drug. Hey, I didn’t say Nick Gruber is on crystal meth. I just said that it’s a helluva drug. I hoop some and suddenly my cubicle is so clean you could birth a baby on it!

Michael Lucas has really turned over a new leaf and struck a blow for people who are over opportunistic fame hustlers. At least in my estimation. Look, anyone who has anything to do with the incredible hotness over at Lucas Entertainment (for $10 a month!) can’t be all bad. 

- J. Harvey




Quickie: Benjamin by Patrick Lacsina
19.08.2013 , Manhunt Daily

“White Heat” is right! That’s Benjamin from Elite Models lovingly depicted by photographer Patrick Lacsina. He’s playing some sort of pool boy. Sometimes, in my deepest and darkest secret self, I want to be one of those old rich ladies who lives in Malibu, California. I will live beside my pool and wear gauzy robes and feathered heels. I’ll smoke Pall Malls and wear jewelry so garish that it can’t be anything but real. And I will hire the hottest, most nubile pool boys to skim while I stare at their asses. And I will ply them with gifts and alcohol to eventually get them inside me.

Why can’t I just try and get a pool boy on my own without some sort of bizarre gender reassignment surgery fantasy? Because I rent! And it’s in a house! It’s not a complex! There’s no pool! It’s just a fantasy. Stop looking at me like that.

- J. Harvey

Photo credit: Patrick Lacsina

Check out more pics of Benjamin below:

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Popular Demand: The Week of Bisexual Bottoms, Yeti Butts & Extraordinarily Gay Pop Music
19.08.2013 , Manhunt Daily

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that Slate Steele and married bodybuilder bottom John identify as “bisexual”, but the fact of the matter is that they’re both dudes who enjoy getting fucked and having sex with women. Make of that information what you will! Together, the two men dominated on today’s edition of Popular Demand, snagging the top spots over the Spanish webcomic Gaysome!, a trio of water polo twinks, a talented 52 year-old daddy top and “the hottest pairing in the history of gay porn ever“.

The new Sean Cody model, Randy, almost took his “yeti butt” to the top of the charts, but he wound up coming in as the third most popular entry overall. Oh, and in other butt-related news, Justin Bieber showed his perky young cheeks to his grandma and swallowed my stunt devil whole in the first episode of Celebrity Power Bottom. We talked about wanting to do Jett Jaxx up the butt. We didn’t talk about wanting to do Ricky Larkin up the butt, though we should have, because he needs to bottom as soon as humanly possible. Romeo James lost his virginity, Kurtis Wolfe got us stiff, Tate Ryder made us sad, Mike De Marko got tag-teamed, and we fucked the Payne away.

Meanwhile, in gayer portions of the universe, people argued over whether Katy Perry or Lady Gaga released a better single, Boulangerié Knowles got quintuple-penetrated by The Wanted and f(x), and Agnetha Fältskog encouraged us to dance the pain away.

So what will the next few days ahead bring us? Will a bitch wiggle it for me and tell me he wants it? Will WWE wrestler Darren Young prove to the world that he’s really gay by taking a ride on my dick in the middle of an arena? Will I get involved in a polyamorous relationship with the Maverick Men? Stay tuned in to find out! Until then, thank you for reading, commenting and sending in your tips.

- Dewitt

Photo credit: Maverick Men

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