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Kaleb Strong And Rob Ryder
22.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

Kaleb Strong and Rob Ryder pair up for Kalebs first time experience with another guy. Kaleb is a lucky freshman, because Rob knows his way around a guy! After introducing to making out with a bro, Rob feels around in Kalebs pants for that boner, and then he pulls it out and shows Kaleb what a real blowjob feels like. Rob licks, slurps, and deep-throats Kaleb, and from the look on Kalebs face, he is loving every minute of it. Rob then flips Kaleb over and introduces Kaleb to the joys of anal pleasure. Rob rims Kaleb for a good five minutes, spitting and licking on Kalebs awesome sweet pink virgin hole. Kaleb enjoys it a lot, even pulling Robs face further into his hot ass. Kaleb then takes a try at sucking cock himself, and Rob makes him gag and choke on his cock, giving him careful instructions on the art of having a dick in his mouth. The best part of their interlude is the end, when Rob takes Kalebs load in his mouth and returns it snowball style right into Kalebs mouth. Kaleb lets all that cum drip down his chin and onto his chest. Hot stuff!

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Back In Africa - Kevin Warhol, Ariel Vanean & Jean-DanielChagall
18.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

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Cole Gartner Fucks Sean Summers
17.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

Since the day we met Sean Summers, we have been waiting to see him get fucked. When he and Cole Gartner were here one weekend, out wish was finally granted! Sean has a perfect athletic body, a broad collegiate smile, and best of all a nice bubble butt just waiting to be cracked open. After Cole and Sean start getting frisky with each other, Sean and Cole get down on each others cocks - the blowjobs are wet and deep, and soon enough Sean has something wet very deep up his ass. Sean bends over to take Coles thick cock, waiting for a second in anticipation as Cole straps on a rubber. When Cole begins to inch his dick in, Sean winces wlightly, but within a minute Sean is really enjoying the pleasurable feeling. Cole pounds Sean until Sean is loose enough to ride him, and Sean then hops on Coles dick and puts on a hot show. The best part of the scene, though, is when Sean is on his back getting fucked mercilessly by Cole, and as he vigorously jerks off, his entire body convulses just before he pops a huge nut all over. Sean just may have found his true calling - he sure seems to enjoy it!

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AndreBoleyn, Alex Orioli & Todd Rosset
14.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

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Mick Lovell, Dolph Lambert & Alex Waters Part1
12.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

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Palmer Dilis Busts A Nut
11.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

Palmer Dilis was a great surprise for us! What a red hot sexy guy, and Palmer has the personality to match his looks. This 20 year old stud has an amazing body, from his sensual eyes, to his great pecs and perfect abs, right down to his feet. Palmer talks a little bit about his high school wrestling experience before he comfortably strips down to reveal his kick-ass twenty year old in-shape body. As Palmer works it up in his shorts, he tentatively closes his eyes - he is a little nervous about being on camera - and we really wish we knew what he was thinking about. For now, he is keeping that his dirty little secret. A beautiful bubble butt is another asset of Palmer, and he does not hesitate to roll over on his side and give us an amazing view. As he strokes it, Palmer looks into the camera and spreads his cheeks, knowing how much a lot of viewers will be drooling over his tight pink hole. Palmer flips back over after giving us a tease, and works his dick, moaning softly, until he lets go with a nice burst of jizz just for us. Hot Stuff!

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Cole Markum
08.07.2012 , Gay Porn Updates

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