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Who Would You Do? Version 28.5
09.07.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey everyone!

I hope your week is going well!

Here we have some soccer (football) boys I believe. Soccer players are my FAVORITE, well not counting gymnasts. I love how they usually have GREAT legs. I think muscular legs are very sexy.

I am going to choose “All of the Above” because I can’t choose just one. But I want them all in a particular order… I will start with #4, #5, #2, #3 and #1. Or just all of them at the same time would be fun too!

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

98c0RtOq1tsdq57o1_1280 Vote98c0RtOq1tsdq57o1_1280Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Sunday Funnies
05.07.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Happy Sunday!

I hope the weekend is going well for everyone!

I want to thank a viewer for sending in 2 of the Sunday Funnies pictures this week! Just a reminder, if you see something you think is funny and want to share it with everyone, feel free to e-mail it to me at

At first I thought this was cute... then it turned into someone trying to hard...Great.What a DRED-ful picture.For my cat lovers out there!Now THAT'S what I call a Stick Shift! (or should I say, a MAN-ual Transmission).EXACTLY!HA, HA!  But seriously, don't drink and drive... ESPECIALLY if it is a BUS!LOL!  This is SO me!I think I would go a year with no sex... not much different than now anyway :-( .  What about you?That's the best part!Creative - but it still looks like a turd.I have the mind of a 25 year old... does that count?
Self Portrait Saturday
05.07.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Happy Independence Day to all in the United States!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am going to a local “County Fair” to play carnival games, eat carnival food, watch fireworks and of course oogle all the cute guys trying to win stuffed animals for their “girlfriends” <div style=

Who Would You Do? Version 28.4
01.07.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Happy July!

Can you believe how fast this Summer is going?!? And I am not sure about where you live but it is HOT here (well, if you consider 85 degrees hot…)!

Speaking of HOT… this week’s poll is HOT too!

I don’t know who these guys are but DAMN!

I am definitely going to choose ALL OF THE ABOVE for my choice, but I am starting AND ending with #5!

So tell me Who Would YOU Do?

tumblr_ltht3kvZQU1qiui97o1_1280 Votetumblr_ltht3kvZQU1qiui97o1_1280Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Videos – Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By…
27.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey Boys and Girls!

I hope your Summer (or Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) is off to a roaring start!

I was VERY determined to post 10 videos today and I have, however it took a GREAT deal of effort.

For some reason a lot of my videos will not play correctly once I post them to the blog. They play just fine in my browser and on my computer but for the life of me I can’t get them to play on the blog…

Does ANYONE out there have experience with this and be willing to assist me??? I have some great videos/video clips that I would love to post but if you can’t view them or all you get is sound, what good are they? Well, the ones with only sound can be kinda hot sometimes, but you know what I mean.

So if you know anything about blogs and videos and would like the PRESTIGIOUS and UNPAID position of Resident Technical Adviser to the blog, please drop me an e-mail at

PS – This is not a REAL position… I just need HELP! :-)

In the meantime, enjoy the videos below.


HORNYBOYS 2QuickieGay Boys three barebackLES MOUVEMENTS PERPETUELSK4milfox barebackBig dudes hung guysFrat FunPrison BoysCum Eating CumpilationMario Lopez Strips for Ellen DeGeneres
Self Portrait Saturday – Buddies Special
27.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

First, I want to say HOW GREAT is it that us LGBT people will now be able to be married and have the marriages recognized all across the United States!?!

And in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling, I am posting a special Buddies Self Portrait post. (Work with me here people, it is VERY difficult to try and come up with different themes for every post! lol.)

And for those of you who, like me, “Buddy” means your pet dog and/or cat, I have included a few selfies with those too!

I hope you all enjoy today’s post!


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Who Would You Do? Version 28.3
25.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]


Here is this week’s poll. I think I am going to choose “All of the Above” this week. There is something I like about each and every one of them… I guess I’m not in a picky mood this week :-)!

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

be8b4LMR1ryjevho1_1280 Votebe8b4LMR1ryjevho1_1280Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Self Portrait Saturday – Viewer Submitted Special
21.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey Everyone!

Today we have the much beloved – Viewer Submitted Special! There are probably over 150+ photos sent in by viewers like YOU!

If you would like to submit a photo or two (or more), please send them to me at

There are just a couple of rules when it comes to submitting photos.

  1. The person in the photo MUST be YOU!
  2. YOU must be at least 18 years old at the time the photo was taken.
  3. If there is more than one person in the photo, you MUST have permission from EVERYONE in the photo for it to be posted on my blog.
  4. And contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to be NAKED, although those are my favorite kind… <div style=
Sunday Funnies
21.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and “daddies” out there!

HA!  I fell for it too!I HATE Comcast Damn auto correct...True!Funny!That's EXACTLY why I don't wear them... ;-)I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a kid... Seriously.YOU. CAN. DO. IT!See, size does matter!I hate to admit it but it is true!Nothing says Happy Father's Day like maxi pads...Which box would you select?
19.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Sorry it took me so long to post more videos. Time just got away from me.

I hope you enjoy!


Fucked twice bareback in a vanHungry Cum EaterSelfie FuckTeen threeway bareback ass pounding suckingTime 4 a fuckYoung bareback farmer boys
Who Would You Do? Version 28.2
19.06.2015 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hello All!

I hope everyone’s week is going well! This week’s poll is a group of, what I assume to be, European guys. I am sure someone out there will know what country and/or porn they are from.

I am going to choose Euro Boy #1 for my selection this week.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

0211 (139) Vote0211 (139)Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

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