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Greg Mitchell
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Morr Foxx
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My Israeli Platoon, Wurstfilm/Dark Alley Media
Wurstfilm proudly presents the first "unofficial" look at the Israeli Defense Forces: the sucking and fucking militant group that prides itself defending the Zionist state. Watch behind the scenes footage of the IDF Private barking orders at his subordinate warrant officers, commanding mandatory suck sessions, the gang rape of a hooded army corporal, and see hot Israeli assholes get drilled for the good of the Jewish state.CLICK HERE

Adam Excell and Morr Foxx
Adam Excell and Morr Foxx are two hot Isrealis both new to porn. Morr takes control pretty early on and forces Adam to service him before returning the favor. As they suck and lick and make out, the dynamic between these two hot men heats up the screen. After some ass-eating, Morr climbs on top and passionately fucks Adam in a few different positions until both men shoot loads.CLICK HERE

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