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Dominic Pacifico
31.10.2013 , Brutos-Eros [ add to my stream ]

Dominic Pacifico, aka Dominic P (Hunks). Freshmen (08/06), [2] (09/06, 03/08), Unzipped (04/07, 05/07, 05/09), Honcho 08/07), Badpuppy (#21). Stats: Age (2007): 26, Height: 5-7, Weight: 155, 7. Videos: Asylum, Adrenalin, Greased, Workin' Hard, Color Blind, Hard Friction, Tales of the Arabian Nights, etc.

21.10.2013 , Brutos-Eros [ add to my stream ]

Courage, a Tale?? 

There was a Child
?who heard from another Child?
that if you masturbate 100 times it kills you.?

This gave him pause;
?he certainly slowed down quite a bit ?
and also kept count.?

But, till number 80,?
was relatively loose about it.?
There did seem plenty of time left.?

The next 18 ?
were reserved for celebrations,
?like the banquet room in a hotel. ?

The 99th time ?was simply unavoidable.?
Weeks passed.?
And then he thought

Fuck it it's worth dying for, ?
and half an hour later
?the score rose from 99 to 105. ?

Thom Gunn (1929-2004)? 
from Jack Straw's Castle, 1976?

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