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Sunday Funnies
12.05.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

DID YOU KNOW… This is the 99th Sunday Funny posting! Just a bit of trivia.

Enjoy your Sunday!

When I was a kid, my parents ALWAYS said I was the reason they drank (but they were kidding - at least that's what I keep telling myself...)This also reminds me of my childhood.  We actually had a pet deer... I don't remember it ever jumping on the bed though.Worlds Best Birthday Cake!I would really like to see them do this naked...Yeah!TOO FUNNY!I bet you have been wearing them all wrong!LOL!So true!Perfect expression on the dogs face...OUCH!Double OUCH!
Who Would You Do? Version 23.0
08.05.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Short and sweet, I am choosing “All of the Above” this week… Call me a whore! :-)

So tell me Who Would YOU Do?

nqhaO10l1t26croo1_1280 VotenqhaO10l1t26croo1_1280
06.05.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

I am not celebrating myself, but for those of you who are, please do so safely (no drinking and driving!).

I thought about doing an all Hispanic post, but I don’t think I have enough all Hispanic photos at the moment. So you will have to deal with a bunch of hot mixed ethnicity guys instead… Call me crazy, but I am sure you will live through it. :-)

Sexy Solos
23.04.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey everyone!

Enjoy this small post while I prepare for tomorrow’s Who Would You Do poll.


Who Would You Do? Version 22.8
23.04.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

I was chatting with a friend and we were both saying how there is “Nothing like a good twink”… I personally don’t like the word twink all that much but in this case I think it fits…

While all these guys certainly fall into the Twink category, for this week’s poll I think I am going to choose Twink #4.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

Who Would You Do? Version 22.7
17.04.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

For this week’s poll we have some handsome young sporty guys. I personally think they all look like fun and could EASILY do all of them… But I have been trying not to be such a big whore lately :-) So I suppose I will only pick one… And that one is… Number 5.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

Sexy Solos
15.04.2014 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

A bunch of lonely boys for you to start off your week… ;-)

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