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antroplanitis:Tres - ?????El Tercero - O ??????2014Rodrigo...
07.10.2015 ,


Tres - ?????

El Tercero - O ??????


Rodrigo Guerrero 

Director - ??????????

Carlos Echevarría, Emiliano Dionisi, Nicolás Armengol

Actores - ????????

Argentina - ????????? 

Dirty Dudes: Dustin McNeer
07.10.2015 , Dudetubedm100715a.jpgBlond hottie Dustin McNeer made his return to the 22nd season of America's Next Top Model last week. I've been a big fan of Dustin on Tumblr for awhile and new photo shoots starring this hottie just keep popping up. Hope you guys enjoy these shots from photographers J.R. West, Blake Ballard and Joel Codiamat. You can keep up with everything Dustin's doing at his Instagram & Twitter.dm100715b.jpg
07.10.2015 , Dudetube100715a.jpg
Wednesday Porn Roundup
07.10.2015 , Dudetubeba1007a.jpgThis week two of Bel Ami's rising stars are taking the spotlight. You guys have loved Helmut Huxley & Jerome Exupery since their debuts. Now this angelic blond and dark-haired bad boy are paired up for a smoking hot photo session. Along with tons of incredible photos there's also a smoking hot behind the scenes video of Jerome & Helmut playing. It's such a turn on seeing this hung pair in action and you gotta stick around to watch them both stroke until the explode.ba1007b.jpgba1007c.jpgba1007d.jpgmen1007a.jpgThe latest release from has Will Braun earning a little extra cash babysitting for Colby Jansen. Once the kids are asleep Will decides to invite Dylan Knight over for some sneaky sex. Will eats Dylan’s hot ass, priming him for his hard cock. Dylan takes Will’s cock like a pro until he explodes all over his own stomach. Make sure you also check out Will getting fucked by Christian Wilde and Dylan bottoming for Colby Jansen.
07.10.2015 , Dudetube100715b.jpg
07.10.2015 , Dudetube100715c.jpg

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