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Sunday Funnies – Holiday Edition
24.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

I want to take this opportunity to wish EVERYONE a very Happy Holiday Season! May you get EVERYTHING you want and hope you have an even better year ahead!

Be sure to celebrate responsibly and PLEASE do not drink and drive!


Self Portrait Surprise Special
24.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey everyone!

I officially start my week long vacation today so I am not entirely sure how many posts there will be this week. I am planning on doing all the “important” ones like Who Would You Do on Wednesday and the Self Portraits on Saturday and of course no week would be complete without the Sunday Funnies…

So if I am late with a post or I miss a day, you will know why.

In the meantime, I thought I would put together a few (207) Self Portraits (or Selfies) for you.


Self Portrait Saturday
22.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey there everyone!

Here are 207 self portraits for your viewing pleasure!


More than one is a party!
20.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Something to start your weekend!

Who Would You Do? Version 21.1
20.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

This week’s Who Would You Do photo comes to us from a viewer like you! Thanks for sending it in!

If you see a photo that you think would be a good one for the Who Would You Do poll, feel free to e-mail it to me at

As for my pic this week… I am once again torn between 2 guys. I like B and E, but I think I am going to go with E since he has a nice “boyfriendable” kinda face. I have no idea how to explain what “boyfriendable” means to me, but I think you can understand.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

More “Ginger”bread Men
18.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Well, Christmas is almost here (for those of you who celebrate). I hope all your holiday shopping has been done. Now get a BIG glass of milk and sit back, relax and enjoy some Gingerbread men…

Self Portrait Saturday – Viewer Submitted Special
16.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday!

Today’s post contains photos by over 90 different fans of the site! I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who continues to send me their photos to share with others! I and the other fans of the blog REALLY appreciate it.

If YOU would like to be featured on this site, just e-mail me your pictures to

Just please be sure that the picture is of YOU. If there is ANYONE else in the photo, they must also agree to have their picture posted. All people in the photos MUST be at LEAST 18 years old at the time the picture was taken. And PLEASE be aware that once your picture is posted it CAN and PROBABLY WILL be copied and shared on other sites – which is totally out of my control.

With that said, I hope that my in box will be flooded with more hot, juicy pictures!

Have a great weekend!



More than one…
14.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been trying to fight off a cold or something. But feeling better today.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Who Would You Do? Version 21.0
12.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone’s week is going well… It is half over!

Here is this week’s poll. While I don’t find these boys to be overly HOT, I still think they are cute. I think I am going to choose number 1 today.

So tell me, Who Would YOU Do?

Sunday Funnies
10.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

How is everyone’s weekend going?

Lonely Boys Need Love Too…
10.12.2013 , Boy Oh Boi [ add to my stream ]

But something tells me THESE boys will not be lonely for long…

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